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Board Meeting

April 20, 2003

(Brent) OK, lets start the meeting. I call the meeting to order.
(Brent) Item 1 Minutes of last meeting....comments or questions?
(Gerard) no comments
(Roger) none here
(Brent) Non here either
(Stan) none here
(Jan) No comments (but as I was not present, how could I?)
(Brent) Good, then the minutes are ratified as correct...
(Brent) Item 2 Booklet Discussion....Everyone read Mary's report?
(Brent) Roger, how are things coming along?
(Roger) All of Mary's supplies have been received, as well as her remaining funds.
(Roger) I have picked up the order from Kinkos already as well, having received the $2500 dispersement from Nancy
(Roger) There were outstanding orders for 3 booklets during the transfer process, which were taken care of promptly as soon as the booklets arrived.
(Roger) I have received forwarded orders for 8 more booklets.
(Roger) These will ship out tomorrow!
(Roger) Not much else to report, except that my house is full of booklets!
(Brent) Thnaks Roger, nice report. comments?
(SteveH) good work Roger
(Roger) thanks
(Brent) Roger, are you receiveng booklets orders directly from the web, or do they still have to be forwarded by nancy or soneone else?
(Roger) Still forwarded by Nancy.
(JanR) Sorry about that - I'm on dial-up from my cabin. Did I lose much from Roger's report?
(JanR) Last line was: House full of booklets
(Gerard) No, you didn't loose the report
(Gerard) (Brent) Thnaks Roger, nice report. comments?
(Gerard) (SteveH) good work Roger
(Gerard) (Roger) thanks
(Gerard) (Brent) Roger, are you receiveng booklets orders directly from the web, or do they still have to be forwarded by nancy or soneone else?
(Roger) My answer was that they are still forwarded by Nancy
(JanR) Thanks for the copied lines, Gerard
(JanR) Roger, how many booklets did we order this time?
(Roger) 500
(Brent) OK, any more comments or questions?
(JanR) Anybody remember Mary's previous reports, how many booklets per month?
(Brent) As I remember, it varied from month to month.....
(Brent) Jan?
(Brent) Jan welcome back Jan....
(Roger) In March there were about 32, Feb. had about 16, January saw 34.
(Jan) Hope it lasts this time...) has left #tt-inc
(Brent) Jan I have Mary's 2003 spreadsheet with the mailing list, etc.
(Jan) Unless things really take off, and if Nancy and the Zetas are correct about the PS well before June 1, you will be stuck with a house full of booklets also post-PS. Or?
(Brent) Well, if we do get a rush of orders, we are covered, if we don't Roger will have a lot of kindling for fires!
(Roger) I'll fill orders as long as there is mail service.
(Brent) Good job Roger..... :)
(Stan) You can always pass out Post P.S with you roger bean seed job
(Roger) Hehehe
(Gerard) do we still have a quorum now... ?
(Roger) I think so, yes Gerard we have 6.
(Brent) Gerard - yes, we have 6.
(Gerard) 5
(Gerard) ooh ok
(Gerard) i see
(Roger) I will consider recycling...
(Brent) Well, lets move on while Jan fights his connection.
(Brent) Item 3 Server Report. Has everyone read my report?
(Gerard) read it
(Brent) Questions or comments?
(Roger) What's the update?
(Roger) From your conversation with Jurian
(Gerard) Have you asked Jurian as yet?
(Gerard) mmmm
(Gerard) okay we have to wait for Brent now ...
(SteveH) we're dropping like flies hehe
(Roger) Lost our VP, now our P! What will come of us?????
(Roger) Whoops, I guess we lost our Sec. too with the loss of our P!
(Gerard) Yes, Roger
(Jan) Let's hope it lasts a bit longer this time. I see Brent went as well?
(Roger) Good, Jan is back, whew! What would we do without any officers?
(Gerard) Yes Jan with a no route to host
(Gerard) Brent has quit Read error: No route to host
(Roger) Jan, we had just started discussing the server when...
(Jan) Then maybe we should revisit the booklets while we wait for Brent?
(Gerard) Hope he will be able to return, as he also passes to the channel what Shirley is saying
(Jan) My comment probably went missing en route, but with the previous demand for booklets, and the current date well before June 1, there is probably no way that we will be able to send out 500 booklets? What is your opinion, Roger?
(Roger) I doubt it. Of course, if the 12th becomes undeniably visible, then there could be a sudden deluge of requests.
