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Subject: Amish Contacts :-)
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:18:17 -0600
From: Nancy Lieder <>

I recently learned that there are Amish in Wisconsin, just 20 or so
miles to the west of the headquarters site in fact. During Roger's
recent visit to assist Ron with the worm bed construction, we took a
couple hour out and sought out a contact. The goal: to be able to
include video or still photos of their manual tools and the like. A
planned activity here at the headquarters was to clean up and film the
hand tools my grandfather used as a master carpenter in building houses
in the area, and Ron had already spent some time on this. However, they
are rusty and this was expected to take, literally, hundreds of hours.
This would be a shortcut.

We contacted the Amish via a local restaurant, and by a string of
referrals (go see x) were put in touch with someone NOT Amish but
espousing the ways who might help us. (Note the Amish are forbidden to
be photographed.) I left a note on this individuals log cabin door (no
phone on site) and he contacted me. Big success, as this individual is
a kindred soul, doing many parallel efforts with Troubled Times. Not
only will be get assistance with our hand tool use film and photos, I
will be putting in a page in the Model's TOPIC of Info when he starts
his log cabin building school, anticipated as early as this summer.