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Ronnie L. Darby


· Project Management
· Project Planning
· Scheduling, Resource Allocation, and Budgeting for large projects with hundreds of interrelated tasks
· Use of automated scheduling, resource allocation, and cost accounting tools
· Extensive use of MS Word and Excel
· Project Status Reporting
· Preparation and Presentation of Project activities and status to upper management and customer
· Extensive use of MS PowerPoint
· Project Risk Management
· Implementation of Risk Management Plan
· Team Management

· Systems Engineering
· Systems Engineering Methods and Procedures
· System Requirements Analysis including OORA
· System Design
· Rapid Prototyping
· Trade Studies
· Extensive use of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
· Risk Management
· Identification of Risks
· Creation of Plans to minimize identified Risks
· Sub-System Requirements Analysis
· Sub-System Implementation and Test Monitoring
· System Design Implementation Evaluation
· System Integration
· System Verification and Validation
· Writing of Test Plans and Procedures
· Automated Test Tools

· Software Engineering
· Sub-System Requirements Analysis
· Sub-System Implementation
· Experienced with the following programming areas:
· Structured Analysis and Design for Real Time Systems
· Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming
· Relational Database design
· Various older and contemporary programming languages, including several assembly languages
· Unix, DOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT
· Several older operating systems for large computer systems
· Imbedded software systems
· Sub-System Test
· Writing Test Plans and Procedures
· Automated Test Tools

· Y2K Analysis and Testing

· Training
· Conduct training of advanced Systems Engineering Concepts and Procedures within a formal classroom context
· Conduct formal Classroom Training of computer languages FORTRAN 4 and Ada

· Configuration Management
· Configuration Management Methods and Tools
· Multiple Baseline Control and Management

· Quality Assurance
· Quality Assurance Methods, Controls, and Reviews

· Technical Writing

· Recruiting and Interviewing

· Oil and Gas Production

· World Wide Web (WWW) Site design and implementation
· Experienced with Design and Production of WWW sites
· Microsoft FrontPage, various other web page design tools, and HTML
· Experienced with Professional Photography and photo re-finishing
· Experienced with Illustration, Graphic Design and Layout
· Experienced with bookkeeping for a small business


Created a business, Information Technology Services, which provides a large number of Information Technology services to businesses at a fraction of the cost of full time employees. The predominant activity these days is Y2K analysis and testing.

Performed Y2K analysis, testing, and program updates for a 12 node, 2 server LAN. This included all COTS hardware and software, and a large proprietary software system and database written in Fortran 77 and C.

Created a business, Web Productions Studio, for the design and production of internet and intranet World Wide Web sites for businesses.

Managed major sections of very large defense contracts.

Planned large defense and government contracts which included hundreds of interrelated tasks, producing detail schedule, resource allocation, and budget.

Responsible for, and wrote major sections for large defense contract proposals.

Major contributor to the creation of an ISO 9000 Systems Engineering Plan for a major defense contractor.

Supervised both large and small teams of Systems, Software, Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural Engineers.

Worked on a peer basis with Ph.D. Physicists, Biomedical Engineers, and Physiologists.

Systems Engineer working on many large defense contracts.

Software Engineer working on many large defense contracts.

Manager and system administrator for a Research Computer Center at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Biophysics.

Software Programmer designing and developing software for medical research experimentation; and software for the digital simulation of most closed-loop control systems within the human body.

Electronics Technician designing bio-medical instrumentation for medical research.

Electronics Technician responsible for maintenance of PDP-8, PDP-9, and PDP-11 computer systems.

Partner in a firm established to provide automated electrocardiogram analysis via the telephone network to outlying areas within the state of Mississippi.

Consultant providing systems analysis and design, both hardware and software, to a firm producing a then unique advertising system for over 150 shopping malls throughout the US.

USMC Aviation Electronics Technician responsible for depot maintenance of various Communications, Navigation, and Counter Measures equipment aboard combat aircraft.

Roustabout working on a large inland-water based oil drilling platform; also roustabout working for a wire-line company in the oil industry.

Administrator of a 12 node LAN for a directional drilling company.

Specific projects and my responsibilities to each will be furnished upon request.


Information Technology Services Dec ’98 to Present Youngsville, LA
Helmer Directional Drilling May ’98 to Dec ‘98 Broussard, LA
Web Productions Studio Jan. '97 through April ‘98 Youngsville, LA
Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Corporation Nov. '85 to Nov. ‘96 Nashua, NH
Telos Federal Systems, Inc. '80 to Nov. '85 Ft. Sill, OK
University of Mississippi Medical School '68 to '80 Jackson, MS
Mississippi ECG Associates ‘75 to ‘76 Jackson, MS
Consultant to Visual Electronics Inc. ‘74 to ‘80 Jackson, MS
U. S. Marine Corps '66 to '68 N/A
Lane Wells Wire Line Co. Summer of ‘66 Houma, LA
Kilroy Drilling Co. Summer of ‘65 Houma, LA


· Electrical Engineering, Louisiana State University, ‘65 -’66; Left to join the USMC
· Aviation Electronics School, USMC, Memphis, TN, First in Class, ’66; Honorable Discharge ‘68
· PDP-9 Maintenance School, Digital Equipment Corp., First in Class, ‘68

Security Clearance:

· DOD - Secret
· CIA - Top Secret including three SCI (Special Compartmental Information). SCI names are classified.

Professional and Personal References provided upon request