(Roger) That was the reasoning behind stocking up so much on them now.
(Jan) Roger, given the new info, that will be the last 2 weeks only, it seems.
(Jan) I had been contemplating ordering a number of them myself.
(Roger) True. What I stated earlier (while you were re-connecting) was that I would ship booklets as long as there is mail service.
(Jan) Maybe we should instead ship 5 or 10 to each board member?
(Roger) To have on hand for hand distribution? I like that idea.
(Stan) Since our area is supposed to be a crossroads of migration handing out by hand may be viable as long as we don't mind contacting others at that point
(Gerard) seems that Brent is having a connection problem
(Gerard) i just got an email from Helena
(Gerard) Hi, Gerard:
(Gerard) Please tell everyone that Brent is having trouble getting re-connected, and he
(Gerard) will be back ASAP.
(Gerard) Best regards,
(Gerard) helena.
(Gerard) did you guys read what i just pasted
(Roger) Got it
(Jan) Gerard, yes. We'll wait to see it he gets on again. We are 5, so we could carry on, but I think we should wait anyhow.
(Gerard) Welcome back
(Brent) Hello again! Major internet trouble for a bit
(Jan) Good to haqve you back. We've just been chatting while you were gobe
(Roger) Good to see you back Brent! I though for a moment we had lost ....
(Jan) haqve = have, gobe = gone
(Brent) hehehe - no, just bad internet connection.
(Brent) I had Shirley run down and email Gerard that I was having trouble
(Gerard) Yes, i pasted the email over here
(Brent) OK, lets carry on with the meeting.
(Jan) Yessir Mr. President!
(Brent) hehehhe..
(Jan) Brent, I lost out during the server discussion, and would like to revisit the booklet discussion briefly.
(Brent) Continuing with Item 3 - I am waiting on desktop computer to install cable modem & software. I havent talked with Jerard yet about server connection.
(Brent) Hello?
(Gerard) Hello
(Brent) any more comments or questions?
(SteveH) none here
(Stan) no
(Roger) nah, let's move ahead
(Jan) nope
(Gerard) no comments
(Brent) OK, Item 4 Ongoing Projects - Roger & Stan: Acerage & seed team?
(Roger) 2/3 of last year's beds have been re-tilled and are ready for planting. 7 varieties of potatoes were bought by Roger and planted last weekend.
(Stan) We received about an 1" of rain the last couple of days that was needed badly
(Roger) I have about a dozen varieties of tomato seedlings getting ready for transplanting out there.
(Roger) Stan, an inch? Wow! That answers my question about rather to come out and plant carrots. Too muddy today, I imagine.
(Stan) We may also put in a well if time permits
(Stan) Yes way too muddy
(Brent) Nice report guys, thanks. Roger, is anything more happening with the Seed team?
(Roger) Beans were a disaster last year and won't fair much better this year. I will try a few varieties.
(Jan) Roger & Stan, if the date is well before June 1 as Nancy said last IRC session, is there any point in continuing the acerage activity?
(Roger) The seed team is pretty much totally inactive right now. There have been no requests for seed packets, and no donations either. There just wasn't a sudden reduction in commercial availability of non-hybrid seed.
(Brent) Roger, how about Jans question?
(Roger) There is certainly a point in continuing, just perhaps not for the original purpose. Most of what has been/will be planted should survive a ps in KS, but if it doesn't occur, well then I guess Stan and I will split the harvest...
(Stan) I don't see us getting much seed production now as it is. So what we are planting now if the PS happens will be used locally
(Stan) yes
(Roger) Tomatoes should give us some.
(Stan) but not in time to send out
(Roger) Potatoes propogate mostly by cloning (hence the need to plant the tubers).
(Jan) Good enough for me. If the PS happens as predicted, you will probably have a good start for feeding a local community?
(Roger) True, Stan, true, but as a point of later distribution to wanderers, etc...
(Jan) But what about the stored seed packages? Is there any point in distributing that, or could people just buy what they need at the store?
(Stan) yes
(Jan) Nancy's got drawers full, plus the used cooler we bought.
(Roger) People would do better to buy at the store, now is prime time for that. Most of our stock is unnamed and therefore climatology is uncertain.
(Brent) OK, thanks Roger & Stan. Moving on to Short wave report. Questions?
(Roger) I was under the impression that Nancy had distributed most of her stock. We delayed on repackaging mine as this location is perported to be a crossroads of sorts.
(Jan) Roger, I was not aware of that. Thanks for the update.
