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Board Meeting

April 25, 1999

4/25/99 10:39:13 AM,Gerard,Roger is in IRC. The others aren't here yet .
4/25/99 10:44:30 AM,Nancy,Jan, did you look over the Agenda? Does the Oustanding Balance, with open Vouchers, jibe with what you understand?
4/25/99 10:45:07 AM,Nancy,Gerard, have you looked over the list of Prototypes? Ask Roger this too, please. What are your priorities? What ones should go first, etc.?
4/25/99 10:46:05 AM,Jan,Nancy, the Agenda looks good.
4/25/99 10:50:12 AM,Nancy,Hi Clipper! Did you prioritize the prototypes, in your mind? Do this up front to save time later, etc.
4/25/99 10:52:11 AM,Gerard,Got an answer from Roger : (Roger) Hmmm, I like Ron's priority listing (trade study?). I agree that the Worm bed is a good candidate for 1st
4/25/99 10:53:02 AM,Nancy,OK, lets have a little pre-discussion. Jan, Clipper, Gerard, Roger, what are your prioritiy prototype projects? What is top, or 1,2,3 tops.
4/25/99 10:53:29 AM,Nancy,Ask Roger for his 1, 2, 3, and maybe 4, and 5
4/25/99 10:53:58 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) Based on the idea behind Ron's trade study, perhaps the campground should also be prioritized. This would provide 'housing' for others to come and learn and help with the other projects.
4/25/99 10:54:33 AM,Jan,I agree on the worm beds being no 1 regardless of funding. Backpack survival is a good no 2. However, I don't feel much for Internet video. If funds allow, I would go for one of the windmill alternatives.
4/25/99 10:56:11 AM,Gerard,Worm beds seems like a good choise to me, better first the things that important to the people and later on ...although I think that the Inc would need some income to to fund the other projects
4/25/99 10:56:42 AM,Clipper,Worm beds, chickens and how to eat so the garden first.
4/25/99 10:56:51 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) 1. Clean up of site
(Roger) 2. ongoing renovation of site
(Roger) 3. garden
4/25/99 10:58:42 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) 4. NT server (to speed up web communication for meetings, etc.)
(Roger) 5. campground for visitors/volunteers to assist with ongoing projects
4/25/99 10:59:56 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) These would be based on my agenda, not reevaluations of Ron's trade study. I agree that based on his study, the worm bed is likely the #1 candidate
4/25/99 11:01:14 AM,Nancy,Roger has 1-5, but these do not include the worm beds. Is he excluding, or including the worm beds?
4/25/99 11:01:31 AM,Nancy,Roger, where in the 1-5 do worm beds come?
4/25/99 11:01:58 AM,Nancy,Gerard, what are your priorities?
4/25/99 11:02:23 AM,Jan,As to the NT server, I doubt it will be worthwhile on a tight budget. (If it is for Netmeeting only, maybe I can host it?)
4/25/99 11:03:05 AM,Clipper,My 4 is clean up the site and 5 is provide campground. This will help to spread the word.
4/25/99 11:03:34 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) I'm ambiguous about the worm bed. It appears to be a good starting point and it's low cost would suggest it could be started right away, but outdoor projects should take priority this summer.
4/25/99 11:04:12 AM,Nancy,Jan, we are looking into co-locating the server for more like $100/mo. And there may be other options. In fact, if I lived in Madison or Milw, could have it online for $100/mo.
4/25/99 11:04:15 AM,Gerard,Have to reread it again ... have a moment .. it's because I am switching from this to IRC and back :)
4/25/99 11:04:37 AM,Nancy,Jan, if we do streaming video, we MUST have the server online.
4/25/99 11:06:47 AM,Nancy, I'm missing Jan's 4 and 5, and all of Gerard's priorities.
4/25/99 11:06:55 AM,Nancy,This was your homework, guys!
4/25/99 11:07:00 AM,Jan,Nancy, what I have seen so far of Internet video has not impressed me. I doubt adding video will add any significant value to the site.
4/25/99 11:07:01 AM,Gerard,first: worm bed. Think the Projects with low costs should have some priority in the start
4/25/99 11:07:03 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) I'm ambiguous about the worm bed. It appears to be a good starting point and it's low cost would suggest it could be started right away, but outdoor projects should take priority this summer.
(Roger) On the other hand, if the worm bed where prepared before the garden, worms could be harvested and moved there throughout the summer while working on the garden.
4/25/99 11:07:13 AM,Nancy,Thanks, Jan.
4/25/99 11:08:47 AM,Gerard,then number 2 for me: garden
4/25/99 11:08:49 AM,Nancy,Right now we have web hosting for $35/mo, search engine from Slovenia, free, mailing lists from eGroups, free, Netmeeting here is working OK. The NT server would give us all the above, for whatever it costs. If we lost those free services, or need better throughput, it may be a cost effective move. Right now, I agree, we're not hurting.
4/25/99 11:09:38 AM,Gerard,3: chickens
4/25/99 11:11:01 AM,Gerard,just a note keep in mind that I switch back from netmeeting to IRC and back. so sometimes I can be slow with my response.. cause I have to cut and paste.
4/25/99 11:11:42 AM,Jan,As to my 4 and 5, I have a difficult time choosing between garden and campground on the one hand, or the more expensive activities bermed hut and metal roof on the other hand. While lack of funds may make the latter ones impossible for a while, I think showing people PS-safe constructions is important.
4/25/99 11:12:09 AM,Nancy,OK, Jan, so in summation, you're saying 4 and 5 are ...?
4/25/99 11:12:51 AM,Jan,Yeah, yeah, I go with garden and campground.
4/25/99 11:12:52 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) At present I agree about the video. Until we have some video of the ongoing training type projects, this is not a priority.
4/25/99 11:13:43 AM,Nancy,Clipper, you've got 10 minutes and then it's the e-mail route for Shirley.
4/25/99 11:16:16 AM,Gerard,Roger can't attend to the whole meeting. He mentioned that to me BTW I did send an email about that to the list
4/25/99 11:25:23 AM,Clipper,
I have gone to email. Don't know what's the matter with that stupid thing again. Just in case anyone wants to know, my priorities are:
1. Provide streaming audio and video capability on the net. Rationale: Pictures are better than words; but words and pictures are an unbeatable combination. We can get our message home to a wide variety of people.
2. Hydroponics: This could be done in conjunction with the worm bed. If people see that it is possible to grow things and that eating worms etc. is not the only option, it will be psychologically good.
3. Windmill and flowing water electric generators: I'm not going to give you the rationale. I have actually approached this more from a psychological point of view. If you want me to expand, I will, but I am anxious to get this to you.
