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Board Meeting

August 15, 1999

8/15/99 11:06:25 AM,Nancy,The meeting is one shy of a quorum, with at least two additional members expected shortly, so I'm going to call the meeting to order to enter procedural matters into the log.
8/15/99 11:06:34 AM,Nancy,I've posted an Agenda on the Whiteboard.
8/15/99 11:06:54 AM,Roger,I've got Shirley by email!
8/15/99 11:07:01 AM,Nancy,The first item is to credit Ron with his fantastic progress on the prototypes, funded this summer.
8/15/99 11:07:59 AM,Nancy,I will be updating the web site with some 32 photos he's taken of the Bermed Hut foundation, clearned of trees, the path to the Campground, also clearned, the Radio transmitter now shipped and installed and an Antenna up in a tall tree :-)
8/15/99 11:08:10 AM,Gerard,I saw the pictures. It looked good Ron
8/15/99 11:08:49 AM,Jan,Agree. The TT site (and your future home, Nancy) has gotten a head start due to Ron's on-site work. I have not had the chance to check all photos this time, though (just came in the door)
8/15/99 11:08:58 AM,Ron,Thanks, I got a lot of the cleanup done yesterday, lots of shredding.
8/15/99 11:09:03 AM,Roger,Awesome corn!
8/15/99 11:09:03 AM,Nancy,The Family Garden with 15 foot tall meal corn, beans, squash, the Seed gathering going on, and the shredding for the Worm Culture. Good show, Ron!
8/15/99 11:09:17 AM,Roger,Progress
8/15/99 11:10:00 AM,Ron,Thanks. Needed to get done as I have to find work this month.
8/15/99 11:10:33 AM,Jan,Ron, will you stay and find work in Wisconsin, or will you move?
8/15/99 11:10:34 AM,Gerard,Michel just joined IRC
8/15/99 11:10:38 AM,Nancy,Second item on the Agenda is to mention for the general public why July was skipped, no meeting, and September will also be skipped. We had no business to discuss in July, and expect business to be light in September (unless a large grant is received). I will be moving in September, and my household is already in chaos.
8/15/99 11:10:47 AM,Ron,I'll find work here.
8/15/99 11:11:28 AM,Nancy,Hello Michel! Gerard, can you keep him updated? I've asked Roger to communicate with Shirley, via e-mail, as Clipper is late.
8/15/99 11:12:06 AM,Gerard,Yes I will keep him updated
8/15/99 11:12:10 AM,Ron,Jan, did you find the report on the books helpful?
8/15/99 11:12:29 AM,Gerard,Roger has to restart... but he will be back ..
8/15/99 11:12:34 AM,Nancy,We have a quorum. That said, lets move onto Agenda item 3, accepted a conditional gift for Seed. We have an additional $100 for seed purchases, and according to our Bylaws the Board must accept each such gift. Accordingly, we need a motion to accept, and a vote.
8/15/99 11:12:59 AM,Jan,Ron, yes and no. The format is not good, the resolution is too low. I have sent an e-mail about this 15 minutes ago.
8/15/99 11:13:57 AM,Jan,I motion we accept the restricted gift for Seed, USD 100
8/15/99 11:14:25 AM,Nancy,Ron, I think the format is good for an exhibit attached to the Board Meeting, however. It can be made out. I'm going to use your Balance Sheet GIF.
8/15/99 11:14:42 AM,Nancy,Do we have a second to the motion?
8/15/99 11:15:11 AM,Gerard,I second
8/15/99 11:15:26 AM,Gerard,Roger left again
8/15/99 11:15:42 AM,Ron,Ok, will try to make it clearer. Problem is the large file size when I make it clear as possible. Let me know the format problems.
8/15/99 11:16:11 AM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to accept the second gift of $100 designated for seed purchases. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
8/15/99 11:16:12 AM,Nancy,Yes
8/15/99 11:16:29 AM,Jan,Nancy and Ron (re the Balance and Transaction Detail sheets): The resolution is too low, it is extremely difficult to read on screen or printed. I would prefer a spreadsheet or document format instead.
