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Board Meeting

April 25, 1999

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting for all but two Board Members who were connected via IRC and e-mail. 7 of the 11 Board members were in attendance, more than the quorum required - Clipper, Gerard, Jan, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Vote to Approve New Headquarters
- Wisconsin site, previously approved as a Place of Business, to be the headquarters
- IRS and The Company Corporation, the Delaware agent, to be so informed
2. Approve of New PO Box
- PO Box required in the the Village, with no mail delivery
- Headquarters vote thus implied PO Box approval
- Street Address and PO Box, together, are the official address
- Alaska PO Box to be phased out, Gift Pool collection point remaining
3. Vote to Approve Lockbox Bylaw Change
- Lockbox of Records only required if Headquarters not on US soil
- Bylaws amended per Agenda exhibit suggestion
4. Vote to Approve New Treasurer and Bank
- Resignation of Brand acceptance implicite in appointment of new Treasurer
- Ron approved as new Treasurer, Ron accepted appointment
- Confirmation by Emergency Election, per Bylaws, to follow
- Baraboo National Bank and Trust as new corporate bank approved
5. Vote to Approve Quickbook Bylaw Change
- Conveyance of the accounts by whatever means convenient, not restricted, approved
- Bylaws amended per Agenda exhibit suggestion
6. Report on Gift Pool Additions
- Gift Pool balance of $1,867 now increased to $2,067, per Clipper
- All but minimum balance will be wired to the new corporate bank account, per Bylaws
7. Vote to Approve Prototype Grant Proposal
- Ron recused himself, as the Principal
- Roger's Vote collected via e-mail, later, though approval implied during discussion period
- Placement of Prototype Grant Proposal on the web site, approved
- Self Dealing discussion requested by President and Principal
- Self Dealing debate by the Board to be included in any project funding approvals
8. Vote to Approve Prototype Projects
- Outstanding Balance of Vouchers to be paid confirmed by Jan, the Internal Auditor
- Board Preferences gathered at start of meeting, used as selection basis
- Worm Beds, with Chipper and ceiling of $500 additional dollars, approved
- Self Dealing on Worm Beds is Ron might eat the worms, recusal on vote not required
- Family Garden, with Tiller and Planter approved
- Tiller purchase economical, as purchase price equates to 17 rental days
- Self Dealing on Family Garden is Ron and Nancy might eat the Produce
- Produce will feed guests, class attendees, and volunteers also, in the future
- Campground partially funded, Weed Whacker, minor Cottage Wall and Door repair approved
- Self Dealing on Campground is offset by wear and tear of premises, to Nancy as owner
- Jan as Internal Auditor to approve all prepaid expense requests from Ron, for oversight
- Compensation for labor deferred for future discussion, Ron in agreement
- Reimbursement of incorporation costs deferred at present, Nancy's request
- Funding the TV Video deferred pending communications from Michel and Geson, the principals