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Subject: Seed TEAM Support - Progress Report
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:57:36 -0600
From: Nancy Lieder <>

Due to generous donations at the start of the year, a Troy Bilt tiller
was purchased to help plant more acreage for seed collection. A loan of
an acre or more of prime garden space was given by a local neighbor.
This land needs to be tilled after some rest, so tilling is expected to
be an effort but achievable this spring.

During Roger's muti-project working visit this past week, he toured this
spot as well as the family garden area at the headquarters site (my
home). Several hours were spent in total planning what to plant in the
various garden spots, not only to facilitate seed collection but also to
demonstrate at the headquarters site the proper use of land for food.
Buckwheat and Amaranth will be planted at the site, clover as a ground
cover, and dozens of perennial herbs as this is a stable site which can
be presumed to deliver seed over the next couple years. Roger brought
seed with him, and several evenings were spent going over all the seed
collected last fall here, sorting and packaging and the like.

Many thanks to Roger for his consulting and assistance!