8/15/99 11:17:00 AM,Nancy,In Roger's absense, and while we're waiting for the vote to come in, I'll mention what Roger and Toni (our two active hubs) have decided to purchase.
8/15/99 11:17:06 AM,Jan,Yes
8/15/99 11:17:33 AM,Gerard,yes
8/15/99 11:17:36 AM,Ron,yes
8/15/99 11:18:15 AM,Nancy,Seed for chard, onions, cabbage, scallions, garlic, and herbs. Grains: rye, barley, hull-less oats, millet, spelt, and kamut. Spinach and radish.
8/15/99 11:18:57 AM,Nancy,Herbs to include feverfew, enchinacea, St. john's wort, valerian, mints, and lemon balm.
8/15/99 11:19:00 AM,Ron,Jan, what you request is much too difficult. I would rather the board vote to purchase quickbooks for you.
8/15/99 11:19:48 AM,Nancy,Also sugar beets and peanuts. I think that's all, but they are still deciding.
8/15/99 11:20:12 AM,Gerard,

(Michel) yes
8/15/99 11:20:24 AM,Ron,I would like to see as much medicinal herbs and common cooking herbs added as well. We also need plenty of soy bean seed.
8/15/99 11:20:24 AM,Roger,Hold on for a moment while I cut and paste what I missed to Shirley...
8/15/99 11:21:17 AM,Nancy,The Quickbooks issue has come up before. Do we have the funds in the accounts? I think we need to reserve outstanding balance for lumber and supplies for Clipper's carpentry on the cottage, and also to copy and mail out Geson's film clip.
8/15/99 11:21:54 AM,Ron,I think we have the funds to purchase Quickbooks.
8/15/99 11:22:05 AM,Nancy,If we get a vote from Roger or Shirley, then the motion passes.
8/15/99 11:22:49 AM,Ron,Jan, is your computer a PC or MAC?
8/15/99 11:23:12 AM,Nancy,I'm sorry to be unprepared, as you sent the Balance Sheet, Ron, but don't have it handy. What is our balance today (assuming the $200 for seed disbursed, and the $150 for cottage supplies kept in hand)
8/15/99 11:23:45 AM,Jan,I think the current USD 881.38 (if I read the sum correctly) should cover Quickbooks, Seed and Geson. (Who knows, maybe even a new donation turns up?)
8/15/99 11:24:00 AM,Ron,Checking account balance is $752.92
8/15/99 11:24:20 AM,Jan,I have PCs running Windows98 and NT, no Mac.
8/15/99 11:24:30 AM,Ron,Jan, good.
8/15/99 11:24:30 AM,Nancy,While we're waiting for the vote to complete, I'll read into the log the results of an e-mail vote conducted during the month of July. Geson's expenses were more than we were aware of, so an additional $280 was allocated to the TV film clip project, to cover expenses Geson had already incurred.
8/15/99 11:25:22 AM,Ron,I move that we pay Geson an additional $280 to help cover his costs.
8/15/99 11:25:59 AM,Nancy,OK, $752 - $200 for seed - $150 for cottage carpentry = $400. I would agree that the funds are there for Quickbooks. Our Bylaws allow this, for the Internal Auditor and Treasurer to be so supplied, I believe. Just the same, a Board vote would be in order on this. Does someone want to make a motion?
8/15/99 11:26:35 AM,Nancy,I thought Quickbooks was $100 USD or so, right?
8/15/99 11:27:28 AM,Nancy,Ron, we did that $280 via e-mail during July, a done deed already. Have we paid Geson from the $752? I was assuming yes.
8/15/99 11:27:57 AM,Ron,That's correct. It's not the latest version but the one I have.
8/15/99 11:28:37 AM,Roger,My vote on accepting the grant is Yes - still waiting for a response from Shirley.
8/15/99 11:28:39 AM,Jan,I'm checking the Quickbooks site now. Be right back after this...
8/15/99 11:28:57 AM,Nancy,Altogether Geson gets $530, as I recall. Have those funds been sent to him yet? (I appologize, as you send complete details to me, but I don't have them printed and handy, too much going on with moving and all!)
