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Board Meeting

August 15, 1999

Board members have been polled, and Clipper, Shirley, Gerard, Jan, Roger, Ron, and Nancy have stated they can attend an August 15, 1999 Board Meeting.
1. Prototype Accomplishments - Report by Ron
Progress has been made on several prototypes at the headquarters site, which were partially funded in early summer. Ron will present digitized photos of the progress in his report to the Board.
2. Skipped Board Meetings - Report by the President
July Board Meeting was skipped due to lack of business to attend to. September will present problems due to relocation from California to Wisconsin by the President during that month.
3. Gift for Seed Purchase - Vote to Accept or NOT
An additional $100 designated for the purchase of seed was received in the Gift Pool. All gifts with conditions attached must be accepted by the Board.
4. E-Mail Vote on TV Clip - Report by President
During July, Geson reported his out-of-pocket expenses to develop the TV Clip on pole shifts past and present, pointing to the Troubled Times and ZetaTalk sites. The $250 authorized by the Board was $280 short, as Geson's total costs came to $530. An E-Mail Vote by the Board authorized the additional $280.
5. TV Clip Content/Format - Final Approval Vote or NOT
Geson was authorized to distribute via snail mail a copy of the video to those Board Members who could not download some 16 MB of a vido clip over the Internet successfully. Only individuals in Europe were able to complete the download - Jan, Gerard, and Michel. Pending final approval of the content and format by the Board, a cover letter will be composed and an approach to TV stations approved.