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Tilt/Lean Continuing

Reports from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres show the TILT/LEAN continuing.


April 10: at 11:50 AM Azi 355° West Alt 45-50°. Skymap expects Azi 17° Alt 43°. Too far WEST by 22°.

El Paso

April 15: This morning, Thursday, in El Paso, I went outside to watch Sunrise. Sun rose at AZI 62-63°. Skymap expects Azi 77°, so NORTH on Sunrise by 15°.


April 17: The Sun is rising due East, April 17 - approximately 30 degrees from where it was rising a couple of weeks ago in the Southeast. NORTH by quite a degree, with a steep Ecliptic.


April 20: Sun is rising here in southeastern PA in NE and setting in NW, positions that were more common for July, not April.