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Board Meeting

April 22, 2001

(Brent) OK everybody, since we have a quorum, lets call the meeting to order.
(Gerard) ok
(Brent) Item one, minutes of the last meeting, if there are no questions or discussion, we will ratify them as correct.
(Jurian) No questions here
(Gerard) No questions here
(Mary) No questions here
(Barry) None here
(Toni) none here
(Roger) All fine with me.
(Brent) Ok, Item 2 review project list, comments and discussion? Remember we are to vote on a final list at the end of discussion
(Barry) Ah, I do have a question here
(Brent) go ahead, Barry
(Barry) A question of purpose - is TT-inc in existence mainly for informing the public about the PS, or are we in place to help provide or suggest solution sets?
(Roger) Both, I think.
(Brent) TT-Inc is educational, informative, TT Forum is about solution sets
(Barry) But as Shirley pointed out, it is a repetition of effort to work on a project that has already been documented elsewhere
(Mary) Per Bi-laws: educational, to educate the public on the likelihood of the pending PS solutions on how to deal ...
(Brent) Shirley agrees
(Mary) with such a cataclysm, and life afterwards. TT seeks to establish prototypes of solutions, to explore their worth, and to conduct an outreach with educational materials on a number of different ...
(Barry) Then my question is this - if we do not want to duplicate effort, then shouldn't we at least have access to material covering these documented areas?
(Mary) media forms. To meet the needs of peoples world wide and all classes, . Need I complete? Basically, to establish solutions sets
(Brent) Shirley asks: do you mean a teaching library, Barry?
(Barry) Thank you Shirley. I was scrambling for that notion :) Do we need access to books, or access to titles and link that have already been recommended on forum?
(Mary) I think this "library" can take any form "we" choose it to.
(Barry) I think so, in at least some form
(Barry) :)
(Toni) I think the original idea was to have the 'prototypes' set up
(Brent) Shirley says: Barry, there is a book list on the TT website
(Brent) More: containing books which people have read and they recommend
(Mary) Yes, Toni, I do too, but it was thought at that time there would be more volunteers than have showed up (I think)
(Mary) And truely, does a prototype work if no one is able to view it? Nancy's property is off limits to the public due to town laws.
(Barry) Yes I know about the booklist, but do we actually have access to them, or do they need to still be purchased?
(Toni) The 'prototypes' are also good for 'lessons learned' such as the fertilizer solution
(Toni) Everyone should have their own books
(Barry) Really? Do we know this? I agree with you, but has anybody bought a book yet?
(Mary) Unless, like the Rain, Springwater project. It could be found in books if someone wanted to find it. I think this is what we are looking at today.
(Brent) Barry, Shirley says that the books curently need to be purchased by individuals
(Barry) Toni - kinda makes that wireless Internet thing even more important.
(Toni) Seems we all have some books on special interest areas
(Roger) Most of these projects should be started with what is called (in academic circles) a Literature search.
(Barry) Sheesh, there's a blast from the past.
(Toni) We can save things on floppies, video, as well, possibly microfiche
(Toni) CD's
(Roger) Normally undergraduate and first-year graduate students are employed for this search, but we are not a university.
(Mary) I agree with Roger, but we need to get back on track. The question is: Prioritize the projects.
(Toni) Some of our booklist books duplicate each other or overlap
(Barry) Yes, Mary. I think the priority lies with what can be attained thru document sources and what cannot
(Roger) This is desireable as not everyone can decipher the knowledge from the same author.
(Barry) For example, any gardening project will be docuemtned, but I doubt the wireless Internet would be. I can tell you from experience on the latter.
(Brent) From Shirley and Brent: we're hand holding again, let people do their own research, and find the books they think they need.
(Jurian) Wireless internet will need to be documented, or it won't work quite right
(Toni) The military survival manuals, Tom Brown books, first aid, these are ones for everyone
(Barry) J - you are correct.
(Mary) Can we use Shaul's project review and go down the list?
(Barry) Brent - then we exist for informing the public, showing direction and working on the projects that do not exist?
(Toni) Ok, Mary, I have that in front of me now.
(Mary) Earthworms are a given, on going.
(Mary) Hydro/Aqua, Algae also are on going
(Mary) Fish as food?
