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Southeast Stretch
May 19, 2004

Last night [May 19] a building collapsed in KCK. Nine businesses are affected, and a resident heard 'popping' noises the afternoon before.

A major water break under a major street in Dallas once again [May 19] no explanation. Also have noticed a large amount of snow on my dish network usually clear as a bell.

I have been having problems with my TV satalite service [May 19]. It seems that a handful of stations are not coming in and I am receiving error message saying that the satalite signal has been lost. Ok - I called the satalite company and we went through a handful of problem solving steps that did not work. Finally the gal told me that my satalite dish must have been bumped or moved somehow. Well I can tell you that it has not, it is in the same place as when they set it up two years ago. She then gave me angle, elevation and new squew degree to re-set the dish. That satalite dish is not loose or has not been bumped or moved out of the angle or elevation that it was set at almost two years ago.