4. Large bermed shelter with all the trimmings mentioned.
5. Dedicated NT Server. This is for communication purposes. The better we can communicate with each other, the better the chance of getting our message out to the outside world. Not being able to communicate in meetings is distracting and keeps us from our goals. I have looked at the rest of the stuff and really can't decide. I believe I would have to say that the way it has been decided is probably the best.
4/25/99 11:29:13 AM,Nancy,Prototype Priorities

Worm Beds 5 of 7 (Clipper, Jan, Gerard, Nancy, Ron)
Garden 4 of 7 (Clipper, Ron, Gerard, Jan)
Campground 3 of 7 (Clipper, Roger, Jan)
Chickens 2 of 7 (Clipper, Gerard)
Cleanup 2 of 7 (Clipper, Roger)
Fish Tanks 2 of 7 (Nancy, Ron)
Hydorponics 3 of 7 (Nancy, Ron, Henlena)
Backpack 2 of 7 (Jan, Ron)
NT & Video 3 of 7 (Ron, Roger, Henlena)
Windmill 2 of 7 (Jan, Shirley)
Restoration 1 of 7 (Roger)
Spring Water 1 of 7 (Nancy)
Rice 1 of 7 (Nancy)
Bermed 1 of 7 (Shirley)

4/25/99 11:29:25 AM,Nancy,OK, we have 6 folks, the meeting will come to order
4/25/99 11:30:21 AM,Nancy,The first item on the Agenda is a new Headquarters. We have an approved Place of Business in Wisconsin, and I took out a PO box to grab the last one available, $44/yr, and I'll eat the cost if you don't approve.
4/25/99 11:30:42 AM,Nancy,This change would mean registering the official PO with Delaware and the IRS as the Wisconsin site.
4/25/99 11:31:21 AM,Nancy,Any discussion on this? I'd like to move from one item to the next rapidly, so the motion to vote comes, the vote is taken, but we're moving through the subjects, and not waiting.
4/25/99 11:31:53 AM,Jan,I motion that the official address should be moved to the Wisconsin address and the IRS and Delaware agent so notified.
4/25/99 11:31:58 AM,Nancy,While you are thinking about whether you have questions on Agenda item 1, or want to motion to vote, I'll move to item 2.
4/25/99 11:32:28 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) What about the P.O. in Alaska? Will this one in Wisconsin replace that one?
4/25/99 11:32:39 AM,Nancy,Item 2 is approving a PO box, which I already have in the Troubled Times name. We can always return it.
4/25/99 11:33:12 AM,Nancy,Gerard, yes, the PO in Wisconsin would replace the PO in Alaska. Clipper keeps the Gift Pool, and continues to be the contact via the free e-mail addy there.
4/25/99 11:34:02 AM,Clipper,I second the motion to move the official address
4/25/99 11:34:10 AM,Nancy,I think the vote on a new Headquarters could be combined with a vote on the PO, as if it's a headquarters, it needs a PO. In the village, they don't deliver mail, you collect it at the PO, and need a PO box.
4/25/99 11:34:47 AM,Nancy,A vote has been made and seconded to move the Headquarter to Wisconsin Place of Business. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
4/25/99 11:34:48 AM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 11:35:00 AM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 11:35:05 AM,Gerard,Yes
4/25/99 11:35:09 AM,Clipper,Yes
4/25/99 11:35:19 AM,Clipper,Awaiting Shirley reply
4/25/99 11:35:24 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) Yes
4/25/99 11:36:54 AM,Nancy,Item 3 is to change the Bylaws to be less restrictive re a lockbox. It states we MUST have a lockbox on US soil, but with a headquarters inthe US, this is not necessary. I'd like to combine Item 3 with 5 and vote on a minor Bylaw change there. We should not be stating that Quickbooks is the ONLY means of discussing finances. We in fact use hypertext and Excel and everything else. Ready for a motion on 3 and 5, if there is no discussion. I drafted bylaw changes, if you did your homework you know what it says. very simple.
4/25/99 11:37:49 AM,Jan,The Place of Business needs a snailmail address. I don't think we need an official vote to accept the USD 44 charge for the PO box, do we? The agenda item is a Report from the President which should require no vote. Lets move on to item 3
4/25/99 11:37:53 AM,Nancy,I'm going to assume, if the Headquarters passes, that the PO is OK, as there's no other way to be an entity in the Village but by a PO.
4/25/99 11:37:58 AM,Nancy,$44/yr is not a killer.
4/25/99 11:38:45 AM,Nancy,The Place of Business, AND the nonprofit, have 115 Lieder Street as an address (my grandfather subdivided this area, as a master carpenter building all the homes there.)
4/25/99 11:39:43 AM,Nancy,Everyone in this small town knows this, and the address is in the Annual Report filed for 1998, and will be all over the place. It's just that the mail gets collected in the PO box, as they don't deliver. Sent to the street address, I'm sure it would end up in the PO Box.
4/25/99 11:40:38 AM,Jan,Clipper, any vote from Shirley?
4/25/99 11:40:44 AM,Clipper,
(Shirley) Yes.
4/25/99 11:40:52 AM,Nancy,Moving along, while waiting for Shirley's vote on the Headquarters or for Ron to arrive and vote, we could accept a motion on the two minor bylaw changes, to losen up, no lockbox unless Headquarter not on US soil, and no Quickbooks for accounting, but electronic means convenient.
4/25/99 11:41:18 AM,Nancy,The motion passes. Wisconsin address, street and PO are the new Headquarters, and the $44 for PO is assumed as a necessary expense.
4/25/99 11:42:24 AM,Nancy,Item 4 is Treasurer resignation. As you know, Brand has been too busy to attend to these duties, and in fact never cashed the $1,500 check I sent to him. He sent me the paperwork to be a co-signer at the Georgia bank, but never got to open an account, either.
4/25/99 11:42:36 AM,Jan,Right back
4/25/99 11:43:18 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) I've read the changes, I move we accept the bylaw changes
(Roger) That would be items 3 and 5
4/25/99 11:44:11 AM,Gerard,Ron just joined the meeting
4/25/99 11:44:31 AM,Nancy,Brand's resignation is off the Agenda. We have a Bylaw requirement that the Treasurer needs the President to co-sign any check greater than $500. This mean passing checks unless both are in the same spot.. Ron was our first elected Treasurer, and is very very familiar with bookwork. He has his own business, independent consulting, and has all the paperwork setup for that, too.
4/25/99 11:45:32 AM,Nancy,Where I cannot motion, I think this is practical, Ron has integrity and skill, and the only problem bothering us both is his dual role as Principal on the prototypes. I think good Internal Auditor review will remove that concern. Other small groups, wearing many hats, have similar concerns.