(Mary) Discussion?
(Brent) Not the ones that don't exist, but the projects which are not publicly documented. For example, the "containeers as shelter".
(Barry) Ok, thanks. The group has moved on, but the discussion helped me. Thanks
(Mary) Are we to keep the fish as food as a viable priority?
(Brent) Fish as food, as in raising in tanks is important, feeding etc.
(Barry) Shouldn't the Fish as Food fall under some fish farming category?
(Barry) Wouldn't that be covered by a Fish Faming Manual (not sure what the term is)
(Mary) Yes, it is but fish will not live in the outdoors after the PS due to fallout.
(Mary) I think Nancy has fish that she is integrating with her worm culture.
(Barry) Ah, Ok. Then I think we should keep it. It is an indoor fish raising project with an eye towards using them as food.
(Mary) I second it.
(Brent) I don't think it's so much a matter of priortizing the projects, as getting rid of redundancy.
(Gerard) For what I know I remember reading something about that Mary.
(Mary) Thanks Gerard. Brent, you are right, lets prioritze the projects. Sorry
(Toni) Fish as Food is simply part of Hydro/Aqua, already covered
(Barry) That simplifies that.
(Mary) Ok, on to vitamins, nutrition
(Brent) I disagree, Toni, although it could become a part of that closed food system
(Toni) What do you think it means?
(Brent) Sorry, I threw a monkey wrench in to proceeds. Shall we just link fish with hydro/aqua?
(Toni) I saw the fish tanks
(Jurian) Yeah, I think fish for food should fall under aquaponics
(Barry) I agree with that as well
(Gerard) Me too
(Brent) Ok, done, as Mary said, moving on to vitamins.
(Toni) Someone said it was not valid
(Mary) How big a priority or can it be found via books?
(Roger) Might I interject--if we take the time to address the list item by item, we will be here all day and into the night. I move we table this for further discussion either later in the meeting or on the list.
(Toni) Was it Shaul who said 'make lots of coffee'?
(Mary) I don't think it should take long if we just say keep or throw out.
(Toni) I am looking at his list
(Mary) Gotta be done!
(Toni) We don't really need to assign them, just prioritize.
(Roger) Shaul's list is adequate and if we can agree on it, all we need do is set priority.
(Gerard) Yes I noticed it too, it is a long list..
(Mary) Lets go for it and do it quickly, we can always revise it later.
(Toni) I have the coffee ready
(Roger) There are tornado watches and High wind advisories in affect here and I'd like to shut down before I blow away this afternoon.
(Mary) Ok, keep vitamins?
(Toni) Oooh
(Mary) High or low priority?
(Roger) It's not a question of keeping, but of prioritizing.
(Barry) I think it should be low priority
(Toni) I would like to see it changed to 'Nutrients' as it is such a complicated subject
(Mary) Yea Roger, sorry that came out wrong.
(Brent) Vitamins low - books available.
(Roger) So, what is our criteria? Only two bins? Or should we adopt a more graduated set of priorities?
(Mary) I go for 2 bins, high or low.
(Barry) How about 1 to 4 with 1 being critical and 4 being nice to have?
(Toni) That sounds good, Barry
(Mary) I agree Barry.
(Roger) I move we adopt Barry's priority criteria.
(Toni) Yes
(Roger) (If there's a need to vote on it.)
(Barry) Then Nutrients would be 4?
(Mary) Yes
(Toni) should we go down the list one by one, or just choose the 1's first
(Roger) I think Nutrient should be somewhere above 4.
(Barry) 3 then.
(Roger) Down the list is best, I think.
(Barry) Agree with Roger
(Mary) Only need to do unstarted projects.
(Barry) Good point Mary
(Roger) I'd settle for 3. Then it might someday be addressed.
(Barry) Agree with Rog
(Roger) Yes, Mary, good point.
(Brent) Yes, lets adress the unstarted projects, and redundancy
(Roger) But some of the started projects might need to be tabled in favor of starting higher priority projects.
(Brent) And some need to be dropped completely
(Roger) Precisely
(Mary) I disagree Roger. We are just prioritizing right now. Projects can be dropped at any time.
(Barry) Then lets discuss them as we arrive at them on the list.
