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Volcanoes Restlessness
Oct 5-6, 2004
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This link is maintained by the School of Mines in southwestern Montana which monitors 56 seismos and provides them to the public. As of last night [10/5], it stopped updating. One of the Seismos it was monitoring was for Yellowstone Lake. In May of last year that seismo was no longer available for public viewing. The historical data, however, remained on the page. About a week ago, Indian Meadows Wyoming which was situated just above Yellowstone Lake showed a steady, marked increase in activity that was becoming quite loud. It did not abate when Mount St. Helens sneezed last Friday. Two days ago I went to check and the Indian Meadows as well as two other Seismos in Idaho had not only been disconnected but their historical data erased!

Temblors increase at Mexico's Volcano of Fire as Lava Eruptions Continue
Western Mexico's Volcano of Fire showed increased seismic activity Wednesday [Oct 6], as swarms of small temblors accompanied continued eruptions of thick, block-like lava, vapour and ash.