4/25/99 11:46:07 AM,Clipper,I make a motion that Ron become our new treasurer
4/25/99 11:46:25 AM,Nancy,Please tell Ron that the Headquarters and PO box have been approved, we're ready to vote on Bylaw changes (as soon as we get a second to the motion) and are into his becoming the Treasurer.
4/25/99 11:46:31 AM,Gerard,I second
4/25/99 11:46:40 AM,Nancy,We have two motions, without a second.
4/25/99 11:47:15 AM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded that Ron be appointed Treasurer, to replace Brand, who has resigned. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
4/25/99 11:47:16 AM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 11:47:51 AM,Clipper,Yes (and awaiting Shirley reply)
4/25/99 11:48:04 AM,Gerard,Yes
4/25/99 11:48:12 AM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 11:48:42 AM,Nancy,To summarize, we vote the Headquarter, which imples the PO box. We have a motion on the Bylaws, but no second yet. We're voting on the Treasurer.
4/25/99 11:49:09 AM,Jan,Nancy, have you gotten the check back from Brand?
4/25/99 11:49:09 AM,Ron,I can't vote on this one, but would accept.
4/25/99 11:49:23 AM,Nancy,Ron will probably abstain from voting for himself. Oops, like minds on this one :-)
4/25/99 11:49:45 AM,Nancy,Jan, though I trust Brand, I did a stop pay, to be official.
4/25/99 11:49:57 AM,Jan,Gerard's second didn't say which motion he seconded, but it was assumed to be Ron as treasurer. I motion we accept the changes to the Bylaws
4/25/99 11:50:28 AM,Jan,Sorry - I SECOND the motion to change the Bylaws
4/25/99 11:50:58 AM,Nancy,The funds have been moved to my Wisconsin bank, awaiting this Board Meeting. Ron has also looked into banking in the area, selecting a personal bank for himself, and has recommended First National Bank and Trust in Baraboo (7 miles away) as the corporate bank. He gave his rationale, which is off the Agenda for some days now, for your review.
4/25/99 11:51:13 AM,Clipper,Yes, to both 3 and 5.
4/25/99 11:51:36 AM,Nancy,Jan, Gerard cannot second the Bylaws changes vote, as he made the motion
4/25/99 11:52:11 AM,Nancy,Clipper, Shirley was to vote on Ron being Treasurer. We're also missing Roger'
4/25/99 11:52:18 AM,Nancy,Roger's vote on that.
4/25/99 11:52:41 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) I vote yes on the appointment of Ron as Treasurer
4/25/99 11:53:15 AM,Nancy,Re the Bylaws, a motion has been made and seconded that the minor Bylaw changes to the Lockbox and Quickbox subjects, be changed as detailed in the Agenda links on the Board Meeting web site. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
4/25/99 11:54:06 AM,Nancy,To summarize, we're waiting Shirley's vote on the Treasurer, and all votes on the Bylaws changes, to which I vote Yes
4/25/99 11:54:07 AM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 11:54:14 AM,Ron,Yes
4/25/99 11:54:17 AM,Clipper,Yes
4/25/99 11:54:23 AM,Gerard,yes
4/25/99 11:55:23 AM,Nancy,I'm not going to start a vote on the bank until we get caught up. Clipper could report on the Gift Pool additions, but as he is talking to Shirley, I'll step in. Clipper can chirp in as he wishes.
4/25/99 11:55:50 AM,Gerard,
(Roger) yes
4/25/99 11:56:00 AM,Clipper,God idea. I want to catch up.
4/25/99 11:56:06 AM,Clipper,Good even
4/25/99 11:56:16 AM,Nancy,The happy news from Clipper over this past month is that we got a $1,000 anonymous gift. This was in addition to other contributions of $125, $100, and $50. The Gift Pool is not at $1,867.50, and interest collecting.
4/25/99 11:56:31 AM,Clipper,We now have $2,067.50 in the gift pool.
4/25/99 11:57:04 AM,Nancy,The motion on Bylaw changes passes.
4/25/99 11:57:21 AM,Nancy,We're waiting only on Shirley re the Treasurer vote.
4/25/99 11:57:33 AM,Nancy,Clipper, is this yet another contribution?
4/25/99 11:57:44 AM,Nancy,$200 more?
4/25/99 11:57:52 AM,Clipper,Yes, to Ron being appointed treasurer.
4/25/99 11:58:10 AM,Clipper,Okay, Yes, again to the bylaw changes.
4/25/99 11:58:25 AM,Nancy,Ron is now our new Treasurer. I think our Bylaws require this be put to a membership vote, which I'll do, but expect this to be a formality.
4/25/99 11:59:10 AM,Nancy,We DO need formal approval of the Baraboo bank as our corporate bank, else Ron cannot proceed to pay all those outstanding Vouchers, some almost 2 years old!
4/25/99 11:59:12 AM,Clipper,Caught up I think.
4/25/99 11:59:41 AM,Nancy,Yes, we need a motion on the Baraboo bank as corporate bank. Meanwhile, I'm going to talk about Self Dealing.
4/25/99 12:00:31 PM,Clipper,I make a motion that the Baraboo bank become our corporate bank
4/25/99 12:00:43 PM,Nancy,Ron and I are both conscientious people, and are worried about the issue of Self Dealing re the prototype developments. We're probably worried too much, and sacrificing much, but it needs to be faced head on as others will bring this up, or may.
4/25/99 12:01:18 PM,Ron,I second Clippers motion that the baraboo bank become our courporate bank.
4/25/99 12:02:03 PM,Nancy,This is my land, and any cleanup or improvements will remain mine, should there be a separating of the nonprofit at some point. To address this, I'm suggesting that it should be firmly stated that ANY equipment, including windmills and fish tanks, be the property of the nonprofit, and could be moved to a different location should a breach occur.
4/25/99 12:02:31 PM,Clipper,Yes, even though I know it won't happen, I can forsee someone bring self dealing up.
4/25/99 12:02:50 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded that the Baraboo bank become our corporate bank, allowing Ron to open a corporate account there, with the President as co-signer for $500 or larger checks, forthwith. All in favor say Yes, opposed say no.
4/25/99 12:02:51 PM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 12:03:12 PM,Ron,yes
4/25/99 12:03:16 PM,Clipper,Yes
4/25/99 12:03:19 PM,Gerard,yes
4/25/99 12:03:19 PM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 12:03:26 PM,Clipper,Awaiting Shirley's reply
4/25/99 12:04:32 PM,Nancy,I've done up a Self Dealing analysis matrix, to show what I as the property owner could/would gain, and what Ron as someone living on the site could gain. For instance, we could eat stuff from the garden, eat the fish and chickens, use a windmill as an alternat power source, etc. We would REALLY like a healthy discussion on this, please.
4/25/99 12:04:40 PM,Nancy,Board guildance, etc.
4/25/99 12:05:15 PM,Nancy,We need Roger's vote on the bank, too.
4/25/99 12:05:56 PM,Clipper,With the possibility of what is grown going to waste, eating it would be the logical thing to do. Maybe another class on canning methods would help
4/25/99 12:06:05 PM,Ron,The first thing to be understood is that I, as Principal, must abstain from any related funding vote.
4/25/99 12:06:33 PM,Nancy,Correct, Ron must recuse on funding of the prototypes.
4/25/99 12:07:04 PM,Clipper,
(Shirley) Yes to the bank mentioned becoming the corporate bank.
4/25/99 12:07:33 PM,Nancy,Basically, for each prototype project approved, I was the Board Member to THINK about this Self Dealing, and not be polite about calling it out. This is a proper topic, and is your responsibility!
4/25/99 12:08:52 PM,Nancy,The vote on the Baraboo bank as corporate bank passes. Ron can now open an account, and I will forward him a $1,500 check to finally get the gift I gave to the nonprofit (at the time to pay for an attorney review, which never happened), and Clipper should wire Ron the majority of the funds in the Gift Pool
4/25/99 12:09:43 PM,Nancy,Our Bylaws call for wiring from the Gift Pool to the Treasure whenever the sum reaches $1,000. As it is now over $2,000, this should occur for the $2,000. Would leaving $67.50 in the account keep it open? I suspect yes.
4/25/99 12:10:15 PM,Jan,We get one problem with Self Dealing. Since both Ron and Nancy may have to abstain, we will not have a quorum.
4/25/99 12:10:15 PM,Gerard,Roger said yes on the last vote.. and he left.. because of a bithday
4/25/99 12:10:26 PM,Clipper,I will have to ask. It may have to stay at $100
4/25/99 12:10:52 PM,Nancy,OK, Clipper, a minor nit, You and Ron work that out.
4/25/99 12:11:25 PM,Nancy,OK, moving onto the Prototype projects, for Ron's sake, I'll post, again the summation of the Board Members choices, 1-5. (Did this during the early minutes)
4/25/99 12:11:39 PM,Nancy,Prototype Priorities
Worm Beds 5 of 7 (Clipper, Jan, Gerard, Nancy, Ron)
Garden 4 of 7 (Clipper, Ron, Gerard, Jan)
Campground 3 of 7 (Clipper, Roger, Jan)
Chickens 2 of 7 (Clipper, Gerard)
Cleanup 2 of 7 (Clipper, Roger)
Fish Tanks 2 of 7 (Nancy, Ron)
Hydorponics 3 of 7 (Nancy, Ron, Henlena)
Backpack 2 of 7 (Jan, Ron)
NT & Video 3 of 7 (Ron, Roger, Henlena)
Windmill 2 of 7 (Jan, Shirley)
Restoration 1 of 7 (Roger)
Spring Water 1 of 7 (Nancy)
Rice 1 of 7 (Nancy)
Bermed 1 of 7 (Shirley)

4/25/99 12:12:30 PM,Nancy,I would seem that buying a chipper for $580, and lumber to construct a worm bed, and getting started at collecting those monstrous Wisconsin nightcrawlers and other healthy earthworms there, would be approved. Any discussion?
4/25/99 12:13:58 PM,Nancy,You know, we skipped a step and will have to VOTE to approve these prototypes to be approved as a Grant Proposal, also. However, maybe we can do this as a combined vote, to save time. We'll need Roger's vote, else need to collect this via e-mail, but he gave me his 1-5 earlier, so I know his vote and that he approves.
4/25/99 12:15:25 PM,Clipper,Nightcrawlers will mostly be free. The wood will not be that much. The chipper can be used for many projects.
4/25/99 12:15:49 PM,Ron,I would point out that the chipper will be a vast help in various cleanup efforts.
4/25/99 12:16:05 PM,Clipper,I agree
4/25/99 12:16:06 PM,Nancy,Re the outstanding Vouchers, all on the list I prepared for the meeting are approved Vouchers, on matters the Board approved long ago and during many meetings, and have been reviewed by Jan, in the main. We don't have a Voucher for Brand's lockbox fee, I believe, and should not write a check without one. Clipper's expenses have been repeatedly Vouchered, and are firm, as are mine.
4/25/99 12:16:18 PM,Nancy,This is correct, is it not, Jan
4/25/99 12:18:02 PM,Nancy,The chipper is front and center on keeping a campground in the woods, making the path there less muddy (it gets flooded in the spring, from the river) and in clearing brush. Very muti-purpose. We talk about recycling vegetative trash from hydroponics, from the garden, making mulch - ALL these things use the chipper.
4/25/99 12:18:31 PM,Nancy,And the chipper would be a nonprofit equipment item, and should have an inventory sticker saying so!
4/25/99 12:18:58 PM,Nancy,
(Roger) Time for me to go, email my regular addy with the pastes from here on, I'll email my votes, etc.
(Roger) Cya
4/25/99 12:19:45 PM,Ron,Regarding the chipper, is it possable to approve it without specifying an exact amount ... just ball park. There will be sales tax, etc.
4/25/99 12:19:54 PM,Jan,Yes, Nancy, I have reviewed all received vouchers, and all are OK. If you remember, I posted a summary on 1998 ouchers in January. Shall I post it on the whiteboard?
4/25/99 12:20:17 PM,Nancy,We only 5 members besides Ron, including Shirley, but I think we should gather the votes on having the Prototype Projects be a grand request on the web. We need a motion on that, and I can't motion. All the web pages that you've been reviewing are NOT linked from the home page, and I really think they will bring in more funds. A motion on this?
4/25/99 12:21:34 PM,Clipper,I make a motion that the Prototype projects be a grand request on the web.
4/25/99 12:22:03 PM,Nancy,Ron, pre-paid expenses are covered in our Bylaws by stating that a grantee can get funds ahead of the receipt if they provide to the Treasuer their name, the grant, the item, the expected expenses, etc. In this case, if the Board approves the worm beds, and this includes Chipper and Lumber, then you should substitute Jan as the approver, my thoughts. We don't need a vote on this, but if you go through this exercise, then we're very proper in my mind.
4/25/99 12:23:15 PM,Nancy,Jan, not necessary, I don't think. As long as you state that my list, on the web site as an Agenda exhibit, is as you reviewed. Thanks!
4/25/99 12:23:26 PM,Ron,Very good!
4/25/99 12:24:52 PM,Nancy,To detail what the worm beds require. In addition to the chipper, there will be lumber expenses. Drainage of some kind will need to be in place. Darryl of Vital Earth collects the water draining for the worm beds as fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and this is the REASON for the worm beds, believe it or not!
4/25/99 12:25:31 PM,Jan,Nancy, I am rather concerned with our passive members of the board and the votes for the grants. If you and Ron cannot vote, we will never have a quorum! How shall we deal with this?