(Toni) What is preserve?
(Roger) Okay, projects with priority 4 will be considered for termination at a later time.
(Brent) Ok, the next is food preservation
(Toni) Like drying?
(Barry) Yup
(Roger) That would be drying, fermenting, canning, etc.
(Brent) Yes
(Mary) Already started, so I vote priot. #2
(Toni) Ok
(Barry) I say 2 or 3
(Jurian) 2
(Roger) 2 is good.
(Brent) Lots of documantation on that...I say priority 4
(Roger) Is somebody keeping track?
(Brent) I am
(Gerard) We have to keep in mind that food is important, one of the basics to survive
(Barry) These dang virtual mtgs :)
(Roger) Documentation does exist, but do we point to it?
(Brent) Yes, Roger, we do
(Toni) Also, root cellar is part of this
(Barry) Good point
(Mary) Most availably in books.
(Roger) Yes Toni, it is.
(Roger) Or should be
(Brent) should we make preserve and root seller one? priority 2 or 3?
(Barry) Yes, and combined I think they should be a 2
(Mary) As part of it is started, I vote. 2
(Toni) I think 2 as well
(Brent) Shirley abstains
(Gerard) 2 will be good
(Jurian) I vote 2
(Roger) Still here. Just a phone line thing.
(Roger) Where are we in the discussion?
(Mary) Preservation
(Toni) Roger, do you have a storm cellar?
(Roger) Nope.
(Toni) Do you have a weather alert radio?
(Brent) Next on the list is community garden
(Roger) Nope.
(Mary) Already started so priority must be at least a 2
(Roger) Have I ever been in or seen a Tornado? Nope.
(Brent) Moving right along.....
(Roger) Have I always lived in tornado alley? Yep.
(Barry) I feel proud to get a 2 for my project :)
(Toni) I hope you don't need a storm shelter
(Mary) Sorry, Barry, I'll revise that to a #1!!!
(Barry) Thanks :) I did want to comment on that though
(Mary) go for it.
(Barry) Dang, lost my train of thought. This is different than seed saving, correct?
(Brent) What if we combine nutrients, garden, rootceller, and community garden into one?
(Mary) Then one person would be responsible for all.
(Mary) Are you prepared to do that?
(Barry) Brent - you made my point, but I don't have the facillities for all that.
(Roger) One person would be "in charge" of all.
(Toni) Nutrients can be wildcrafted
(Mary) Excellent Toni.
(Toni) Nancy already has a root cellar, as do many of us
(Brent) Point taken, too much for one to do
(Barry) Toni - remind me to ask you about wildcrafting later.
(Toni) Ok
(Barry) Then they should be kept separate (the projects)?
(Mary) So Community garden is a priority 1, the Garden, root celler priority 1 also?
(Mary) Also
(Brent) Yes, Barry, I agree
(Barry) The trouble with gardening is that it will be so pivotal to survival that as many people who can do it, should be doing it.
(Roger) I think perhaps that garden and C. garden are a redundancy of sorts.
(Mary) But they can get all kinds of info lots of places if they just look!
(Roger) I understand that the two are in different locations, but the seed team project is also multiple located.
(Barry) Thanks Roger, that's what I was trying to say
(Mary) We're getting bogged down here.
(Brent) I agree Mary
(Barry) True.
(Roger) In fact, my garden should also be on the site list for this project.
(Roger) Mary, only somewhat. We need to clear this redundancy.
(Toni) I think it's important to remember that agriculture was a latecomer in our history
(Barry) One of the gardens should go I think. There will still need to be seed saver gardens
(Mary) Define the difference between Community Garden and Garden, rootceller
(Toni) We were hunter gatherers
(Mary) But only one community garden
(Barry) Hi Shaul
(Shaul) Hi folks, terribly sorry! Had the devil of a time connecting for some reason, no lines...
(Roger) Agriculture involves large scale. Horticulture is what we do here.
(Toni) I think a community garden could be an example of time sharing, trading food for work shares
(Shaul) Merci
(Toni) Hi Shaul We are looking at your list.
(Mary) Hey Shaul! We are trying to prioritize the project and eliminate redundency.
