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Board Meeting

April 26, 1998

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, and was called to order and proceded according to the published agenda. There were no Whiteboard contents during the meeting. 7 of the 11 Board members were in attendance, more than a quorum - Clipper, Diane, Gerard, Jan, Nancy, Pat, Shirley. All votes were unanimous, 50% or more of the active board required by the Bylaws.
1. Vote to approve Video Grant Proposal:
- one of the two principals was in attendance - Mitchel
- evidence of past pole shifts and dates will be included, per IRS comments
- discussion on $3,000 estimate concluded that this was a reasonable amount.
- MTV should be removed from the title, as unclear and misleading
- inclusion of this Video Grant Proposal on the web list was approved
2. Vote to approve Seed Distribution Grant Proposal:
- the Seed Distribution proposal was approved as worded
- the $100 current in the Gift Pool and unassigned was designated for 1998 expenses
3. Report on IRS 1023 Reply:
- nature of the IRS request for Information was summarized by the President
- content of the Response was summarized by the President
- President reported on her conference with an Attorney re form 1023 process
4. Vote to accept $1,500 Gift for Legal Consultations:
- noted that this is a limited contract, toward completing the 1023 process only
- approval vote was qualified by requirement to reimburse start-up gifts later
5. Vote to compensate Start-up Costs:
- will be covered from future designated monies, upon Board approval
- will only compensate start-up costs, during time when other monies not available
- motion to create an Admin & Ops Grant Request overlooked, forwarded to next meeting
6. Report by Treasurer re Balance & Vouchers:
- some confusion due to a hard drive crash
- Treasurer reported Vouchers paid, noting last received from President lost
- balance of $555 from $1,500 Admin gifts sent to Gift Pool
7. Vote to Accept Resignation of Treasurer:
- not necessary, per the Bylaws, but accepted as a formality
- Treasurer was absent due to line problems, but resignation noted earlier
8. Discussion on New Treasurer:
- 2 of 3 candidate Board Members declined, third absent and not accepting
- decision to table issue until next Board Meeting
9. Discussion on Board Meeting Preparation Procedure:
- Secretary will notify Board Members of specifics such as channel and password
- All other information is static, but will be posted as a reminder