4/25/99 12:26:03 PM,Nancy,Also, an old washer with wringers has been donated, should have the name Sophia Lieder per my old cousin as this was her's. Ron thinks he can repair the rubber wringers, with wood. This makes collecting the worms, purge and squish, in place next to the worm bed. Very demo ready!
4/25/99 12:27:14 PM,Nancy,Well, I can vote on the worm beds. He's the Principal. The tub and wringers will bear the nonprofit's sticker, as they were given as a gift to the nonprofit. The worm beds and the chipper are the nonprofits. How do I benefit? The issue of reimbursing for time is the only Self Dealing issue here, I think.
4/25/99 12:27:28 PM,Ron,For most of the prototypes, I see no reason why Nancy can't vote.
4/25/99 12:28:46 PM,Nancy,Clipper made a motion re putting the prototypes on the web as a grant proposal looking for funding. no second?
4/25/99 12:29:24 PM,Jan,If the non-profit wants to put a windmill onto Nancy's property, will she not benefit from that? I am open to arguments here, please.
4/25/99 12:30:03 PM,Ron,On that prototype, Nancy would have to abstain, I think.
4/25/99 12:30:26 PM,Clipper,There is no way around her gaining from this. The big issue is what we can teach others. Not who gains what.
4/25/99 12:30:54 PM,Ron,I think the issue is a legal one
4/25/99 12:31:06 PM,Nancy,I agree with you Clipper on that
4/25/99 12:31:24 PM,Nancy,You can move the windmill, as it would not be mine. Yes, I'd keep the concrete footing, but other than that, would not gain. Consider the wear and tear on the property having tours and classes there? This is a net LOSS to my property, etc.
4/25/99 12:31:38 PM,Clipper,It is probably an issue we should discuss via email so as to keep the meeting going.
4/25/99 12:32:03 PM,Nancy,No, if we approve a prototype, we need to deal with Self Dealing issue BEFORE we vote, etc.
4/25/99 12:32:32 PM,Nancy,If the prototype can be moved, then I think Self Dealing on the supplies and equipment is a moot point.
4/25/99 12:32:52 PM,Ron,I agree.
4/25/99 12:33:22 PM,Jan,Let's do the discussion off-line. I do think we have a challenge to solve re quorum on these fundings.
4/25/99 12:33:25 PM,Clipper,I also agree.
4/25/99 12:33:35 PM,Nancy,Regarding payment for time spent, to the Principal. Currently we are 100% on a volunteer basis, but everyone putting in their time is doing so at a week-end kind of way.
4/25/99 12:34:32 PM,Clipper,Ron should be paid somehow.
4/25/99 12:34:36 PM,Nancy,Well, if we collect any votes on any funding for projects, I want every member to state, when they vote, IF they see a Self Dealing issue or not. If they do, then we need to ensure that the funding not be disbursed until that issue is settled!
4/25/99 12:34:55 PM,Jan,I second the motion to put the prototypes on the web as a grant proposal
4/25/99 12:35:28 PM,Clipper,Agreed Nancy.
4/25/99 12:35:47 PM,Nancy,There is another nonprofit in town, a train museum, which runs Steam Trains. Many member come to spend a week, sleeping in box cars, as they love to work on the engines, etc. However, the full time Manager is paid $25,000/year. What nonprofit operates 100% on volunteer? Not if they do much at all!
4/25/99 12:36:34 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made (by Clipper) and seconded (by Jan) to put the prototypes on the web as grant proposals seeking funding. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No (Ron must abstain).
4/25/99 12:36:35 PM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 12:36:46 PM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 12:36:59 PM,Gerard,yes
4/25/99 12:37:00 PM,Clipper,Yes
4/25/99 12:37:40 PM,Nancy,Let me know what Shirley thinks,Clipper, and I'll collect Roger
4/25/99 12:37:42 PM,Ron,I'm not sure I understand the issue of putting the prototypes on the web as a GRANT PROPOSAL. Does that imply that the Proposal needs to wait until the next board meeting?
4/25/99 12:37:42 PM,Clipper,Awaiting Shirley's reply
4/25/99 12:37:51 PM,Nancy,later, on the tt-inc mailing list.
4/25/99 12:38:18 PM,Clipper,Okay
4/25/99 12:38:22 PM,Ron, ... next board meeting for funding?
4/25/99 12:38:32 PM,Nancy,The hours, and most of the supplies, costs, are just a swag I put on the projects as a strawman, to stimulate discussion.
4/25/99 12:38:41 PM,Nancy,No, no, we're still moving along here!
4/25/99 12:38:46 PM,Jan,Ron, that's the next item on the agenda, is it not?
4/25/99 12:39:47 PM,Ron,Oh, sorry. This is the first time I've been able to see everything going on.
4/25/99 12:40:10 PM,Nancy,I put in $20/hr, for 40 hours, as an estimate on the worm beds. However, I have no idea! Now, on reimbursing me for the incorporation costs, Jan had a Board resolution some months back, to reimburse me when funds came available. I want to defer that for now, as getting these going while Ron is available to work on them is more important.
4/25/99 12:41:09 PM,Nancy,So, I'm suggesting that we vote on prototypes, on the supplies necessary, and discuss compensation for time LATER, when Ron has some idea of what it will/did take, etc. Is this satisfactory? This means, for now, that here is NO CERTAINTY how the matter of compensation for time will be handled.
4/25/99 12:42:01 PM,Nancy,The worm beds seem pretty safe, with the chipper priced at $580 (plus tax or whatever) and just lumber and replacement wooden wringers as costs.
4/25/99 12:43:01 PM,Jan,I would say get going with the worm beds. Is it satisfactory for you Ron to postpone the work compensation for now?
4/25/99 12:43:04 PM,Clipper,It is satisfactory with me
4/25/99 12:43:30 PM,Nancy,The second highest priority, getting mentioned by 4 of 7 Board Members attending, was the garden. I had thought that as gardens, and seed collection, are being done by many, that this would not be a priority, but guess I'm wrong! The requires either rental of a rototiller, or purchase of same.
4/25/99 12:44:22 PM,Nancy,Jan, if Ron agrees with deferring the issue of compensation, until he knows the hours a bit better, with no promisees being made, then I think we're ready for a vote on the worm beds as an approved project to be funded, etc. He can start to work!!!
4/25/99 12:44:23 PM,Clipper,Rentals are a waste of money. It should be purchased when possible
4/25/99 12:44:40 PM,Ron,Yes, the compensation issue has been discussed by Nancy and myself and those ideas made available to you all. For now, I am on unemployment and will not starve!
4/25/99 12:45:46 PM,Jan,With the compensation issue deferred, I think even Ron can vote on this and you may get going.