(Jurian) Hey Shaul :)
(Shaul) Ah, great.
(Shaul) Howdy, howdy.
(Roger) The essential difference in the project description is that the C. garden is shared.
(Mary) So shouldn't it be integrated with the garden project?
(Toni) It could be.
(Barry) Ah, a good point
(Mary) Again, these two projects are operational so shouldn't we just keep the priority #1 and move on?
(Barry) Yes
(Toni) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Brent) Folks, I have a suggestion. We have been at this an hour, and it's going very slowly. What if we all print out a copy of the list, and submit it with comments off line?
(Roger) Argh! Hehe, still here :)
(Brent) submit it via email, I meant
(Barry) Ok
(Mary) Great Idea. Lets discuss on TT, Inc.
(Shaul) I was planning on recommending something like that today, actually...
(Barry) Ok, make is so!
(Roger) (Wasn't that my suggestion about 30 minutes ago?)
(Jurian) Agreed, lets discuss it on the mailing list :)
(Mary) Yes Roger......
(Jurian) Roger: yup :-)
(Shaul) Ah, so the telepathical excercise worked... (:-)
(Brent) Very good, let's all submit our own suggestions, and compile later.
(Gerard) Would be better to discuss it on the list
(Roger) Yes Shaul, it did
(Roger) !
(Shaul) Hehe
(Barry) Ok, you can leave now Shaul...
(Shaul) Hehehehe
(Barry) Your work is done here.
(Roger) Hehehehe
(Shaul) Cool
(Gerard) :)
(Barry) Next item?
(Shaul) Hey, I didn't mean to interrupt...
(Brent) OK, the board will submit individual suggestions for QUICK vote next meeting.
(Roger) Agreed.
(Barry) Agree
(Brent) Next item, ongoing projects
(Shaul) Excellent
(Toni) We did at least make 1-4 priority numbers
(Brent) Mary, would you like to discuss the booklet, copier purchase?
(Mary) Booklet is humming along. Initial start up was $636. US which works out to $6.35 per book. After 100 books the cost will drop to $1.18. Postage will stay at $2.02 per book.
(Barry) BRB
(Brent) Excellent, and by the way, good job!
(Mary) Shirley has done an excellent job with the writing and Nancy has also done excellent in the formatiing.
(Mary) I'm just coping, cutting and compiling.
(Shaul) You guys are doing a tremendous job, there's no doubt about it.
(Brent) Shirley says, thank you Mary!
(Roger) So, at $5 a book, we break even at about 200 books.
(Roger) This is great!
(Mary) Correct. Cost may go down if I can get stuff on sale.
(Brent) Excellent progress, any more comments?
(Shaul) I'm sorry if this has been discussed already, but Shirley raised a question on the tt-inc about there being three versions of the booklet. Is this true or just a misunderstanding?
(Mary) Three sections, not versions. I hope all of you are reading the PDF. version for errors and comments.
(Barry) Back
(Shaul) It looks very good. I wanted to ask if there's a possibility to download it to read off line
(Mary) Going into the shift. During the shift. and after the shift. (3)
(Shaul) I can't seem to be able to do it for some reason.
(Brent) Shirley says: yes that's true, and Nancy did tell me why when we started the booklet, but the rational for this now escapes me and I have had no comment from Nancy as yet.
(Gerard) Shaul: you can save those files...
(Shaul) Gerard - I'd appreciate if you write and tell me how, I don't have the "save" lit on the file menu when it opens in the IE (but we'll talk about it between us)
(Jurian) (-- describes the 3 versions, if I'm not mistaken
(Mary) It may have been an error. There are 3 distinct "sections"
(Jurian) Produce 3 versions - single page (sheet), 20 page (short), and booklet (long)
(Jurian) Is what it says on the project page
(Mary) Oh yea. We voted on it and apparently it didn't get revised.
(Brent) Shirley says no, and I remember something about "long" and "shot" versions.
(Shaul) That is a bit confusing
(Mary) Originally it was thought the book would only be 20 pages long. Now we're at about 120. So Nancy needs to look at that page.
(Shaul) So there will NOT be three sections as it says on that link?
(Brent) Shirley says "one page can't be done with the amount of Info out there. She's crunched it as much as possable.
