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Board Meeting

April 28, 2002

(Board Meeting Log, 28 April, 2002.

(Brent) Well, now that we are all here....I call the meeting to order.
(Brent) Item 1: minutes of the last meeting. Comments or questions?
(Gerard) No comments from me
(Roger) No comments here.
(Stan) None here
(Brent) The minutes are ratified as correct.
(Brent) Item 2 Treasurers report. This includes the 1Q balance statement, and internal Auditors report. Comments?
(Roger) None here
(Gerard) No comments from me
(Stan) None from me either
(Brent) OK, all is in order with the reports. moving on to item 3: Sun Server Donation
(Brent) Unfortunately, Jurian is not here to comment. Gerard, Do you possable have any info on the donated server and it's status?
(Gerard) Jurian ain't here but I will name a few things
(Gerard) The guy who send it got it back, and will send it to Jurian's new addy
(Gerard) I will quote some of the messages here
(Gerard) Sirgrim: "Yea I got it back a couple days ago, dunno where it ended up but just got Jurian's new addy yesterday, so it will be on the way if I can get some cash to send it."
(Gerard) Well Jurian left the country today to ... but it's now to that place or so?
(Gerard) Sirgrim: "Yea i believe that's the addy he gave me"
Brent) Gerard, is the doner asking for the money to send it now?
(Brent) Gerard?
(Gerard) Not that I know off, but I will ask him okay?
(Brent) OK, thanks
(Brent) Gerard, will this take some time? I hate to wait till next meeting to get the server sent again.
(Gerard) I asked him right now, waiting for the answers
(Brent) OH! Great....we'll wait to see if he responds....
(Gerard) I didn't get a response from him yet
(Roger) I move we table this to be picked up later if Sirgrim responds.
(Gerard) Roger: agreed
(Roger) Brent, is that a second?
(Brent) Agreed
(Brent) Yes, we don't need a vote.... continueing to item 4 Booklet Production
(Brent) Roger, any word from the printers?
(Roger) Yes, the samples arrived Thursday.
(Brent) Great! How do they look?
(Roger) They look good, except that page 47 is mis-aligned.
(Brent) How badly! Still readable?
(Roger) I couldn't tell the difference between the two comb bound books they sent.
(Roger) Presumably one of them is my original, and it concerns me that page 47 is crooked in both.
(Roger) I would have thought that the sample booklet wouldn't have this error if it was made from the pdf file.
(Brent) Interesting. But is the booklet acceptable over all? Mabe they can correct the misallignment before printing the full batch.
(Roger) They also sent a "hard" bound sample. It is not as impressive and would not be repairable if the binding failed.
(Brent) Hard bound would be more expensive also...
(Roger) I will certainly discuss the mis-alignment with them before we order a full batch.
(Roger) Their quote is $325 plus shipping. Kinko's quote is $559.09 plus shipping. The shipping costs will be about the same for both.
(Roger) There is a significant concern on their promptness of delivery (or lack thereof).
(Brent) Yes, and this is reflected in the cheaper price. I've been in the printing business many years, and this is common with lower bids.
(Roger) They assured me the sample would only take a day or two which translated to about a week turnaround. It took nearly three weeks. This may be because of a difficulty in scheduling the samples at the tailend of another order.
(Stan) Roger: is it possible to nail them down on a date for delivery
(Roger) On the other hand, Wendy reported that they were very slow in printing her book.
(Roger) No, I don't think it will be possible. They may agree to a date, but I foresee them falling behind and not being able to deliver on time.
(Roger) I called them three times before I received these samples. The last time I told them we needed the samples by last Friday so we could make a decision at this meeting.
(Roger) The only made it here in time because they sent them Express mail.
(Brent) Roger: is the quality of printing satisfactory?
(Roger) They want our business (duh), and they are the lowest bid. Their quality is comparable to Mary's.
(Roger) Unfortunately we have current orders for booklets, and Mary cannot fill them as the copier is non-functional.
(Brent) Didn't we approve the repair of the copier last meeting?
(Roger) I propose that we place orders with both SP&G and Kinko's. This will give us a stock of 200 booklets on hand. Kinko's will deliver in a week (guaranteed) and then we can afford to wait for SP&G.
