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Board Meeting

April 16, 2000

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting and over the phone. More than a quorum attended - Clipper, Gerard, Jurian, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron.
1. Report on Project Status
- Board was updated on e-mail mid-way through the month, Agenda item an update
- No issues or questions were raised
2. Report on Quarterly Financial Statement
- No issues or questions were raised
- All available funding has been spent or reserved for projects
- Accounts Payable (considered spent) includes outstanding charges details in Item 3
3. Vote on Minor/Maint Expense Procedure
- Policy on allocation of amount or percent when funded approved
- Initial allocation per Agenda table approved, though funding is not yet available
- Allocations will become operant when funding is received
- Payment of outstanding minor/maint charges approved to be reimbursed
4. Vote on Fair Use Procedure
- Scenarios on use presented and discussed
- Question on the need to license as a B&B or hotel raised and addressed
- Fair Use rates outlined for headquarters considered reasonable and approved
- Past use as charged against existing credit accepted
5. Report on Additional Funding
- Essentially as outlined in Agenda
- Additional funding not expected until June, earliest
6. Discussion on Compensation
- Issue of volunteer vs paid volunteer raised, does this change expectations?
- Other nonprofits pay Board members asked to join, hired staff, or full time work by former volunteers
- Discussion to be continued on e-mail among Board Members