(Shaul) Sorry, three versions
(Mary) Nope, only one.
(Mary) It is a front/back printing on 1/2 page
(Brent) Shirley says, this needs to be discussed with Nancy.
(Shaul) Ah, Ok. and that one version is divided into three sections, like you said.
(Mary) Correct!
(Brent) Nancy=project manager
(Mary) Any more questions?
(Shaul) Are there dates for completion and start of distribution and such?
(Shaul) (Just so we have something to look forward to... (:-) )
(Mary) Not yet. Shirley isn't finished typing and compiling... a mountainous task!
(Mary) I am thinking it may be done by the first of June for sure.
(Shaul) It's an incredible amount of work. I've dealt with some publishing before...
(Brent) Next up, Jurian and the UNIX servers
(Jurian) Right. Last week, Nancy and I set up the servers so I can access them through Nancy's phone modem. I have started working on them last week as well, doing basic setup first.
(Jurian) This includes fixing security holes in the default installation, updating some so called 'software packages', and enhancing the basic security system.
(Jurian) As I can only work on the servers when Nancy is online, I can only work on the servers in the weekends, this is no problem, as I suspect there will be plenty of time before the servers get connected to the T1 line.
(Jurian) I will install some software on the servers, I'll give a short list of (free) software I plan to use:
(Jurian) qmail, to handle e-mail; ezmlm or ezmlm-idx, for mailing lists
(Jurian) MySQL, a very reliable database server, required for the mailing lists.
(Jurian) Apache, the number 1 webserver used on the internet; php, for scripts which can be used both in the webpages, and stand-alone, for system maintenance / automation
(Jurian) ProFTPd, an FTP server, for uploading files
(Jurian) NameD, a DNS (IP address (-) name translation) server.
(Jurian) Besides these packages, I'll install some security packages, but haven't decided which, yet.
(Jurian) That's about it, for now.
(Mary) WHEW! you type faster than I can read!
(Shaul) Did you just type all that out in one second, or what?
(Barry) Mentalist
(Jurian) Hehe, no, I typed it up earlier today and just copy/pasted it :)
(Shaul) Smart alec...
(Gerard) Already thought so
(Barry) That's what I thought.
(Shaul) Figures
(Mary) Excellent job.
(Barry) Well, I'll be slower for sure
(Jurian) So, any questions about the servers and all?
(Mary) None here
(Shaul) Again, only about the expected dates of operation and so on
(Jurian) Expected date depends on when the T1 is expected, and how often I can work on it before that
(Shaul) Who can tell us when the T1 is expected?
(Jurian) No one really, I think, as that's dependant on when we get enough funding for it
(Shaul) How much is missing?
(Jurian) Probably at least a few months, and that should be enought time for me to set the servers up, and get everything working
(Shaul) Very good then.
(Jurian) Of couse, the big testing can only be done after the servers are connected to the T1, and will take a few weeks at least (mailing lists; webserver and everything else)
(Shaul) So how much is that thing, just so I have an idea
(Jurian) Not sure, it is on the project page, I think
(Shaul) Ah Ok. that's it from me, then.
(Brent) Whew! next up, the 800 number. Shirley says she sent an email explaining the situation, and it stands as is. With regard to the answering message: since we've had so much trouble recording with tape recorders, Nancy suggested I send her a .wav file which I have recorded, but due to the poor quality of my sound card, it is not very good. I am getting a new sound card, and hope to make a better recording. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
(Jurian) Make sure you have it set to "CD quality", not "phone quality"
(Brent) Comments?
(Mary) I move to accept the 800 set up as it is currently being done.
(Shaul) I second the motion
(Roger) Shaul! If you're going to keep using the telepathy, you need to give me a chance to type!
(Shaul) Hehehehehe... you think and I type, that's it.
(Brent) A motion has been made a 2nd for the 800 number to stand as is , shall we vote?
(Barry) Yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Mary) Yes
(Shaul) Yes
(Roger) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Brent) Shirley/Brent yes
(Brent) motion carries
(Toni) Yes
(Brent) From Shirley: thanks Jurian for the suggestion, I will look into the settings
(Jurian) No problem :-)
(Brent) Next up was, Jan's off grid energy project, but we will have to shelve this till next meeting.
