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Video Clip of Pole Shift

Proposal: Video Clip of Pole Shift

Description: Production of 6 minute long video, including historical evidence as maps and voice over and still shots, computer animation of a pole shift, potentially film of actual volcano eruptions and tidal waves, and a simple animated check list of safety measures and steps to take.

Purpose: To dramatize what a pole shift would mean in terms of crustal shifts, tidal waves, and melting poles. The dramatization is to create a clear focus for the public as to what safety measures are effective and called for when a pole shift is pending. The dramatization is to include key indicators that the Earth has had pole shifts in her past, on approximately 3,600 year cycles, such as:

The video clips would be distributed to TV stations for them to have on hand as shorts to use while reporting on continuing weather irregularities, heating oceans, magnetic diffusion, volcanic activity, and crop shortages.

Principals: Geson, a professional web designer, and Mitchel, a student of graphic and computer arts.

Cost: Time spent by the principals is gratis, volunteer, not paid time. Estimated $3,000 to cover rental of equipment to: