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Rental / Fair Use - To Date

Clipper (with wife and daughter) Oct, '99
- Guest Room, 4 nights 3 persons$240
- Site Meals, 3 days 3 persons$90
Roger (with daughter) Mar 19, '00 PM to Mar 25, '00 AM
- Guest Room, 6 nights 2 persons$240
- Site Meals, 5 days 2 persons$100
Reception Area and Office Oct, '99 through Apr, '00
- Furnished Reception Area, 7 months $280
- Furnished Office, 7 months$280

Note that past site visits by family members of the workers was not by invitation from a Principal or Project Manager of projects, but a decision made by the visiting member. Nevertheless, cleaning the rooms, making beds, cooking and washing dishes, shopping for food, doing laundry, and paying utilities for water and electric use occurred for all visitors. The rules on Participation have subsequently been changed to exclude all but the workers from staying on site, not only to avoid expense to the nonprofit but primarily to keep focus on the work effort. Note also that where Ron stayed at the cottage during 1999, this was rent free in exchange for ensuring that the former owner met his contractual obligations to clear junk out of the house and outbuildings. This was not a nonprofit activity.