8/15/99 11:29:40 AM,Nancy,The motion to accept the $100 for seed purchase passes. Early, in June, we voted to allow Roger and Toni decision making on just what seeds to purchase.
8/15/99 11:29:54 AM,Ron,I have sent Geson the $250 authorized at the last board meeting. We never authorized sending the rest as I recall.
8/15/99 11:30:47 AM,Roger,Shirley voted yes.
8/15/99 11:30:53 AM,Jan,Quickbooks 99 is USD 119.95, Quicken (if that is good enough) is USD 69.95. According to the Transaction Detail, Geson has received the first USD 250, but not the additional USD 280.
8/15/99 11:31:08 AM,Nancy,Ron, I'm sorry, somehow that message got lost (I'm in a whirl here). If we need to subtract the additional $280 from the $752, then it is only $120 left. However, I think we should move ahead and purchase Quickbooks for Jan, yes.
8/15/99 11:31:39 AM,Nancy,Boy, remaining is $120, and the cost will be $119.95. God is our accountant, I swear!
8/15/99 11:31:50 AM,Jan,We did authorize the USD 280 via e-mail vote, but no formal Board meeting. I hope you can get the check going soon, Ron.
8/15/99 11:31:55 AM,Ron,Jan, I have Quickbooks 5.0 and that is what we need to get for you as the file formats are different.
8/15/99 11:32:24 AM,Roger,Are Ron and Jan posting? I'm not seeing their posts, if so.
8/15/99 11:32:50 AM,Nancy,Yes, it should be Quickbooks. Let's not pinch a penny and not be able to sync up as well. This is only $40 or so.
8/15/99 11:32:51 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) Quickbooks information on cost is on
8/15/99 11:32:58 AM,Ron,If the $280 is authorized and entered into the minutes I'll get a check off tomorrow.
8/15/99 11:33:07 AM,Nancy,Do we have a motion on the Quickbooks purchase?
8/15/99 11:34:07 AM,Jan,Ron, unless Quickbooks is a very special kind of software, it should have a possibility to accept previous formats as input. I doubt Quickbooks 5.0 can be purchased, it is at least not on the Quickbooks site.
8/15/99 11:34:14 AM,Nancy,I mentioned, reading into the log earlier, that the $280 was authorized via e-mail vote. I'm going to make this an exhibit link off the Agenda on the web (which I'm late getting up there, appoligizes again). It's firmly in hand.
8/15/99 11:34:52 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) yes I motion that
8/15/99 11:35:20 AM,Nancy,While we're finalizing the Quickbooks issue, and collecting a vote on that (eventually), I'll broach the last Agenda item, which is Geson's film clip.
8/15/99 11:36:46 AM,Nancy,Geson sent out a copy via snail mail to all the Board Members, or at least we authorized the expense for that. I received mine, and was very, very impressed. I'd like to open the floor to discussion, however, as this was to be our final review. Did everyone receive their copy? Comments? My husband felt the music to jazzy for the subject, but Geson has his reasons, and he's the artist.
8/15/99 11:37:06 AM,Nancy,Do we have a second on the Quickbooks purchase?
8/15/99 11:37:09 AM,Jan,I just found Quickbooks 5.0 for USD 99.95, DOS based. Should we go for the Windows-based QB 99 or 5.0?
8/15/99 11:37:20 AM,Roger,I have not received a copy, neither has Shirley.
8/15/99 11:37:40 AM,Ron,I see that Quickbooks 5 is no longer on the site so we'll have to go for '99. I need Quickbooks Pro which is 215 which I will pay myself if 5.0 and 99 have a problem interfacing.
8/15/99 11:37:55 AM,Roger,I second the Quiickbooks purchase motion.
8/15/99 11:37:58 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) I did not get a copy because I have seen the clip via a download already
8/15/99 11:38:17 AM,Ron,Jan, lets to for 99
8/15/99 11:38:45 AM,Ron,I never received the tape (Geson's)
8/15/99 11:38:49 AM,Gerard,I didn't either
8/15/99 11:38:56 AM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded that the purchase of a copy of Quickbooks for our Internal Auditor be made. Apx $100-$120. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
8/15/99 11:38:57 AM,Nancy,Yes.
