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Board Meeting

April 22, 2001

1. Minutes of Last Meeting - Approval
If there is no objection to the minutes as posted, they will be considered ratified as correct.
2. Review Project List - Discussion
- “Strawman” Project List was posted for membership review
- Discussion on tt-inc among the membership has ensued
- Board to vote on changes and final list
3. Ongoing Projects - Results/Review
- Mary to update Board on Booklet progress and copier Purchase. Also postage amounts research for booklet mailing.
- UNIX servers: Jurian to update board on his progress working with the servers via modem.
- 800 Number: Decision to keep the “Status Quo” Helena to record phone message transferring via Internet
- Jan to discuss/wrap up off-grid energy project as he mentioned in the last meeting.
- Barry to discuss CSA Gardening Project and relay the Fall Planting results. (Per his comments last meeting.)
- Roger's excellent results from his Seed Savers Letter. Discuss future donations /requests of them.
4. Nonprofit Lab Consolidation - Discussion
Nancy has suggested that a number of projects are in fact consolidated into the basement lab at her home, and should be one project. The lab encompases or has plans to include Hydroponics, Aquaponics (growing plants in fish water), Aquaculture (fish tanks), Verimculture (earthworm culture), Chicks on Worms, Algae Culture (growing blue/green algae), and the synergy between them. Hydroponics was successfully grown in worm bed drainage. Currently the lab will house baby chicks on top of earthworm beds to see if this produces a better crop of earthworms and perhaps the chicks feed on the earthworms. The wetlands at Nancy's home also were seeded with wild rice and could be available for a wetlands lab. Perhaps these consolidated projects could be called Hydroponics Lab and Wetlands Lab.
5. Treasurer's 1Q Report - Report by Nancy
$3,255 has been received in donations since the start of the year.
Cash in the bank, when outstanding checks are taken into consideration, is $9,170.94.
Of this cash available, $3,652.78 is held in reserved accounts, but most will not be tapped this year. These are either designated donations (i.e. Seed TEAM donations) or discretionary annual accounts, essentially maintenance accounts for ongoing projects.
What will be tapped this year for sure is web hosting for the second half of the year, Admin & Ops, and the bookkeeping service by Wegner LLP.
- Web Hosting $445 (designated donation by Freemont)
- Wegner LLP $329.50 (for remainder of ‘01)
- Admin&Ops $425 (allocation for ‘01)
What may be tapped this year is TV Clip duplication and postage. However, the current inventory seems adequate.
- TV Clip $500 (allocation for ‘01)
What will be tapped in part this year are Seed TEAM monies and some hydro/aqua funds for another cycle to start up late spring/early summer. The accounts seem more than adequate, and will be essentially unspend by year end.
- Seed TEAM $750 (designated donation by Kelso)
- Hydroponics $453.28 (allocation for ‘01)
- Aquaponics $500 (allocation for ‘01)
- Worm Beds $250 (allocation for ‘01)