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Prototypes of solution sets being developed at the nonprofit headquarters benefit from gifts of time from members, as well as funding. However, to maintain focus on the work effort, and avoid disruption and distraction, the steps in participation are:

1. a member desires to help and finds they have the time
2. the member calls the Principal and site owner, Nancy Lieder, with such offer
3. the offer and time frame are accepted or rejected
4. room and board reservations are finalized with the maid/cook (currently Nancy Lieder)
5. travel expenses are approved by the Principal, Nancy Lieder

The following rules apply:

Rule 1
Nonprofit members wanting to help with the headquarters prototypes should contact the principal, Nancy Lieder, to make arrangements. Members wanting to help with nonprofit efforts being conducted at the headquarters should also contact Nancy Lieder, the President and site owner. No visits to the site should be planned or arranged until these steps have been taken. All such help is, of course, greatly appreciated, and gifts of time are noted on the web site as well as financial gifts.
Rule 2
Every offer to help cannot be utilized. For a member to be on site participating on a work effort, there must be a project that can benefit from such a gift of time. A members participation, for whatever reason, may be considered a net loss, rather than a help, and thus be declined. A number of projects are ongoing simultaneously, and the impact on all projects must be considered. Members thus do not invite themselves, they offer help which may or may not be accepted.
Rule 3
Only the nonprofit member, i.e. the worker, should anticipate staying at the site. The presence of family or friends is not welcome and is considered a distraction the work efforts cannot sustain. Family or friends can be put up at a local campground or resort or motel, at the members personal expense, if the member wants to divide their vacation time between work at the nonprofit site and time with family or friends. If such arrangements are made, the nonprofit member should not expect to have family or friends hanging about the headquarters site, using the phone or bathroom, or leaving messages. No disruptions of the work effort will be allowed, including the time it takes to answer the phone or the door.
Rule 4
Curiosity and the desire to learn about the prototypes being developed will naturally develop, especially as crop shortages and earth changes highlight the accuracy of the ZetaTalk message and the urgency and necessity of such prototypes. The prototypes will be documented and made available to the public via the web, media documentaries, and booklets and videos mailed to the public. The press by any individual to satisfy their curiosity or short cut the publication process by getting a tour of the facilities will be greatly resisted. This detracts from, not helps, the work effort.