8/15/99 11:39:06 AM,Jan,I second the motion that we purchase a copy of QB 99, USD 199.95, for Internal Auditor Use
8/15/99 11:39:19 AM,Ron,yes
8/15/99 11:39:26 AM,Jan,Yes
8/15/99 11:39:57 AM,Gerard,yes
8/15/99 11:39:57 AM,Nancy,Geson send me a CD-ROM, which was a MAC/PC hybrid and could run on either machine, or had files to do so, anyway. Geard, did you get to review his online web version? Ron, were you able to do so?
8/15/99 11:40:26 AM,Gerard,I saw the online version and it looked good to me ... he did a good job I think
8/15/99 11:40:30 AM,Ron,I was not.
8/15/99 11:41:06 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) I think that the clip should have a scene where for some seconds (4-7) it is stated that the current weather extremities are signs heralding the approach of the 12th planet.
8/15/99 11:41:31 AM,Nancy,Ron, I can mail you my copy, the CD-ROM. Clipper said he liked it too, was impressed, as I recall. Gerard, do you recall the discussions via e-mail on this matter?
8/15/99 11:41:53 AM,Jan,I have also only seen the online version. I hope he will do a VCR tape and not only a CD.
8/15/99 11:42:47 AM,Ron,I would rather do an email vote on accepting the video pending actual viewing.
8/15/99 11:43:10 AM,Nancy,Jan, what did you think of it? I'm noting Michel's comment, and would like to say that NO version will please everyone, for sure. I think weather extremes are alluded to with the crop shortage issue, which he includes. My thoughts.
8/15/99 11:43:40 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) It does say this but it goes by too fast. Next to that the clip is ready for TV. I would like to see the weather extremities more pressed.
8/15/99 11:44:20 AM,Ron,I think this video is very important being our first public face to the masses and we shouldn't rush it.
8/15/99 11:46:22 AM,Nancy,My thoughts are that this video needs to get in the hands of the TV stations, who will shortly be addressing the weather, tidal waves, increasing quakes, and talk about when these things have happened in the past. We can always issue a changed clip, modify the one out there. Also, there is the issue of artistic license, as the artist has dozens of matters creatively included, and too many cooks can spoil a broth, as they say. Michel do you want to make a motion, and put this to a vote?
8/15/99 11:47:11 AM,Nancy,Ron, I agree you should not be asked to vote on something you've not yet seen.
8/15/99 11:47:58 AM,Jan,The video clip is not intended as an informational program. There are things I would like to change, but then it would lose its value. The video clip is in the same class as recent IBM videos I have seen which probably cost a fortune to produce. I like it, and do not think we should request any change. However, we do need follow-up videos with more detailed information.
8/15/99 11:48:06 AM,Ron,Thanks, because I would have to vote NO otherwise.
8/15/99 11:48:22 AM,Nancy,Can we take a poll of who did, and did not, get a chance to view it? I think we should take steps to get this into the hands of Board Members not yet having a chance to view it, and do an e-mail vote on final acceptance, yes.
8/15/99 11:48:43 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) I agree with Ron, though I understand the statement made by Nancy, that statement does not stand against the fact that the clip needs more than it currently has. That is fact, not that I need it to please me!!! That is ridiculous to assume I say this or that must be changed or added just because it would please me. The clip needs to be more clear and press the facts harder than it does now!
8/15/99 11:49:36 AM,Gerard,Roger has problems I think, he left again
8/15/99 11:49:48 AM,Nancy,Indeed, Jan and Michel, the storyboard that Michel produced is EXCELLENT, and needs to be developed. Ron and Michel have had some discussions on doing a 2 hour video, including historical explanations and key survival steps. These subjects go hand in hand, I think.
8/15/99 11:50:25 AM,Ron,I have to agree somewhat with Michel. If there are perceived problems they need to be discussed at least and a true consensus reached.
8/15/99 11:51:51 AM,Nancy,OK, we have 2 isues under discussion, a poll of who has and has not had a chance to view the clip, and Michel's issue of the clip being incomplete or not stressing the weather enough. If not everyone has viewed it, then we need to table any vote on these matters until that has been done.
