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Copier Purchase

I bought all my supplies today. I ended up purchasing a Brother brand digital copier/printer/scanner. I couldn't get a good quality copier only in any of the shops so this was my best option. It works as a stand alone copier and I do not plan on connecting it to my computer unless it is really needed as it takes up soooo much memory. It was a display model at Office Max, list was $999, on sale for $449 and I purchased it for $400.

It was explained to me that the inkjet copiers have a tendency to bleed if they get moisture/water on the print. The digital has a book quality that retains its print and looks more professional. It has a 3 year warrenty and I figure by that time it will be worn out/ or it won't be needed! The quality is good and it has a unique feature my husband pointed out. It is able to take 2 (or 4) separate copies and puts them on one page for making books! That means that you can just send me a regular size copy and I can combine the pages directly on the copier. It also has a setting to allow for the extra margin that is needed when binding one of the edges.

I bought a box of binding combs on close out for $9.88 for 100 count and they handle up to 165 pages so we will be able to add lots of pages if we need to. The front and back cover paper is 67# bond in a light brown color. I will be sending you the recipt and you will see that all the supplies came to $635.85 which included the copier and an extra toner cartridge that will handle about 3,000 copies! As directed, I will keep the left over $64.15 on account for additional supplies or postage depending on what is needed. You will receive additional receipts as this money is used.

I made a mock-up book with (60) 20# bond, full size pages, (1 ) 67# bond page, a binding spine and one extra page to simulate error or ink weight and a manila enevelope and took it to the post office. The cost was $2.02 and I could add another 4 full size pages at no extra cost. This was for first class anywhere in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii.