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Subject: Radio Classes - Progress Report
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:50:41 -0600
From: Nancy Lieder <>

The Board approved purchase of an intercontinental radio antenna to
assist Ron Darby in his radio classes and formation of an international
short wave internet replacement network. Ron's classes have been a
great success, with a web site Ron developed of classes to be taken
individually, and regular chats and practice sessions (testing the
network concept).

A building permit to install the antenna, which stands 70 feet tall and
must have a concrete pad, was secured, but not without defending the
issue at a Village Board meeting. A worry, which Ron anticipated, is
the tendency of CB radio to splatter into nearby frequencies, disrupting
phone and TV reception nearby. The issue came up right off, with a
Board member recalling hearing "the voice of God" on his TV due to
someone with a radio antenna nearby.

Ron impressed me greatly with his 20 minute explanation of the
differences between CB and Ham radio (CB is the villain), FCC rulings,
and safety precautions being taken. I had included a list of the many
agencies and associations Ron belongs to in civil service using Ham
radio, attached to the Building Permit application, so the Board members
presumable were anticipating this. (Had to take Ron to the local cafe
for breakfast to interview him, as the house was so noisy with plumbing
and carpenters and electricians all going at it at once.) The big
antenna installation was approved without a hitch, where I was sure it
would take more than one pass.