(Brent) On to you , Barry
(Barry) Good. I'll be typing, so will not win any speed contests here
(Jurian) Heh, don't worry about that :-)
(Shaul) Shwaye shwayye...
(Barry) First off, have a crew of four adults and 3 kids (4 - 7) working on the plot
(Barry) We kicked off the project last fall with a large planting of Radishes to have an early success
(Barry) It went well and the giant radishes from the seed bank really lived up to their name.
(Barry) SInce then, we opened up another plot and layed out the garden for the early spring planting
(Roger) They are quite large!
(Barry) Indeed and tasty
(Shaul) Sweet or bitter?
(Toni) Sweet
(Shaul) (We're big on horseradish around here...)
(Barry) So far, we have Spinach, Rocket Lettuce, Radishes and Broccoli in and sprouting
(Barry) The Strawberries have come back as well as the mint.
(Barry) The fig tress are just starting to get busy and we just finished negotiations
(Barry) For a cantaloupe plot.
(Toni) How do you divide up the harvest, or are you using it for seed saving?
(Barry) Both. There will be a divison of crops of course and some will be saved for seeds of course
(Barry) Next week, we will be planting Honeydew Melons, Cukes, Cilantro, Basil followed by tomatoes in two weeks
(Barry) Oh, we also have some potatoes (yukons) and Parsley in the ground, but they haven't sprouted yet.
(Barry) Whew
(Barry) Now, we do have quite a few observations and notes and such, but that is better left in a separate doc. Any questions?
(Shaul) You're going for it in that garden, that's for sure.
(Roger) What is the total space usage?
(Barry) This is serious business Shaul
(Mary) Are you using fertilizer and if so what?
(Toni) Compost, mulch?
(Barry) Lets see, two plot of 10 by 20 feet. three smaller ones about 5 by 5 feet. 2 fig trees at about 3 by 3 apiece and a cantaloupe plot about 10 by 10 feet (in another location)
(Toni) What for weeds?
(Barry) Fertilizer - Miracle Gro. Mulch some but not everywhere. Compost yes, weeds - mostly hand picked and hoed for now
(Mary) Great job. I would like to see a progress report monthly as the growing continues.
(Toni) Are the children enjoying it?
(Barry) Yes they are. My goodness they just love the dirt :)
(Roger) Somewhere between 500 and 600 sq. feet. Not bad. Labor is well divided too. Hmmm, any ideas about if this will produce enough food for the "community"?
(Toni) No grains?
(Barry) I agree on the monthly report, especially now that things are really happening
(Mary) Could you document the actual harvest so that it could be calculated into servings per person?
(Barry) No grains, and I doubt the community could survive on this alone with this space. Were the space doubled and the produce preserved, I think they could
(Roger) Whoa, did you type Miracle Gro? Barry, Barry, why? This is a chemical product that will not be available soon. Also, it sets up dependancies in your system that you can not replace by other means.
(Roger) Better to use wood ashes and compost material than pour chemicals on it.
(Barry) Well, Roger, I am not as well versed as you. I agree that this needs to change and we will do so after this year
(Roger) That's okay
(Brent) Ok, thanks Barry, next up is Roger's comments regarding his Seed Savers Letter. Roger?
(Roger) Just drop me an email when you're ready to talk shop.
(Toni) Guess we all need to grow worms
(Barry) I would really like more info on that subject later Roger. It is my top concern.
(Toni) Since these were packed for 2000
(Roger) We had a successful return on the request for a seed donation from Seed Savers Exchange. Nancy received a 3 inch thick box of seed just last week.
(Mary) Three inches?!!!
(Toni) We will probably not receive any other from Seed Savers Exchange for awhile
(Roger) Nancy split the package between Toni and I and I have cataloged my portion.
(Toni) I have received mine and put it in the freezer
(Roger) Exactly. We could certainly send another request next year.
(Toni) There are other places to which we could send a similar letter.
(Roger) Mine are also in the freezer now.
(Toni) I'm thinking of Monticello.
(Roger) We (read I) should send a thank you letter to ensure we are favorably looked upon by them next year.
(Brent) Do we want to send out that other letter to other organizations?
