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Board Meeting

August 15, 1999

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting for all Board Members attending. More than a quorum attended - Gerard, Jan, Mitchel, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Report on Prototype Progress
- The Bermed Hut foundation has been cleared of trees
- The Campground path has also been cleared, firewood from these trees
- The Short Wave radio transmitter has been shipped, and antenna erected
- The Worm Beds are established, and shredding mulch for fodder in process
- The Family Garden has corn, beans, squash, and fruit trees bearing
- Seed Saving is in process, collecting from the garden and fruit trees
2. Report on Skipped Board Meetings
- July was skipped due to lack of business to attend to
- September may be skipped due to relocation of the President to Wisconsin
3. Vote on Seed Purchase Gift
- $100 gift was accepted with conditions
- Roger and Toni, the active hubs have selected vegetables, herbs, and grains
- Roger is in the process of making a purchase with this $100 and the prior gift
4. Report on E-Mail Vote for TV Clip
- Additional $280 to cover costs incurred by Geson was approved, via e-mail vote
- Vote via e-mail, as the only July business, and not requiring discussion
5. Vote on TV Clip Content/Format
- Vote tabled pending further review of clip, not seen by many Board Members yet
- CD-ROM will be mailed around to members not yet viewing the clip
- Michel feels the clip needs weather change emphasis, Jan and Nancy feel it is OK
- Discussion on content/format and approach to TV stations to occur on tt-inc list
- Selective and targeted mailing, after verification of reception, the likely mode
- A September Board Meeting likely on this issue
6. Vote on Quickbooks for Internal Auditor
- Resolution on GIF copies of Quickbook output from Treasurer not adequate
- Bylaws in support of electronic syncing between Auditor and Treasurer
- Board authorized purchase of Quickbooks '99 for Jan, $120 approximately
- Adequate funds in the Corporate Account, per Balance Sheet