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Headquarters in Wisconsin

As a Place of Business for Troubled Times, Inc. in Wisconsin and within the confines of Village zoning, to provide a site for the evolution or fine-tuning of solution sets and provide examples which can be videotaped or photographed. By being grouped at a single site, they allow synergy between solutions to be demonstrated, i.e. solution sets for surviving the shift and aftertime living. As with any projects supported by the nonprofit, any projects funded by the nonprofit and developed using materials not already on site are the property of the nonprofit, and can be removed to another site in the future should this arrangement terminate. Any direct maintenance of demos required, such as the cost of electricity for hydroponics, will be detailed in the individual project as a funding request.

The potential for Self Dealing, wherein the site owner and/or principal can personally benefit from the projects, will be periodically analyzed. The Headquarters site is the property of the site owner, Nancy Lieder, who has detailed House Rules and rules for Participation on site projects to eliminate distraction from the work effort. Visits to the site, even by nonprofit members, are by appointment only.  Some projects may benefit from a team effort, with invited members on site at the Guest Cottage for a few days of construction effort.