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Current Bylaws
Article 4: Officers

Section 14: Backup to the Secretary

A backup to the Secretary of Troubled Times, Inc. will be established such that the original records of Troubled Times, Inc. are retained in a Lockbox within the continental United States, with a complete copy of such records in the hands of each officer. The Secretary will select, and the board approve, an elected board member who is not an officer* to secure such Lockbox, and both the Secretary and this board member will have access to the Lockbox. Should the Secretary be unable to perform his duties, an emergency board meeting will be called with an interim Secretary appointed by the board and a special election called after 30 days when it is clear that the absence of the Secretary will continue for more than 30 days. Lacking an appointed interim Secretary, the President will be authorized to sign as the Secretary in his stead, but will not be authorized to have access to the original records.

*Text to be Removed