4/25/99 12:46:07 PM,Nancy,And a garden just might help in that regard :-) I just checked the pages, and show that a tiller is priced at $600, with a planter at $55. Ron, can one rent a tiller, or is this a trade off, might as well buy as throw the money away, kind of situation?
4/25/99 12:46:59 PM,Nancy,Yes! Jan, I agree, then we'll have the quorum. The only Self Dealing on the worm issue, is that Ron might eat them :-)
4/25/99 12:47:08 PM,Ron,I say buy, as that project will be ongoing till 2003
4/25/99 12:47:23 PM,Clipper,Yes. I paid about $600 for mine here. Or $35 per day to rent.
4/25/99 12:47:44 PM,Gerard,right.. buying is better I think
4/25/99 12:47:55 PM,Ron,Sure I'll eat them, but on video tape, so it's a Demo!
4/25/99 12:48:09 PM,Nancy,A motion on the worm bed project please? The chipper as purchase, and lumber, and minor expenses NOT TO EXCEED $1,000 unless a return to the Board, I would think.
4/25/99 12:48:11 PM,Jan,Even if I havn't the faintest clue as to what a tiller is, I say buy, no rent. As for eating worms, I think that self dealing would pass without objections...
4/25/99 12:48:52 PM,Nancy,Jan, turns the soil over. This garden has been overgrown by aggressive flox flowers, and sod. Wrestling it back will be difficult.
4/25/99 12:49:28 PM,Nancy,If more folks buy in the area, we may have large seed growing in the area, with the tiller being used for that purpose, BIG time!
4/25/99 12:49:31 PM,Jan,Oh, sort of a plow?
4/25/99 12:49:48 PM,Nancy,Yes, a motor driven, hand directed, like a lawn mower.
4/25/99 12:49:51 PM,Clipper,That would only give us about 17 days use of the tiller if we rent it and we still would pay $600. Might as well buy one.
4/25/99 12:50:13 PM,Nancy,A motion on the worm beds project?
4/25/99 12:51:29 PM,Clipper,
(Shirley)Did anyone ever second that motion on putting the prototypes on
the web as a grant request? When they do, my vote is yes.
4/25/99 12:51:34 PM,Jan,I motion we accept the funding for the worm bed project, to include purchase of chipper, lumber and tiller, and coverage of minor expenses not to exceed USD 500 (since we buy the tiller)
4/25/99 12:52:23 PM,Clipper,I second the motion
4/25/99 12:52:35 PM,Nancy,The 3rd project that came in high on the Board Members 1-5 priority list was the campground, which Clipper, Roger, and Jan included as their number 5 (low on the list). At present, all that can be done on that is that the path be laid with wood chips, with the worm bed chipper, and areas generally laid out. Wooden raised platforms, that would survive the spring floods could also be constructed.
4/25/99 12:53:07 PM,Nancy,The prototypes as a grant proposal on the web was approved by 5 folks, I'll collect Roger's vote vy e-mail.
4/25/99 12:54:55 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to fund the worm bed prototype, with purchase of a chipper as estimated at $580 plus tax, and not to exceed $500 USD for other expenses, labor compensation to be deferred and approved later. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
4/25/99 12:54:56 PM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 12:55:05 PM,Gerard,Yes
4/25/99 12:55:10 PM,Ron,The campground project will require the purchase of a gasoline powered weed-whacker with a metal saw blade. The brush to be cleared is extensive and I see no other way to accomplish this. The weed-whacker costs approximately $160.
4/25/99 12:55:36 PM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 12:55:49 PM,Ron,yes, if I can vote
4/25/99 12:56:09 PM,Clipper,Yes (awaiting Shirley's reply)
4/25/99 12:57:31 PM,Nancy,Correct, Ron, I just checked the web page, and I'd included $180 for a gas weed whacker, fixing the cottage dry wall in the bathroom, and lumber for the tent platforms.
4/25/99 12:57:45 PM,Clipper,The brush saw (weed wacker) is a very valuable tool. Well worth getting.
4/25/99 12:57:55 PM,Jan,Nancy & Ron, this could be a mechanism for later on, splitting the self dealing part off from the fund proposal. i.e. if we want to put a power generating windmill on the property, the usage of the power should be decided separately (and maybe not be used for heating the house?)
4/25/99 12:58:59 PM,Nancy,Jan, correct, but a power generating windmill is WAY expensive, and my thoughts were to fund those prototypes that most folks could employ, as demos, and labor intensive ones, for now as we have Ron's time, and fund the big ticket, low labor ones later.
4/25/99 12:59:08 PM,Ron,Absolutely Jan. There are prototypes to power.
4/25/99 12:59:36 PM,Clipper,
(Shirley) Okay, I vote yes.
4/25/99 12:59:43 PM,Ron,I agree with Nancy.
4/25/99 12:59:52 PM,Nancy,The worm beds are funded. Next, we are discussing Garden and Campground
4/25/99 1:00:45 PM,Ron,Let's seperate the two.
4/25/99 1:01:09 PM,Nancy,The Garden has 4 of 7 Board Members listing it, and at higher priority than the campground. Garden was #3 for Clipper, #3 for Roger, #4 for Jan, and #2 for Gerard. It was also a desire of Ron's but I talked him out of it, fearing Self Dealing.
4/25/99 1:02:17 PM,Nancy,I think we have the funds to approve all 3 prototypes at this time, however, as the worm beds wil probably be $900 max, the Garden $650, and the Campgrounds preparation (not lumber) only about $200.
4/25/99 1:02:19 PM,Ron,Garden is to produce seeds; then as a Demo.
4/25/99 1:02:50 PM,Nancy,Garden shows many thing. Can be to demo atypical crops, rotating crops, saving seed.
4/25/99 1:03:19 PM,Nancy,And eventually, may feed folks coming for classes or members camping there to help with projects. Can be saving food costs.
4/25/99 1:04:15 PM,Nancy,OK, since the Garden expenses were a tilller for $600, a planter for $55 (plus tax on both, etc) do we have a motion to approve this prototype be approved, labor deferred, etc.
4/25/99 1:04:50 PM,Clipper,I second
4/25/99 1:05:18 PM,Nancy,Jan, what are your thoughts on Ron voting on this too, as the tiller and planter will be property of the nonprofit, should have an inventory sticker, etc., and Self Dealing is limited to eating the produce, etc.
4/25/99 1:05:55 PM,Nancy,Clipper, nobody made a motion yet, on the Garden, did they?
4/25/99 1:06:23 PM,Clipper,Duh ..... I make a motion then
4/25/99 1:06:31 PM,Ron,I think we should also approve the assumption that for ALL prototypes/demos that the cost of video tape and film +processing is implied.
