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Short Wave / Packet Radio

Short Wave communication uses radio waves propagated in the Earth's atmosphere, and is independent of any infrastructure like ISPs, servers, satellites, telephone lines or fiber needed for the operation of the Internet. In times of crisis like after the upcoming Pole Shift, Short Wave Communication can be used for global voice communication as well as a primitive Internet replacement using Packet Radio communication. Short Wave Communication skills must be acquired before the Pole Shift through Ham Radio courses and licensing, including Morse Code which is required for operating privileges on the HF bands required for international communication. TT Members are encouraged to acquire such skills and licenses for pre-Pole Shift practicing and acquisition of the necessary equipment.

The project will test and advise upon equipment needed for Packet Radio communication, test the various Packet Radio protocols and agree on a common standard for post-Pole Shift communication, arrange IRC Chats, communications tests, and establish the necessary Short Wave Communication between the project members before the Pole Shift. Web based
Self-Study classes and practice sessions have been developed to assist novices during their Ham training. Tests, equipment recommendations and guidelines for post-Pole Shift communications will be posted at this site as they are developed.

A YahooGroup has been established as described below.

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This group addresses the need for Short Wave communication among TT Members after the upcoming Pole Shift, and the preparations necessary for using Ham Radio as a substitute for the Internet. See our home page: for further details.
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