(Toni) And other pioneer gardens
(Shaul) That sounds like a very good idea, if such an option really exists
(Toni) Yes, a thank you letter is good.
(Brent) Good idea Roger, a thank you will be most appropriate.
(Shaul) That is a good idea, but I meant about the other organizations
(Roger) Could certainly try. With this package from SSE, we have an extensive selection of varities to carry into the future, but quantities are limited.
(Toni) Perhaps these special varieties should be propagated by only our best growers now
(Brent) Are you volunteering to send out more letters, Roger? :-)
(Roger) I will volunteer to change the address and date on my letter (and any other particulars necessary), but I fear my time to locate those addresses is limited. Send me some addresses...
(Shaul) If it worked for you once, it's bound to again...
(Brent) Anyone know of any other suppliers?
(Toni) I can work on a list, Roger. If anyone else has any, that is good.
(Roger) One thing that I neglected in the draft but included in the mailed copy was my title. I'm not sure if it made a difference.
(Roger) It might with other organizations.
(Toni) That's good, Roger. It probably helped.
(Shaul) Some like the official sound
(Roger) Yea!
(Brent) Thanks, Toni, the compiled list would be helpful, with any suggestions from the group added.
(Brent) Moving along, Item 4 the nonprofit lab consolidation. Discussion?
(Mary) I think it should be tabled until Nancy is here.
(Barry) Agreed
(Toni) Yes
(Shaul) That's probably a good idea, but it seems that she's all for it
(Mary) Perhaps, Shaul. But if anyone dissagrees or needs a discussion, she is the one that has to live with the results.
(Toni) I agree with her suggestion of Hydroponics Lab and Wetlands Lab.
(Shaul) I also think that the Cosolidated Lab is first a good idea, and second probably a necessity
(Roger) I'm all for consolidation, but what is she suggesting we consolidate?
(Shaul) Ah, well that may really warrant a discussion with Nancy, though there is a list on the Agenda
(Brent) OK, we will save this one till next meeting. the next item is self explanatory, the Treasurer's report, and seems to be in order. comments?
(Barry) She's got 6 projects listed in her paragraph
(Mary) I move that Item 5, Treasurer's 1Q Report be accepted as presented unless these are any questions.
(Barry) I'll 2nd that
(Toni) I have no questions.
(Shaul) The report looks good, and the expected expenses well within the budget.
(Brent) A motion has been made to accept item 5 as is. Shall we vote?
(Roger) I saw the 6 projects, but what about the Wetlands lab?
(Roger) Brent, Barry seconded.
(Shaul) I vote yes
(Barry) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Toni) That is the Wild Rice, which has already been seeded.
(Mary) Roger, what is the question on the projects?
(Brent) Thanks Roger, Shirley/Brent: yes
(Mary) I vote yes on item 5
(Roger) Yes
(Toni) Yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Brent) The treasurers 1Q report stands as is. Is there any other business?
(Shaul) What, don't tell me you guys want to go or something... (:-)
(Barry) Not really
(Shaul) Ok then.
(Brent) Hint, hint :-)
(Mary) I have none.
(Roger) But is the wild rice/wetlands project a lab? Does she mean to lump it in with the hydroponics lab?
(Toni) A separate lab.
(Mary) See.... We can't discuss this without Nancy!
(Shaul) I see what you're saying, though it seems that these are two different projects
(Barry) It's separate
(Shaul) But we did agree to discuss it with Nancy
(Brent) Roger, lets discuss next meeting.
(Roger) Okay
(Barry) Yes we did, unless Shaul cares to use his ability
(Brent) :-)
(Shaul) Ok, I'll take it upon myself: I motion to adjourn!
(Mary) I second it!!!
(Barry) No, I meant the ESP one
(Shaul) Ah, that too.
(Jurian) lol :)
(Barry) Roger, we shall speak soon.
(Shaul) Senior Presidente...
(Brent) A motion has been made and 2nd to adjourn Shall we vote Shirley/Brent yes
(Jurian) Yes
(Toni) Yes
(Shaul) Yes
(Barry) Yes
(Roger) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Mary) Yes
(Roger) I await your questions, Barry.
(Brent) Ok, meeting is adjourned. Thanks everyone! :)