4/25/99 1:06:35 PM,Jan,I think it is OK for Ron to vote.
4/25/99 1:07:13 PM,Nancy,A second? A second on Clipper's motion on the Garden, for $650 for tiller and planter, deferred labor expenses?
4/25/99 1:07:50 PM,Jan,I second
4/25/99 1:08:42 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to approve the Garden as a prototype to be funded, for $650 plus tax, etc., for tiller and planter, labor costs deferred. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
4/25/99 1:08:43 PM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 1:09:05 PM,Gerard,yes
4/25/99 1:09:22 PM,Jan,Yea
4/25/99 1:09:33 PM,Ron,yes
4/25/99 1:09:37 PM,Clipper,Yes (awaiting Shirleys reply)
4/25/99 1:11:49 PM,Nancy,OK, then the Campground, which could be partially funded for now. The path from the cottage and main house to the woods is along an old cow path, which is overgrown with weeks and even some small trees that need to be cut back. Across a small stone bridge over the spring fed draining to the river, and into the woods. Since Ron wants to film in the woods, before they are spoiled, I suggest just addressing the path clearing for now, getting he weed whacker.
4/25/99 1:12:50 PM,Ron,I agree.
4/25/99 1:13:01 PM,Nancy,Also, fixing the cottage which has a decent bathroom, but had water damage and needs dry wall repair, etc., and some taping and spacking here and there inside. Also the door is for midgets, and has an outside lock that is a joke. I think it needs a new door, and door jam.
4/25/99 1:13:07 PM,Nancy,Some lumber costs, then.
4/25/99 1:14:10 PM,Nancy,My thoughts on the campground is that the visiting member, or class attendees, or whomever, could camp in the woods, come use the cottage as a rest room and place to bathe and shower, etc., and then eat at the big house, family style, etc.
4/25/99 1:14:57 PM,Clipper,We could also build an out house.
4/25/99 1:15:40 PM,Ron,Clipper, that would require all sorts of approvals I'm afraid ...
4/25/99 1:15:46 PM,Nancy,These are pretty cheap accomodations. But for 9 months out of the year, quite pleasant! We'd need to be sure to have mosquito netting, etc. Also, later, when we fund the lumber for platforms, we need to get tents, Army surplus, with mosquito netting, etc.
4/25/99 1:15:48 PM,Jan,Nancy, any cost estimate for the cottage? Can we afford that in addition to the other 3 activities? We also have some old expenses never paid out
4/25/99 1:16:00 PM,Clipper,Just to dig a hole in the ground to poop in?
4/25/99 1:16:03 PM,Nancy,Clipper, we have an outhouse, but dare not use it :-)
4/25/99 1:16:28 PM,Nancy,No no! The cottage is just a short walk! I think it's 1/4 mile at most!
4/25/99 1:16:57 PM,Nancy,And there is a second bathroom in the big house, etc. If it comes to that, we have crowds, etc. we'll get a portapotty!
4/25/99 1:17:04 PM,Ron,Only a 5 minute walk along a path.
4/25/99 1:18:04 PM,Clipper,We rented a porta potty last summer. It was $85 per month.
4/25/99 1:18:33 PM,Nancy,Jan, I think Ron even salvaged some drywall from the cleanup this past week. It's filmed, on the web in the Cleanup Walkabout, etc. I don't think doors are that expensive, $100 maybe, etc. Ron, could you give a cost estimate to put in a new door jam, a new door, and repair the walls in the cottage? Just a swag so that we can vote, with guildelines, not greater than, etc ...
4/25/99 1:18:39 PM,Clipper,
(Shirley) Yes to the garden.
4/25/99 1:19:05 PM,Ron,Small portable ones that could be used inside a tent cost only about $50
4/25/99 1:19:38 PM,Clipper,True. They have the disposable little bags.
4/25/99 1:20:04 PM,Nancy,The Garden project is likewise funded and approved. The motion passes.
4/25/99 1:21:13 PM,Ron,I salvaged two very good doors. Problem would be to remove and replace the door opening ... much larger. I personally do not think the door must be enlarged; only fixed so it has a good lock.
4/25/99 1:22:16 PM,Clipper,Chainsaw will fix that door jam
4/25/99 1:22:25 PM,Ron,The cost for that would be in the neighborhood of $100, while enlarging the doorway would eventually total around $500.
4/25/99 1:22:26 PM,Nancy,OK, Ron, I defer to your judgement. One has to duck, if tall, and a truly fat person would be distressed.
4/25/99 1:23:13 PM,Jan,Nancy, I looked back in the log but did not find it - did you say you wanted to postpone the reimbursements from 1998 so that we could move along with the activities at the site?
4/25/99 1:23:22 PM,Ron,Anyone 6 foot tall will be even more distressed!
4/25/99 1:23:33 PM,Nancy,OK, just the door then, a new door. So, the Campground project, if partially funded, would include weed whacker ($160 + tax) and $100 new door, estimate. Under $300 for now, labor deferred?
4/25/99 1:23:37 PM,Clipper,I think enlarging the door would be no more than an extra $50 or so.
4/25/99 1:23:58 PM,Nancy,Ron means that they'd have to keep their head sideways, as the ceiling is low :-)
4/25/99 1:24:10 PM,Ron,Labor deferred.
4/25/99 1:24:13 PM,Nancy,Chicken coop, in a past life, and chickens are not tall :-)
4/25/99 1:24:33 PM,Clipper,I remember the pics :-)
4/25/99 1:24:56 PM,Nancy,Let's just put a cap on for now, and if Ron finds this so, he can do enlarge the door same time. Maybe Clipper (a professional carpenter) would have some advice.
4/25/99 1:25:21 PM,Nancy,Do we have a motion on partial funding of the Campground? Lord knows the pathway needs clearing!
4/25/99 1:25:24 PM,Clipper,I would be glad to help.
4/25/99 1:25:30 PM,Ron,Clipper, if you come for a few days, with your talents, the door could be enlarged and bathroom fixed in a jiffy.
4/25/99 1:26:00 PM,Nancy,Clipper will fly right down! Just a $1,000 plane ticket, I suspect (gak)
4/25/99 1:26:21 PM,Nancy,Virtual carpentry, over the Internet :-)
4/25/99 1:26:42 PM,Ron,Actually not a bad idea, Nancy.
4/25/99 1:26:57 PM,Clipper,Hehehehe ....... I am actually thinking about it but not until October.
4/25/99 1:27:26 PM,Ron,October would be a great time!!
4/25/99 1:27:47 PM,Clipper,I can't the money until then
4/25/99 1:27:48 PM,Nancy,The Board Meeting has gone on for 2.5 hours, and we'll waiting for a motion on this last project. I think we should stop there, as we're pressing the limit of the $2,000. I want to ask if there are any concerns about NOT funding the video of a pole shift, for TV, the short clip. My thoughts were that the Pricipals on that had not come up with firm plans, or costs, and are not ready for funding for that reason.
