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Board Meeting

Aug 14, 2005

Session Start: Sat Feb 19 17:59 2005
(Roger) I hereby call this August 2005 Board Meeting to order!
(Roger) The first item of business is the minutes from the last meeting. Any discussion or comments?
(Nancy) None here.
(Gerard) No comments
(Roger) Then let the minutes stand as approved.
(Roger) Before we start the next item, I have a last minute addition to the agenda.
(Roger) Jan sent an email a few weeks back asking what we wish for him to do with the receipt copies he is holding from the time of his service as Internal Auditor?
(Nancy) What are the options?
(Roger) Well, they are photocopies of receipts we already have on file so...
(Roger) We could dispose of them, or ask him to continue to archive them.
(Nancy) Since he no longer is a member of the nonprofit, resigned and all, does not seem right to ask him to hold them.
(Roger) True
(Gerard) Yes
(Nancy) And what would be the point?
(Roger) Exactly
(Roger) I would entertain a motion to direct him to destroy his copies.
(Nancy) Of course, I have the records here, these are only copies, and to ship them back would take bucks.
(Nancy) I MOVE we direct Jan to destroy the copies he has.
(Roger) Gerard, do you second the motion?
(Gerard) I second the motion
(Nancy) Seems no vote is necessary, it is already a majority of the quorum.
(Roger) I have a motion and a second to direct Jan to destroy his copies of receipts from the time he served as Internal Auditor.
(Roger) Just as a formality, please indicate your approval with a Yes vote.
(Nancy) Yes
(Gerard) Yes
(Roger) I cast Mary's proxy as a Yes.
(Roger) Motion carries unaminously.
(Roger) Okay, on to the regular agenda...
(Roger) Project reviews: The CD and Booklet project has suddenly jumped up after nearly a month of no orders.
(Nancy) I was on C2C and mentioned all that, what a bargain it was and all.
(Gerard) Good to hear that, Roger
(Roger) I shipped 35 packages yesterday and have 12 more that just came in!
(Roger) (12 more orders, that is)
(Nancy) I wonder how long that will last. But we have good inventory, right?
(Roger) Yea, the inventory is holding well. Of course, I had to purchase more shipping envelopes, but that is to be expected and easily covered by the funds I have here for postage, etc.
(Nancy) This was the uptick we kind of expected, hoped for. It's good.
(Roger) And the usage of Paypal shipping for US domestic orders has been very helpful in reducing my workload and the drain on the postage fund.
(Roger) Moving along...the Acreage/Seed and Shortwave Radio Projects are still on hold, no updates there.
(Roger) The Server Report is bleak, once again.
(Gerard) Did you found someone yet to do the installation and so?
(Roger) I temporarily lost contact with the UNIX guy I mentioned before. I hope to see him again once school starts up and he comes out earlier in the evening. I failed to get his phone number before I lost touch with him.
(Roger) I also need to rearrange my network a little to accomodate the big case in a location that can have a hard wire connection. I use both wired and wireless connections depending on where in my house I have a pc.
(Roger) Let me review, once again, what our plans are for this server...
(Roger) We talked about a mail server for members (directors only or all Inc. members?).
(Nancy) That mail server does not seem like a needed item.
(Roger) We talked about an ftp site for short video clips and the CD's (including the expanded CD set Mike is working on).
(Gerard) I remember us talking about using it as some file server, right?
(Gerard) ah, i see
(Nancy) As a file server, it would have a use in the future, especially if all this interest keeps up!
(Nancy) At present, mailing CD's and Booklets seems to be meeting the needs.
(Nancy) But the future will get more active, I know in my heart.
(Roger) I think that is the main usage and my premium DSL service should handle it. If the bandwidth becomes too great, I will revisit the option of cable modem instead of or in addition to DSL.
(Nancy) Sounds good.
(Roger) Also, it can be used as another offsite backup for the websites of Zetatalk and Troubled Times.
(Gerard) And if the files are large, they could presented in torrent format, for what i know that takes less bandwith. But we can talk later on about that, once the server is in place
(Nancy) That's true. Right now we have 3 sites, so are set for the present.
(Roger) The zipfiles can be uploaded by Nancy directly and then downloaded anytime they are needed.
(Nancy) But Slovenia has the big files, and if I had to pay for that, it would cost, so the server would be great as a large file repository.
(Gerard) sounds like a good idea
(Roger) For what I remember, it should be an easy system to upgrade with additional disk space as needed.
(Roger) Okay, so I am excited again and will try to get busy with it between now and the next meeting.
(Roger) Well, that is all I have for now. Is there any other business?
(Nancy) None here.
(Gerard) None here
(Roger) Well then I guess we can adjourn, do I have a motion?
(Nancy) I MOVE we adjourn.
(Gerard) I second the motion
(Roger) I have a motion and a second to adjourn. This meeting is adjourned! Thanks for coming, everyone.
Session Close: Sat Feb 19 18:38 2005