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Board Meeting

August 16, 1998

"8/16/98 11:08:27 AM","Nancy","Would the meeting please come to order. We don't have a quorum but Michel is here and wants Board guidance on his Sotryboard."
"8/16/98 11:09:11 AM","Nancy","The Storyboard has been available to the Board on Michel's personal web site for a week now, and I placed it as an exhibit to this meeting last night, on the corporation's web site."
"8/16/98 11:09:30 AM","Nancy","Has everyone had a chance to look it over, and any question or commentc? I open the floor to discussion."
"8/16/98 11:09:35 AM","Clipper","I don't think she is connected. No response."
"8/16/98 11:10:17 AM","Clipper","Yes, I read it"
"8/16/98 11:10:26 AM","Nancy","My first impression was quite positive, but my first thought was also that ""this will never fit into 6 minutes!"" the proposal states 6 minutes."
"8/16/98 11:10:41 AM","Clipper","Same thoughts I had"
"8/16/98 11:10:56 AM","Clipper","But he has put a lot of work into it."
"8/16/98 11:11:03 AM","Nancy","The Storyboard as written is an hour long documentary, very nice in that regard, but if we're aiming at 6 minutes for TV slots, then we need to trim like crazy."
"8/16/98 11:11:53 AM","Clipper","I say we let him finish the script, and them take bits and peices out for the video."
"8/16/98 11:12:00 AM","Jan","I have read the proposal for the Video Clip as posted on the TT site. I think the overall setup is good, covers (most of?) the important areas. May become more than 6 minutes, but with strict editing, it could be a very good 6 minutes clip. "
"8/16/98 11:12:06 AM","Gerard","Well i think that he wants to use the best parts.. Michel correct me if i am wrong"
"8/16/98 11:12:25 AM","Gerard","(Michel) Did you all read the email I had send to the inc. this week stating that it's done on purpose, the best will be used for the basis for the six minute video"
"8/16/98 11:12:46 AM","Nancy","I've placed the Storyboard on the Whiteboard, pages 5-8, in case anyone forgets and wants to refresh their memory."
"8/16/98 11:13:06 AM","Jan","Lika all movies the initial footage is always longer than the final result. The editing is very often the make or break."
"8/16/98 11:13:13 AM","Nancy","We need, I think, to state for Michel what are the most important parts, so he can trim if it's more than, (and I'm sure it is) 6 minutes."
"8/16/98 11:13:15 AM","Gerard","(Michel) I haven't come to that point yet, obviously. I will trimm down like crazy and will focus on evidence, the scenarios and final words."
"8/16/98 11:14:05 AM","Nancy","Clip, he'll work on animation for the clip, and we should have him start with the MOST IMPORTANT, else he's work for nothing, no?"
"8/16/98 11:14:19 AM","Clipper","If it does turn into an hour long documentary, maybe we can use it in it's full length later."
"8/16/98 11:14:22 AM","Jan","I think it will be incorrect to trim down now. Unless cost and labor will be prohibitive, make a 10 - 15 minute video clip and cut it down to 6 minutes."
"8/16/98 11:15:02 AM","Clipper","I agree with Jan."
"8/16/98 11:15:31 AM","Clipper","Something will be missed by putting the cart before the horse so to speek"
"8/16/98 11:15:42 AM","Gerard","Did you all read the email I had send to the inc. this week stating that it's done on purpose, the best will be used for the basis for the six minute video. I haven't come to that point yet, obviously. I will trimm down like crazy and will focus on evidence, the scenarios and final words. My plan also was to make an documentary about a year later if possible."
"8/16/98 11:15:44 AM","Nancy","For instance, my opinion, I'd skip the explanation for comets, how the universe is structured, and how many accepts facts even before science proves it, and leap right into evidence of prior pole shifts."
"8/16/98 11:16:17 AM","Jan","Unless somebody (Nancy?) should be interviewed on the video, the comments should be added last."
"8/16/98 11:16:33 AM","Nancy","Clip, agree totally! The entire Storyboard is perfect for a long documentary, but I'd still skip the into as I mentioned, too off the subject."
"8/16/98 11:17:12 AM","Nancy","Michel, I didn't read the e-mail, but I understand what you're saying. You did that on purpose - total, to trim down, etc."
"8/16/98 11:17:40 AM","Clipper","Yes, but thinking in a laymens terms, most have no idea what an asteroid is. It may leave a void as to where it all comes from."
