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The Board wants to review and prioritize the project list. Many of the projects on the existing list were put there because the Wisconsin headquarters was originally envisioned as a place where tours or classes could be held, and demos sited. Additional projects were added to the list because the Principal was offering their time, and the project was of interest to the Principal. Others were added because someone wanted development of their particular site. The project list below is from the Projects page off the home page, and the order is not meant to signify priority. The Board requested that I, Nancy, knowing the evolutionary history of these projects, do the strawman indications. This is not meant to indicate what the final results will be. Any and all comments are welcome and in fact requested. Plealse review and comment freely!

Note: * Operational project - Seed TEAM, booklet, web hosting, etc.
Note: ^ Pole Shift video under production elsewhere, may be distributed by the nonprofit
Note: % Project for promotional access only, as nonprofit granted % of royalties if produced.

To be determined by this Project Review is:
? Is the project a valid project, or is it covered by existing documentation such as books.
? If a valid project, does it just a documentation project, or does it require research.
? If documentation is valuable, should this be existing text or is this a candidate for video from the servers.
? What is the priority of this project, compared to other nonprofit priorities.
Earthworms WisconsinOperationalYYY
Hydro/Aqua, AlgaeWisconsinOperationalYYY
Fish as food(not sited/staffed)(not started)YYY
Vitamins, Nutrition(not sited/staffed)(not started)N
Community GardenMarylandStartedN
Garden, RootCellar WisconsinOperationalNY
SeedTEAM, Saving(various)OperationalY*N*Y
Wetlands as foodWisconsinOperationalNY
water Distillation (not sited)(not started)NY
Rain, Springwater Wisconsin(not started)N
Chickens on worms(not sited/staffed)(not started)YYY
Film Clip TV shortSwedenOperationalY*N*
ShortWave Internet(various)OperationalYYY
Navigation(not sited/staffed)(not started)NY
Linux/NT ServersWisconsinAssembledY*N
Video ClipsWisconsinStartedYN
Solution Set Video(various)(not started)YN
Pole Shift Video(not sited)StoryboardY^N
On Foot VideoTexasStartedNY
Passage FilmCopyrightedY%N
Windmill, Hydro(not sited)(not started)N
Off-Grid EnergyNorwayPlannedYYY
Wood Gas (not sited)(not started)NY
Steam, Smith Shop(not sited/staffed)(not started)NY
Methane Gas(not sited/staffed)(not started)NY
Batteries(not sited/staffed)(not started)YYY
Light Bulbs (not sited/staffed)(not started)YYY
Storm Shelter(not sited)PlannedNY
Houseboat living(not sited)(not started)NY
concrete DomesAlaskaPlannedNY
Hand ToolsWisconsinStartedYNY
Heat sources(not sited/staffed)(not started)YYY
Outhouse demoWisconsinCompletedNY
Clothing optionsMinnesotaStartedNY
Lead Poisoning (not sited/staffed)(not started)YN
Health maintenance(not sited/staffed)(not started)N
First Aid (not sited/staffed)(not started)NY
Admin & OpsWisconsinOngoingY*N