(Brent) Roger: we don't have the money for that.
(Brent) The original proposal was for
(Roger) Mary doesn't want to have it repaired as she is in the process of winding down and moving to join her husband.
(Brent) Repairing the copier, and having a backup of 100 booklets in reserve to take the load off the little copier.
(Roger) Well, she is willing to continue making them, but that won't be for long. My suggestion is that we spend the repair allocation on an additional order of booklets. When the stock is near to 100, we can afford to place subsequent orders with SP&G and wait a month or more for them to deliver.
(Roger) The copier has died and the repair bill is now $250.
(Gerard) That's pretty expensive I would think
(Roger) Of course, we could just use SP&G and wait. This means delaying delivery of the current order requests.
(Brent) True Roger, and Shirley agrees, forget the repair of the copier. The the allocation of repair will not cover an order from Kinko's.
(Brent) What about a half order from Kinko's?
(Stan) I think just using SP&G and hoping they come up with soon is the best option. People will just have to wait
(Roger) I am currently holding a check for $300 for printing. I need roughly $270 more to place the order with Kinko's and cover shipping costs.
(Roger) SP&G requires 50% deposit when the order is placed with the balance due on delivery.
(Roger) It is my opinion that SP&G may be the way to go, but only if we have stock on hand to cover current orders while we are waiting.
(Brent) I see where you're comming from Roger..... Good idea. Combine the monies, and place the current order with Kinko's, and later a slow order with SP&G.
(Roger) Exactly
(Brent) We will need a motion for a vote.....
(Stan) Sounds like a good plan to me
(Roger) I move we allocate an additional $270 to place an order for 100 copies of the booklet with Kinko's.
(Brent) No Roger, we need a motion to combine the monies from printing, and copier repair.
(Brent) Plus 20 dollars.
(Roger) I amend my previous motion to state that we reallocate the copier repair funds to be combined with the printing funds and an additional $20 for shipping be allocated. I further move that SP&G be recognized for their excellent quality samples and that they be considered for additional non-emergency orders.
(Brent) Roger, could you add that we will place the current quick order with Kinko's?
(Roger) Additionally, the motion shall be that the current order will be placed with Kinko's as we have current orders and no stock on hand.
(Brent) Shirley Seconds the motion.....
(Roger) Whew!
(Brent) Vote yes to approve, No to reject....
(Roger) yes
(Stan) yes
(Brent) Brent: yes Shirley Yes
(Gerard) yes
(Brent) Motion carries..... Printing approved with Kinko's, with followup by SP&G for future orders to be discussed.
(Brent) Whew! :-)
(Brent) Item 5: Shortwave radio Report........
(Roger) Btw, do I have the support of the board to draft and sign the letter (on letterhead) as verification of non-profit status (to satisfy Kinko's request)? If so what title shall I use?
(Brent) Yes Roger, and you can just use Board member of TT Inc.
(Roger) Oh, I hadn't thought of that! :)
(Brent) If you have a problem, just let us know, but a board members letter should be OK.
(Roger) They didn't request it to be signed by an officer, so I think that will be fine.
(Brent) OK, Item 5: Shortwave Radio Report. Comments?
(Brent) Shirley says: the best news is (more)
(Brent) with the acceptional high winds we have had, the antenna is still standing! :)
(Gerard) That's good to hear
(Brent) Also, Solar flairs have been reaking havoc with the radio bands lately.
(Brent) Comments?
(Gerard) Not from me
(Roger) None here
(Stan) None here
(Brent) OK, Item 6 800 Number Status.
(Brent) Shirley: the 800 number is in place (more)
(Brent) And as far as I am aware, there have been no meaningful calls, but the hardware installation went OK.
(Brent) Shirley: I gave the nonprofit phone to Cass for use with the 800 number.
(Brent) Questions?
(Roger) What about the person that called with a $700 bill? Has she been recontacted or called us again?
(Stan) No question from me
(Brent) Shirley: Nancy has indicated that it isn't our bill, and there must be a mixup at the phone company. Shirley has no more information.
(Brent) Any more questions or comments?
(Brent) Hello? Test.
(Gerard) No questions or comments from me
(Stan) No
(Roger) No further questions (or comments)
(Brent) OK, then if there is no more discussion, or objection, the meeting is now adjourned.