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Subject: Storm Shelter - Progress Report
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:37:01 -0600
From: Nancy Lieder <>

The Board approved funding to install a bermed storm shelter with a
metal roof (trap door, actually) at the headquarters site. This shelter
will be video taped and included as an example of pole shift survival
techniques (wind and fire storm protection, as well as quake

A building permit was secured, after attendance at a Village Board
meeting to explain the uses the shelter would be put to. No tours. We
promised to restrict traffic in the area, which is a residential area,
when we got our Conditional Use permit to have offices in the home here.

Due to the workload here, where putting in Seed TEAM gardens will be a
press, we may not schedule backhoe and delivery until summer or late
spring at the earliest.