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Board Meeting

Aug 16, 1998

1. Approve Board Members to Fiscal Controls Committee - Vote or NOT
This was a carryover from the last Board Meeting, where Suggested Solutions were discussed. The Committee appointed would serve at the pleasure of the Board, and would report back to the Board in specified period of time, for example in 3 months, on ways and means to prevent embezzlement or misappropriation or confusion due to poor accounting practices.
2. Revisit Article 4, Section 14, re Lockbox - Vote or NOT
Our current Bylaws state that the lockbox keeper must be a Board Member, not an Officer. Since Brand has been elected Treasurer, we have two choices - to have another Board Member keep the lockbox, or make the Bylaws less specific. Since there is no conflict otherwise with the Treasurer being a record holder for the Secretary, this being a passive clerical act, we could make the Bylaws less specific. Here are the Current Bylaws, and the Suggested Change.
3. Approve Storyboard for Video Clip of Pole Shift - Vote or NOT
During the April Board Meeting a Video Clip of Pole Shift grant proposal was accepted and placed on the web in the list of projects looking for funding. Michel has drafted a Storyboard, and is seeking approval from the Board to amend the proposal.