(Gerard) No questions about concerning the regarding the short wave report from me
(Gerard) woops
(Gerard) No questions regarding the short wave report
(Stan) none here either
(Jan) None here either. Keep up the good work, Shirley
(Brent) Shirley - thanks Jan! :)
(Brent) OK, moving on to Item 5 - May Board Meeting. Comments?
(SteveH) no comments
(SteveH) that was for previous topic
(SteveH) I think we should probably put a May meeting date on hold
(Jan) Have any of you received any info on the new date Nancy did not want to give out during the last chat?
(Gerard) No Jan
(SteveH) no, just that well before june 1st
(SteveH) so we could see rotation stoppage by the second week of May
(Jan) I think we should plan a meeting as late as possible in May. If the PS happens, no meeting, if not, then we most definitely need one.
(Brent) didn't know there was a new date...
(Roger) I think we should plan a meeting. If it is obvious that we don't need the meeting, we can always cancel it.
(Stan) yes no harm in scheduling it anyways
(Roger) Right Jan, if the meeting is late in the month...
(Jan) Brent, not a new date, I should have said a specific date. SHe said she knew the date, and it was well before June 1. Cannot be more than 2 weeks before, though, as it is still supposed to be between May 15 and June 1
(Brent) Jan - thanks.
(Jan) The sci.astro crowd reads these logs, and will most definitely go after us if we don't plan another meeting.
(Brent) So: the concensus is to just go ahead and plan for a May meeting, late in the month?
(SteveH) may 25 is the last sunday of may
(Stan) yes, Brent
(Roger) Should we make a motion to schedule the meeting for the 25th then? It is a bit unprecedented to pre-schedule like that.
(SteveH) should be before the 23 I suspect, at least rotation stoppage
(Jan) Roger, unprecendented, but appropriate. Let's go for the 25th
(SteveH) that date is fine with me Roger
(Brent) Shirley says: I'm OK with the 25th
(Roger) I would suggest that the big agenda item for that meeting would be a discussion about seeking legal counsel to advise us on the dissolution of the inc. and how to despense the assets, etc.
(Gerard) the same with me
(Gerard) 25th would be a good date
(Jan) Roger, agreed.
(Roger) Well, do we need a motion, Mr. Pres?
(Jan) Brent, when we are done with this item, I would want to revisit the booklet project
(Brent) True Roger...I'm not sure a motion is necessary...if we are all in agreement now, I will just post on TT-Inc that we have prescheduled the May meeting for the 25th. For those of us in the USA, you realize that is Memorial Day weekend!
(Brent) Is Memorial Day weekend a problem, or is it a moot point! :)
(Stan) The date is ok with me
(Jan) Brent, I would suspect this to be a moot point, as if Memorial Day goes ahead as normal, other change of plans may take precedence?
(Brent) OK, true Jan. Roger, Stan, Steve....the memorial day issue?
(Brent) Oh...I see your comment Stan
(Brent) Hello...still connected?
(Gerard) Yes you are
(SteveH) I don't think we have a memorial day on that date in Canada
(Roger) Memorial day weekend should be fine.
(Roger) If something comes up, other than a large red planet, I'll let you all know.
(Brent) OK, I'll just schedule the meeting for the 25th....Good one Roger!
(Brent) Jan - you wanted to revisit the Booklet Item??
(Brent) Jan?
(Jan) Brent, given the number of booklets and the short time left, I would suggest we mail each board member 10 copies of the booklet for handouts
(Brent) Can we wrap this up soon?
(Stan) Sorry guys I have to go
(Roger) Just 10?
(SteveH) bye Stan
(Stan) Bye all
(Jan) Or more. Whatis your suggestion?
(Jan) Bye Stan
(Brent) OK stan, thanks for being here!
(Jan) Given that there may not be another meeting if the prediction is correct, we need to decide on this now
(SteveH) 10 is fine with me, I may be able to hand some out
(Brent) True Jan - how about those board members that want to receive the booklets, email Roger privately with your address, and he will send them out to you.
(Brent) Sound good?
(Roger) Just let me know how many you want (10 or more). Also, let me know if you want another copy of the video.
(Brent) Hmmm, I never got a copy of the video! I'll email you later Roger.
(Jan) Sounds good. If we should try to put them to best use, maybe I will ask for 25. I'll e-mail you Roger.
(Jan) Then I'm done and ready for wrapping up.
(Brent) OK... good points Jan, thanks. Then the meeting is now officially adjourned