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Texas Breaks
Sep 27, 2004

Two more oil pipeline explosions [Sep 27] near Houston. Also today we had rain, not much, but two more water pipelines broke, add to three and a sinkhole in the far east side of El Paso in the past 2 months. No reason given yet. Seems like every week we have one break in some part of the city.

Pipeline Explosion Suspicious
In what appears to be a case of criminal mischief, a punctured pipeline exploded before dawn Sunday, causing the evacuation of 250 people but no injuries or significant damage to nearby homes. Residents near the pipeline said they were awakened around 4:45 a.m. by two explosions — a small one, then a large one — that sounded like thunder or a train or tornado. The sky turned bright orange. The fire, with dark smoke that could be seen for miles. An initial review of a nearby propane pipeline found it had not been damaged. Many residents evacuated from the area went to a shelter set up at the New Caney High School ninth-grade campus.