"8/16/98 11:17:43 AM","Gerard","""will focus on evidence, the scenarios and final words"""
"8/16/98 11:17:56 AM","Gerard","(Michel) ""will focus on evidence, the scenarios and final words"""
"8/16/98 11:18:15 AM","Jan","I agree with Nancy, the Universe part may be too much off-topic. However, it will need an introduction. Maybe4 focus on the current weather situation, floods, earthquakes and the recent tsunami at Papua New Guinea (if I got the spelling rite...)"
"8/16/98 11:19:10 AM","Nancy","I really connected in the Evidence of Prior Pole Shifts section. That's what really gets people to pay attention. 1. we've had them, and recently, 2. we had the last 3,600 years ago, 3. we're about to have one NOW!"
"8/16/98 11:19:33 AM","Clipper","If Michel makes the whole thing as he is, then cut's it down, it should be great."
"8/16/98 11:19:34 AM","Jan","The potential problem with a weather situation introduction is that it may soon prove outdated as more extreme weather situations arise"
"8/16/98 11:20:04 AM","Nancy","Clip, the layman should be seeing, perhaps, an animation of a pole shift while past post shift explanations are being given verbally."
"8/16/98 11:20:38 AM","Nancy","For instance, when the Ice Ages part is explained, verbally, the animation can show the earth turning so the Ice Age parts are at the North Pole!"
"8/16/98 11:21:01 AM","Nancy","Then, when the Greenland Ice part is explained, verbally, the animation turns so that Greenland is at the North Pole."
"8/16/98 11:21:05 AM","Clipper","Then I think the first question that will come up is ""How does it all happen?"" and they change the channel."
"8/16/98 11:21:14 AM","Gerard","(Michel) the intro isn't important, I guess that from 'ideas'-'final words' would do nicely. I will make a true storyboard this coming weeks, this means pictures in sequence. "
"8/16/98 11:22:13 AM","Nancy","Likewise with the Frozen Mastodons, one could see them munching grass, then the sky turns red, and we back away to see the earth with that part, the Siberian meadows, moving toward the Polar Circle."
"8/16/98 11:22:38 AM","Clipper","If he used the ice ages part first, it should have plenty of sound as to catch their attention."
"8/16/98 11:23:33 AM","Jan","I have another concern - Geson. He has not been around at all on the Borad meetings, and it look to me as the Swedish translation has stopped with the first few introductory pages. Nancy and Michel, do you have contact with him? Will he have time to participate in the work??"
"8/16/98 11:23:46 AM","Gerard","(Michel) that way you all will get the picture/idea of what to expect. Sorry to tell you this but the narrative is not as important in this case as the animations and still and sound effects."
"8/16/98 11:23:47 AM","Clipper","I think I read some place, that if you don't catch the audiences attention in the first four seconds, you lose them."
"8/16/98 11:23:56 AM","Nancy","Jan, the intro of current situations would be good if they get severe enough that folks are really scared and looking for explanations, but today they are being told Global Warming, Sun Spots, etc., and would stop listening if we lead with that, I think. We've had prior pole shifts would at least make them curious, for about 60 seconds, my thoughts, so grab them good during that first 60 seconds."
"8/16/98 11:24:55 AM","Gerard","(Michel) I will focus on expressing the cataclysms in short but extreme and fast sequences, the pole shift can be shown within 30 seconds this way."
"8/16/98 11:25:11 AM","Nancy","Jan, Geson is updating the web site regularly, I checked on that only last month. So he lives :-). I know he is on the road, his job, etc."
"8/16/98 11:25:31 AM","Nancy","Michel is leading this effort at present, the video, and he doens't lack for talent."
"8/16/98 11:25:33 AM","Jan","Clipper and Nancy, I think you are both right. However, the 4 second channel hopper may not be our target? 30-60 second to catch the attention will be good."
"8/16/98 11:26:23 AM","Clipper","I guess we won't catch everyones attention. But all are our targets."
"8/16/98 11:26:23 AM","Gerard","(Michel) the scenario of the aftertime, could be done in 3 minutes, the last 30 secs for final words."
"8/16/98 11:26:29 AM","Nancy","Clipper, I agree that they could switch the channel FAST unless interested, and so I think the evidence of past pole shift should be outlined rapidly, in 15-20 seconds, seriously!"
