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Internal Auditors Report

TT Inc Board of Directors,

The role of the Troubled Times Inc. Internal Auditor is to verify:

1, That expenditures are in accordance with the Non-Profit Mission
   statement, namely Article 2: Purpose, Section 2: Objectives;
2, That said expenditures are in accordance with the Board of Director's
   decisions and guidelines;
3, That the books are kept in a professional manner.

During the full Fiscal Year 2001, I have received quarterly copies of all
relevant information from our Treasurer, Nancy Lieder. All materials
received are retained and stored on my remote site.

Materials inspected for 2001 consists of:

- Bank Statements from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001;
- QuickBooks Reports for 2001;
- List of contributions for 2001;
- Receipts and Purchase Orders for all expenses during 2001;
- IRS Non-Profit Review documentation (Form 8734 w/ attachments)
- Letter to IRS explaining that the Inc. will not be filing Form 990 for FY

Troubled Times Inc. Internal Auditor's Statement for 2001.
I have audited the accounts of TT Inc for the time period January 1 to
December 31 2001.

Revenues and expenditures were examined to the extent deemed necessary. Fund
balances, bank balances and investments were verified and found to be
accurate for the period indicated.

The expenditures were verified and found to be in line with the Non-Profit
Organization Mission & Objectives, and in accordance with the Board of
Directors' decisions and guidelines.

I believe that the financial statements present fairly the financial
position and results of operation of the Troubled Times Inc. for the period
indicated above.

Jan Rypdal
Internal Auditor