8/15/99 11:52:04 AM,Jan,I disagree with Michel on this. This video clip is a teaser, a getting started with ZetaTalk. Next one is a longer, more informational one hoepfully based on Michel's storyboard. Even this will have to be kept short to get the audience's attention.
8/15/99 11:52:24 AM,Nancy,Lets attempt to get a copy of the clip into the hands of those who have not seen it, and hold a September meeting on these issues, the final vote, etc.
8/15/99 11:53:13 AM,Nancy,I also want to firm up how we proceed in approaching TV stations, the cover letter, whether we mass mail or do we selectively mail after a phone contact (my preference is the latter).
8/15/99 11:53:27 AM,Ron,I move that we table the video clip vote until everyone has seen it.
8/15/99 11:53:32 AM,Ron,I have not seen it.
8/15/99 11:54:01 AM,Nancy,On the Quickbooks vote, I only have Nancy, Jan, Ron, and Gerard approving. Do we have a vote from Michel, Roger, or Shirley? 4 of 6 in hand.
8/15/99 11:54:08 AM,Ron,I agree with the phone contact approach.
8/15/99 11:55:06 AM,Ron,Or a targeted letter approach may even be better.
8/15/99 11:55:41 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) Jan has the assumption that being factual and pressing matters more clearly doesn't go hand in hand with being a teaser. A teaser actually gives information to such an extend that it's an advertisement for the product it advertises, in this case the Troubled Times and ZetaTalk site. We need to see it all before we can discuss it, then we need to avoid rushing it.
8/15/99 11:55:55 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) Quickbooks issue I vote yes for
8/15/99 11:57:26 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) Nancy, I think too that we need to be selective in our approach. Phone TV-stations, see if they are interested, and then send them the video if they are.
8/15/99 11:58:00 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) phone and letter can both be equally valueable, both should be tried if the other fails (phone contact may fail because TV-stations are too busy to give answer)
8/15/99 11:58:34 AM,Gerard,Roger just returned
8/15/99 11:58:37 AM,Nancy,OK, I've reviewed the log and conclude that Nancy has seen the CD-ROM, Gerard, Michel, and Jan have viewed the online version at least, Clipper I recall received it and was enthused. Ron has not seen it (I'll send him my CD) and Shirley received it I think but can't view it, can only get her husband's response. Not sure about Roger. I need to confirm that Shirley got something. Ron, if I mail you the CD, you can view it, copy it to your PC, and forward it to Roger if necessary.
8/15/99 11:58:38 AM,Gerard,he had problems
8/15/99 11:58:44 AM,Ron,I think the issue of how we approach distribution to TV stations can be best addressed by discussions on the list.
8/15/99 11:59:06 AM,Gerard,
(Michel) a letter may arrive, but because some TV-stations get a lot of letters the fact will be probably that they will not respond, a phone call gives response
8/15/99 11:59:16 AM,Jan,Michel et al, what I am saying is that the factual, detailed approach (as full-featured Discovery programs) is different from a teaser, trailer etc. I like the documentaries myself, but I am already hooked. For getting somebody's interest in a new matter, you can easily bore them off by getting too detailed and too lengthy. This video clip is to get the attention, not to educate people!
8/15/99 11:59:50 AM,Ron,"Ron, if I mail you the CD, you can view it, copy it to your PC, and forward it to Roger if necessary." - Yes.
8/15/99 12:01:20 PM,Nancy,Ron, I agree that more discussion on the distribution is needed, and tt-inc is a good place for this. I think we need someone to call a few stations and find out their incoming setup. What do they prefer? Also, if Geson can produce a CD-ROM, for cheap, then mass mailing to selective stations may be the way to go. Remember, if we ask if they want it, the general knee-jerk will be no, but if they receive it, they will view it out of curiosity. We need to send these to the right individuals though, else they will go in the trash!
8/15/99 12:02:09 PM,Nancy,Roger, I need a vote from either you or Shirley to authorize $120 for a Quickbooks copy for Jan. We have the funds, and this is needed between Ron and he, and the Bylaws approves of this sort of thing.