"8/16/98 11:26:47 AM","Clipper","Shirley is here"
"8/16/98 11:26:54 AM","Gerard","Yes, she is her"
"8/16/98 11:27:39 AM","Nancy","Most people wonder why there have been wandering poles, Ice Ages, and now the weird weather. If you start to give them an explanation that makes sense, they will listen."
"8/16/98 11:27:57 AM","Jan","OK, back on track. If the video is initially 10 - 15 minutes, Michel could send copies to the Board members, and we could discuss the content and the cutting in a Board Meeting."
"8/16/98 11:28:06 AM","Gerard","(Michel) the 4 second channel hopper isn't the audience here. It's people that are watching the news and get to see this video. It must be informative as hell, explain the basics and focus a great deal on the fact that there is evidence showing pole shifts have happened before"
"8/16/98 11:28:11 AM","Nancy","Have you got her, Clipper? Great!"
"8/16/98 11:28:24 AM","Clipper","Working on it.."
"8/16/98 11:28:41 AM","Jan","Say Hi to Shirley for me (us) please!"
"8/16/98 11:29:08 AM","Nancy","For instance, if you say ""we've had pole shifts before, termed Ice Ages and wandering poles, and show animation, the earth moving so different parts are under the North Pole, ... you've got them!"
"8/16/98 11:29:18 AM","Gerard","(Michel) right Nancy, evidence of prior pole shifts next to explaining the strange weather IS hwat people need to hear."
"8/16/98 11:29:32 AM","Jan","Nancy & Gerard; agree!"
"8/16/98 11:29:55 AM","Gerard","Jan i copy what Michel is saying :)) "
"8/16/98 11:30:08 AM","Clipper","I got her!!"
"8/16/98 11:30:32 AM","Nancy","The Jewish Exodus is also something recent, with the slaves getting away from their watchful master, and the Red Sea crossing - why! You could spend a full minute explaning and animating the relationships to a pole shift - 7 years of plagues, earthquake, red dust, volcanic gloom afterwards."
"8/16/98 11:31:32 AM","Nancy","I think before you do the Jewish Exodus, you'd need to have the 12th Planet zoom through the solar system, and the Earth slowing rotation, then turning as it passes, so they understand the REASON."
"8/16/98 11:31:41 AM","Jan","Somethink like ""Ever wondered why they have found xxxxx at yyyyy? Or why the climate is becoming so erratic? Have you ever visited zzzzz and seen the old shoreline at 750 feet? etc."""
"8/16/98 11:32:41 AM","Nancy","Order of events would be 1. we've had past (quick Ice Ages, Mastodons, Greenland, wandering poles), 2. 12th Planet, a.k.a Planet X passage, 3. Jewish Exodus as recent view of what happens, 4. we're approaching another one and here are the signs."
"8/16/98 11:33:00 AM","Clipper","Shilely says to start of with the evidence of pole shift first"
"8/16/98 11:33:19 AM","Gerard","(Michel) I want to be sure now what will I can use. I will give you all pieces and I want to know if you agree on use or not."
"8/16/98 11:33:54 AM","Jan","Currently the draft does not include anything on UFOs and aliens. Will that take the attention away from the PS if it is included, or should our friends be mentioned??"
"8/16/98 11:33:54 AM","Gerard","(Michel) I've printed the storyboard out and I will write on the paper what I can use for the 6 min videoclip"
"8/16/98 11:35:01 AM","Nancy","Michel, I'm going over your Storyboard on another computer, alongside, and think you should include TIDAL WAVE evidence too, as this is really impressive. Whales on the mountain tops, 600 ft. up, and folk legends of these huge waves, like the Flood, which is world wide."
"8/16/98 11:35:17 AM","Gerard","(Michel) no, nothing about ufos and aliens, people will come to the site and will go to ZetaTalk to where linked
(Michel) they will find out eventually"
"8/16/98 11:35:52 AM","Nancy","Could animate the Flood, which is supposed to have been about 11,000 year ago, by showing ice over the South Pole (was over the ocean so no land under) dropping upon the passage and creating a displacement wave moving south to north, which matches all the legends!"
"8/16/98 11:36:24 AM","Nancy","Jan, no UFO or alien, we want to be taken seriously on just the geo evidence, which is THERE!"
"8/16/98 11:36:26 AM","Nancy","My thoughs."
"8/16/98 11:37:06 AM","Clipper","Shirley agrees with Nancy on the alien thing"
"8/16/98 11:37:13 AM","Clipper","So do I"
"8/16/98 11:37:30 AM","Nancy","There can be no doubt that the Jewish Exodus happened, and the Flood is a worldwide legend, and in Chinese history too, tales of the passage."
