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Aug 19, 2004

Train Car Derailment in Taylor
Some tense moments in part of Lackawanna County following a train derailment. The biggest concern stemmed from a strong chemical odor seeping from the wreckage.Three box cars on a Canadian Pacific Train derailed off North Main Street in Taylor around 12:30.Emergency workers say the strong odor was coming from a broken propane canister that was leaking 500 gallons of gas."What the smell in the air is an odorant that they add to propane ususally called Mercaptim . It basically makes an odor so you can smell it because propane is natually odor free," said Kevin Howard with the E.M.A. Emergency Management crews say the size of the spill didn`t pose a threat to residents living nearby.
Ultramar Scrambling to find ways to Transport Fuel to City
The derailment of Ultramar Canada Inc.'s Ultratrain, which carries refined petroleum products to the Montreal market, has the left the company searching for oil tankers and using more tanker trucks to carry fuel to Montreal. About 150,000 litres of diesel fuel spilled near the refinery.