4/25/99 1:28:10 PM,Nancy,Clipper, if you come, we'd have a ton of projects ready for you!
4/25/99 1:28:18 PM,Jan,Anyhow, I motion we accept the partial funding for the Campground
4/25/99 1:28:21 PM,Nancy,Step off the plane, get handed a hammer, etc.
4/25/99 1:29:19 PM,Clipper,They probably would not let me bring my own hammer.:-)
4/25/99 1:29:33 PM,Nancy,A second to the motion? For weed whacker ($160+), new door ($100+), capped at $400, labor deferred. Right?
4/25/99 1:29:45 PM,Gerard,Nancy: Maybe ask Michel through email, about the clip?
4/25/99 1:29:49 PM,Clipper,I second
4/25/99 1:29:53 PM,Jan,The video of the PS has never taken off, and I am uncertain whether Geson has the time and interest still (I believe he was very active in the early days, right?)
4/25/99 1:30:35 PM,Ron,I was told two days ago by Michel that Geson was busy with other things.
4/25/99 1:30:43 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to partially fund the Campground project - $160+ for weed whacker, $100_ for new door, capped at $400 without further Board approval. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
4/25/99 1:30:44 PM,Jan,Michel and Geson did not fit well together - could Michel do it on his own?
4/25/99 1:30:46 PM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 1:30:54 PM,Gerard,Michel still has the interrest.. but he didn' get email from Geson about it
4/25/99 1:30:58 PM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 1:31:09 PM,Ron,yes
4/25/99 1:31:19 PM,Gerard,yes
4/25/99 1:31:20 PM,Clipper,Yes (awaiting Shirleys reply)
4/25/99 1:31:34 PM,Jan,Does Michel have the skills and equipment? Or is he reliant upon more professional resources like Geson?
4/25/99 1:32:11 PM,Ron,My opinion, after a long IRC chat with him is no.
4/25/99 1:32:35 PM,Gerard,Jan: I think he has the skills but not the right equipment yet for what I know..
4/25/99 1:32:55 PM,Ron,... no, Michel won't do it on his own.
4/25/99 1:32:55 PM,Nancy,Jan, I agree that Michel and Geson had 180 degree differences on the project. Michel could do it alone, but Geson, in my opinion, was more concise. Geson is a paid professional in the field, and Michel had difficulty getting his story board into 6 minutes. If we were to have a single Principal, I'd say Geson should provide the artword, not meaning to slight Michel, who volunteers wonderful artwork, etc.
4/25/99 1:32:57 PM,Gerard,I talked with him about for a while
4/25/99 1:34:14 PM,Nancy,Geson has the skill and the equipment. He may not be here all the time, but he produced the nonprofit's home page in a jiffy. Java script and all, all graphics, beautiful job!
4/25/99 1:35:00 PM,Nancy,Michel no longer has access to the equipment he used to either, being out of school now, I believe. This may be a problem, though I haven't discussed it with him.
4/25/99 1:35:12 PM,Ron,I suggest Geson be contacted personally and asked if he is available.
4/25/99 1:35:33 PM,Jan,Too bad. Anyhow, I think the current TT projects are more important. I had doubts on both approached, Geson's was too much of a music video I think..
4/25/99 1:35:39 PM,Nancy,I think we should put out a feeler to Geson, as funding is starting to come in. Asking him how much he would require, specific costing, to produce a 6 minute short.
4/25/99 1:35:53 PM,Jan,Nancy, is he on any lists at all?
4/25/99 1:36:26 PM,Clipper,Nothing from Shirley yet
4/25/99 1:36:41 PM,Nancy,Jan, I don't think Geson is on any of the lists, as he travels on contract to his job, coming home only on some weekends, and thus this is a clog for him. He maintains a mirror site, free of charge, for us.
4/25/99 1:37:23 PM,Nancy,OK, assuming the vote from Shirley is comming, lets summarize (though the Board log will do that and be on the web shortly)
4/25/99 1:38:20 PM,Nancy,Ron is Treasurer, and can get a corporate account at the Baraboo bank. I will send him a check for the $1,500, long awaiting a home. Clipper will arrange to wire Ron's new account apx $2,000, depending upon the Gift Pool account requirements.
4/25/99 1:39:09 PM,Jan,Nancy, I though the fisherman site was down?
4/25/99 1:39:24 PM,Nancy,Ron will put into writing what he wants to spent, pre-approved, from the corporate account, in accordance with our Bylaws. Ron should send this to Jan, for review, to avoid conflict of interest perception. Then Ron can purchase in accordance with the Board approval here.
4/25/99 1:39:35 PM,Nancy,Jan, he moved it to site.
4/25/99 1:40:21 PM,Nancy,Ron will pay the outstanding Vouchers, with the exception of the lockbox costs to Brand if no voucher is anywhere in sight.
4/25/99 1:40:45 PM,Nancy,The Seed TEAM hubs will finally get their postage paid (yea!!!!)
4/25/99 1:41:09 PM,Nancy,Does this jibe with what transpired here today?
4/25/99 1:42:05 PM,Nancy,Also, I'll put a link to the Prototypes as projects looking for funding, and update the project pages to indicate which have been funded, in part or in whole, etc.
4/25/99 1:43:18 PM,Nancy,Clipper, where's Shirley on the Campground partial funding approval?
4/25/99 1:43:18 PM,Ron,I will also provide a project schedule for Nancy to put on the web and status it every week.
4/25/99 1:44:06 PM,Nancy,Good show, Ron :-) We can expect After pictures, maybe some more Before pictures. I must say, they make it real! Great to have Ron's many talents applied. This is really happening here!
4/25/99 1:44:29 PM,Clipper,
(Shirley) Yes, to partially funding the camp ground project.
4/25/99 1:44:52 PM,Nancy,The motion passes, Campground partially funded.
4/25/99 1:44:55 PM,Clipper,Thanks.
4/25/99 1:45:00 PM,Nancy,Do we have a motion to adjourn?
4/25/99 1:45:41 PM,Clipper,I make a motion to adjourn
4/25/99 1:45:59 PM,Ron,seconded
4/25/99 1:46:31 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn the meeting, all scheduled business having been concluded. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
4/25/99 1:46:33 PM,Nancy,Yes
4/25/99 1:46:47 PM,Gerard,yes
4/25/99 1:46:47 PM,Ron,yes
4/25/99 1:46:50 PM,Jan,Yes
4/25/99 1:58:26 PM,Clipper,
(Shirley) Yes, to the adjournment.
4/25/99 1:58:39 PM,Nancy,Meeting is adjorned.