8/15/99 12:02:25 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) Jan, you have obviously never seen a teaser that was also clear in what it was about.. The clip that Geson made needs more clarity of the facts that it already presents.
8/15/99 12:02:43 PM,Roger,Both Shirley and I vote yes! Whew! What a mess. I've rebooted three times now!
8/15/99 12:02:47 PM,Nancy,Roger, also, from you and Shirley, I need to know if you got a CD or video from Geson, and whether you have viewed it or she listened and her husband viewed it, and what you thought!
8/15/99 12:03:04 PM,Ron,This teaser discussion needs to move to the lists
8/15/99 12:03:18 PM,Roger,Neither Shirley or I have received a copy of the video from Geson.
8/15/99 12:03:49 PM,Nancy,I sympathize! The June meeting my PC siezed up, had to reboot, was so slow that I rebuilt my entire system to get rid of data compression (part of the problem). Love my PC now!
8/15/99 12:03:56 PM,Ron,I think Shirley already said she did not receive it.
8/15/99 12:04:35 PM,Jan,I don't believe in the CD approach. A small video clip on a PC is not as good as a VCR tape.
8/15/99 12:04:56 PM,Ron,I agree with Jan.
8/15/99 12:05:07 PM,Roger,My PC shouldn't be the problem. Probably Netmeeting. Trying to cut and paste too fast and having to catch up, etc. It's Netmeeting that I keep loosing.
8/15/99 12:05:13 PM,Nancy,Ron, I agree on moving the discussion to the lists. Note Jan and I feel one can't put everything into a short clip. Michel feels strongly. Many have not viewed it yet. We're certainly not ready for a vote. Also, discussion on approach to TV stations needs some research on how they handle incoming.
8/15/99 12:05:21 PM,Roger,I reboot fast :-)
8/15/99 12:05:32 PM,Nancy,Do we have a volunteer to call TV stations and find out their incoming mode?
8/15/99 12:06:10 PM,Ron,My plate is full.
8/15/99 12:06:54 PM,Nancy,Jan, I think I recall that being a true statement. Needs to be video. We don't have an data on what it costs to mass produce a video, either, and need this for any kind of a final decision on how to proceed. A single reproduction is $30 here in Silicon Valley, but if one is doing 100, perhaps not much more in cost! I just don't know.
8/15/99 12:07:49 PM,Jan,As to TV station incoming mode; If you just call and say you have a video you want to get on the air, who do you think they will let you talk to? I think the mail approach may be the better one, including the video. If somebody takes the time to see it, it might get through the screening process.
8/15/99 12:07:54 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) What does incoming mode mean?
8/15/99 12:07:57 PM,Nancy,OK, I'm mailing Ron my CD today, and Ron, after you load the MegaBytes onto your PC, you forward this to Roger. Shirley has concluded, as I recall, that she can't really be a judge in this matter, being blind.
8/15/99 12:09:19 PM,Roger,Shirley just sent a message reflecting that she won't vote on the video.
8/15/99 12:09:28 PM,Ron,I believe, in the US the FCC requires so many minutes of free public service air time each month. This could work to our advantage.
8/15/99 12:10:00 PM,Nancy,Michel, the TV stations probably get a lot of folks wanting to free advertise on their stations. They probably hang up right away. So how do we package this so it gets in their library? Incoming as junk (no no!). Incoming as library material (yes yes!). So what buzz words do they use, what do we CALL our stuff so they take note, etc.
8/15/99 12:10:33 PM,Ron,When contacting TV stations, I think the person to approach is the programming manager.
8/15/99 12:10:59 PM,Roger,
No, I did not even receive the clip. But my husband's opinion would be no help. I would have to have sound.
8/15/99 12:11:27 PM,Ron,Again, I think this discussion needs to move to the lists.
8/15/99 12:11:29 PM,Nancy,Jan, I also think the mailing approach best, but the mail needs to go to the right individual. I'll call CNN, for starters, and a local station here. I volunteer to explore these two TV stations.
8/15/99 12:12:13 PM,Nancy,Ron, really! Good point! However, there's probably a lot of competition for those minutes!
