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House Rules

As with any site with prototypes the nonprofit is supporting, if the site is not owned or leased by the nonprofit, then the owner's house rules must be taken into account. If a farm in Nebraska builds and runs a prototype windmill made from car parts, so that this can be filmed and included in one of the nonprofit videos or become a working model from which statistics can be gathered, this in no way means that the public or even the nonprofit members can descend on the farm at will, without first making arrangements with the farmer. In like manner, where the nonprofit was granted, rent free, the use of two front rooms in the President's residence as an office, this does not mean that open house is being held, continuously, or that the nonprofit is running a rooming house, or that anyone wishing to locate to the area can use the site as a staging point or for storage of their goods. It does means that a physical point of contact exists where mail can be received, a fax machine can be located, and the authorities such as the IRS can locate responsible parties.

As of January 1, 2000, the following house rules apply:

Rule 1
Where a mailing address exists for the nonprofit, the doors of the office are not yet open. The right to hang a shingle has been granted by the Village, but traffic restrictions apply as the neighborhood is residential. The nonprofit does not have a phone or a fax number. No receptionist is employed, and all residents are busy, full time, with other activities. Until such time as an announcement has been made as to regular hours, when a nonprofit representative will be present on site or in the office, contact should be made only by snail mail or e-mail.
Rule 2
Only those individual who have received a personal invitation from the site owner, Nancy Lieder, can anticipate staying at the house, which is a personal residence.
Rule 3
The goals of the nonprofit are to educate the public to solution sets, not to form a survival community in the area. These are separate goals. The nonprofit can relocate any items it has purchased to another site, at any time that the Board so rules. Prototypes can and will be located at a number of sites, elsewhere, as offers of land use and time and talent are made.
Rule 4
The current President of the nonprofit, Nancy Lieder, also happens to be the ZetaTalk author. However, these are entirely separate functions. Individuals with nonprofit business should not expect access to the ZetaTalk author by this avenue, simply because they are physically on site or have made a contribution to the nonprofit.