8/15/99 12:12:24 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) It's a teaser of a non-profit organisation wishing to spread the word on the pole shift and attrackting people to their site(s).
8/15/99 12:12:57 PM,Nancy,Did I mention that the vote to approve Quickbooks 99 for Jan, for $120 apx, passes? If not, it's been mentioned.
8/15/99 12:13:32 PM,Nancy,Ron, yes, Programming Manager, or some alert and receptive assistant, etc.
8/15/99 12:13:41 PM,Ron,Jan, do you want me to purchase and mail to you, or can you order it yourself?
8/15/99 12:14:04 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) It costs a lot of money, I mean BIG BUCKS, to advertise the clip that Geson made on stations like CNN. The best thing is to start via local TV-stations.... not national or international.. they will become interested more if the local TV-stations already broadcasted the clip several times...
8/15/99 12:14:54 PM,Roger,As I (and therefore Shirley) cannot see most of this discussion, I'd like to make a motion that it be tabled and continued on the list.
8/15/99 12:15:43 PM,Nancy,Michel, yes, that's us! But a TV station is probably deluged with such requests. There are many, many nonprofits, and they all think themselves the MOST important, etc. I think a phone call to establish interest, or at least a good reception, followed by a letter and video. I know from contacting publishers that targeting the right person is MOST important, else they file 13 it (waste basket).
8/15/99 12:15:49 PM,Ron,I agree with Michel, but it doesn't hurt to try. Organizations like CNN are very careful about what they broadcast and are not required to include public benifit minutes as are broadcast stations.
8/15/99 12:17:25 PM,Nancy,Both Ron and Roger have moved that the issue of the TV clip (all aspects requiring a vote including approving and determining how to proceed in contacting TV stations) be tabled pending further discussion on the tt-inc list, and viewing by members not yet seeing it. I consider a double motion to be a motion and second. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
8/15/99 12:17:26 PM,Nancy,Yes
8/15/99 12:17:45 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) Ron, that is o so true... do try, but local is our best options right now.
8/15/99 12:17:57 PM,Ron,I think we need to be very careful how much we spend on this, as we well may get NO takers.
8/15/99 12:17:58 PM,Gerard,yes
8/15/99 12:18:22 PM,Jan,I just replayed Geson's clip. It is intriguing enough and not too provocative so that even CNN may take it on. It does mention sudden climate changes, but goes on to the rest of the previous PS evidence.
8/15/99 12:18:28 PM,Roger,Yes
8/15/99 12:18:43 PM,Nancy,Michel, agree that paying for advertisements is out of the question. However, we're offering CNN a free clip as a filler, their choice if they want to show it, and when and where. CNN's Ted Turner is a rebel of sorts, bought a bunch of land in Montana and gave it over to the buffalo, basically.
8/15/99 12:18:47 PM,Ron,yes
8/15/99 12:19:22 PM,Jan,Ron, had I been able to purchase it directly we would not have had to vote on the Quickbooks issue. The Quickbooks site only accepts US or Canada orders.
8/15/99 12:19:59 PM,Jan,Yes
8/15/99 12:20:08 PM,Ron,Ok, I'll pick up a copy this week and mail.
8/15/99 12:20:40 PM,Nancy,Jan, I agree we have a winner. I'm going to call CNN and check it out, also a local station. Basis of comparison, etc.
8/15/99 12:22:15 PM,Nancy,We're pending a vote from Michel or Shirley on tabling the clip issues until further discussion and viewing, etc. Then the motion passes.
8/15/99 12:23:40 PM,Roger,
I agree, this should probably be moved to the list. I vote yes.
8/15/99 12:23:48 PM,Ron,Where do we stand on the agenda?
8/15/99 12:24:01 PM,Roger,That was Shirley's vote: yes
8/15/99 12:25:15 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) yes
8/15/99 12:25:26 PM,Nancy,Action items from todays meeting are
1. Roger and Toni can order seed, and Ron will compensate up to $200 for same;
2. Ron is ordering Quickbooks for Jan, and will mail this to him;
3. Nancy will mail her CD clip to Ron, who will copy and mail to Roger;
4. discussion on finalizing the clip, and approach to TV stations will ensue on the tt-inc list;
5. Nancy will call CNN and a local station to check out the incoming mode.
8/15/99 12:25:28 PM,Gerard,Michel voted yes
8/15/99 12:25:44 PM,Nancy,The motion to table the TV clip items passes.
8/15/99 12:26:17 PM,Nancy,This concludes today's business! If nothing else needs discussion, we can conclude.
8/15/99 12:27:34 PM,Nancy,Do we have futher business, or a motion to adjourn?
8/15/99 12:31:08 PM,Roger,I'm still open for discussion about herbs, etc. for the seed order. Any thoughts?
8/15/99 12:32:57 PM,Nancy,Roger, you may have been off rebooting, but I listed all the herbs and vegie and grain seeds that you and Toni mentioned in your e-mail. No one had any comment. It's pretty thorough!
8/15/99 12:33:45 PM,Ron,Was the treasurer's report accepted?
8/15/99 12:33:52 PM,Nancy,It seems there is no further business. Are we ready to consider a motion to adjourn?
8/15/99 12:34:17 PM,Roger,I wonder about all the grains Toni has mentioned. Should we get that many? I was thinking of large quantities of seed and we may run short if we try to get too many different varieties.
8/15/99 12:34:20 PM,Ron,I have no further issues.
8/15/99 12:34:37 PM,Gerard,
(Miichel) Roger, I am currently in communication with people from israel who wish to have herb seeds too.. whatever is available actually.
8/15/99 12:34:37 PM,Nancy,Ron, the quarterly report is not due until September. As we will be having a meeting then, on the TC clip, we can do that in Sept.
8/15/99 12:34:59 PM,Ron,ok
8/15/99 12:35:09 PM,Nancy,Rog, the Board in June left that in your and Toni's hands. You two decide.
8/15/99 12:35:33 PM,Nancy,Michel, so exciting that this bond has been made!
8/15/99 12:35:45 PM,Jan,Ron, I saw no report, only the Balance and Detail statements. Looks good (what I can make out of it). Aside from the format problem, I would appreciate a real report, summarizing the activity, having the statements as posted being attachments to that report.
8/15/99 12:36:30 PM,Nancy,Well, the mail's cooperating, we may have that all in place by the September meeting! I'd like to aim for late September, as I'll be on the road and totally disrupted earlier.
8/15/99 12:36:49 PM,Ron,Jan, for the moment I will send a hard copy report when I mail the Quickbooks.
8/15/99 12:37:00 PM,Nancy,So have we wound down? Are we ready for a motion to adjourn?
8/15/99 12:37:31 PM,Jan,Ron, that's good. By the way, did you see my e-mail that I won't make it to NF this month after all?
8/15/99 12:37:33 PM,Roger,I move we adjourn the meeting.
8/15/99 12:37:40 PM,Jan,I motion we adjourn the meeting
8/15/99 12:37:58 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) I second the motion to adjourn
8/15/99 12:38:01 PM,Ron,Jan, no ... too bad.
8/15/99 12:38:03 PM,Nancy,A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
8/15/99 12:38:04 PM,Nancy,Yes
8/15/99 12:38:08 PM,Ron,yes
8/15/99 12:38:20 PM,Gerard,yes
8/15/99 12:38:24 PM,Jan,Yes
8/15/99 12:38:38 PM,Roger,Yes, and from Shirley: yes
8/15/99 12:38:53 PM,Gerard,
(Michel) yes
8/15/99 12:39:57 PM,Nancy,Jan, too bad! But maybe there will be another time soon. We're getting a visit from Clipper and wife, a David and Karen who are planning to move to Wisco and attending the SAE conference in Madison, I think, and my Japanese translator for 3 month, or so he says. And I haven't even cleaned the tub yet, nor am I THERE yet! Busy times.
8/15/99 12:39:59 PM,Ron,Jan, I will also include a floppy with the auditor's copy of the books so you can load into quickbooks right then.
8/15/99 12:40:45 PM,Nancy,The motion to adjourn passes. The meeting is adjourned until a late September (or early October) meeting.