"8/16/98 11:38:01 AM","Gerard","(Michel) the flood I already wanted in it nomatter what because so many people are familiar with it."
"8/16/98 11:38:12 AM","Jan","I agree on no UFO or alien. Not because it is not relevant, but because of the resistance to the idea and the perceived lack of seriousness."
"8/16/98 11:38:20 AM","Nancy","Another great legend, proof, that Velikovsky located, was that the earth stops rotating. Plato mentions this, and the long day in Egypt and long night in Central America, link up!"
"8/16/98 11:39:03 AM","Nancy","Legends, briefly jumping through them with an animated 5-10 second shot per legend, would be a great way of keeping those eyes glued to the TV, my thoughts."
"8/16/98 11:39:08 AM","Clipper","I like that"
"8/16/98 11:39:18 AM","Gerard","(Michel) I am logging this, after the meeting I will read it through and adapt the sequence and content of the storyboard as it is, making a newer version. Nancy, when done I will forward it to you and the inc."
"8/16/98 11:39:23 AM","Jan","I also agree that tsunamis must be included. Btw, as far as I can see, it will be more north-west in direction this time."
"8/16/98 11:40:15 AM","Nancy","The last part, the What Will Happen part, with tidal waves, earthquakes, even firestorms, this is important. High winds, etc."
"8/16/98 11:40:52 AM","Nancy","And the emphasis should be, LOUD AND CLEAR, that you can survive if you take steps. Animate by showing people ducking into a low place, and pulling a metal roof over their heads."
"8/16/98 11:40:53 AM","Clipper","That would be important"
"8/16/98 11:41:12 AM","Nancy","Then say Troubled Times web site can help! Then the credits all around, etc."
"8/16/98 11:41:58 AM","Clipper","I think the web address should be shown through most of the video."
"8/16/98 11:42:24 AM","Nancy","Jan, will be north-west for YOU, depends on the part of the globe, right? And with sloshing, could be coming from any direction."
"8/16/98 11:42:50 AM","Nancy","East Coast of the US is told, don't be complacent when the water leaves, its coming back in a fury!"
"8/16/98 11:42:59 AM","Gerard","(Michel) Nancy, I can not animate people liek that. I can do it by making stills. Look, do not expect this video to become fantastically beuatifull and technically high standard, it won't. It will be good to see, but not that much animation."
"8/16/98 11:43:55 AM","Clipper","I think Michel is underestimating his talents"
"8/16/98 11:44:09 AM","Nancy","Clip, good thought! But before we get the video finalized, we need to have TT web site (not this corporation, but they should have their own URL too), an independent URL from ZetaTalk. It's just money, and server locations, etc. Each domain needs its own account, $35/month, or whatever."
"8/16/98 11:44:44 AM","Jan","Nancy, north-west for Scandinavia as far as I have been able to locate the pivotal point on the small ZT maps. This will of course vary for each place on the globe."
"8/16/98 11:45:08 AM","Nancy","Michel, parts that can't be animated well, we'll film. Just start with the stuff you can do well, and don't bite the whole thing off an choke, to start."
"8/16/98 11:45:26 AM","Gerard","(Michel) the address all way through the video is an option that's the best"
"8/16/98 11:46:02 AM","Nancy","OK, does Michel think he has enough feedback from all at this time? We have one other Board item that we can discuss, lacking a quorum can't vote on changing the Bylaws this session, nor appointing a Committee either."
"8/16/98 11:46:03 AM","Clipper","Shirley does not agree the address should be all the way through video"
"8/16/98 11:46:22 AM","Nancy","We could discuss the Committee and who might be on it, etc., and what the outcome might be."
"8/16/98 11:47:25 AM","Nancy","Well, if the Troubled Times web site is mentioned repeatedly, this is easy to remember and can be located by Search Engine if need be."
"8/16/98 11:47:43 AM","Nancy","Usually credits are shown at the end, and at the start briefly."
"8/16/98 11:47:44 AM","Clipper","Good idea"
"8/16/98 11:48:05 AM","Jan","Nancy, didn't enough Board members sign up in advance, or have we lost some that said they would participate?"
"8/16/98 11:48:23 AM","Gerard","(Michel) it's enough to do the final phase before the actual storyboard will be made. You can get on with your other business =)"
"8/16/98 11:49:02 AM","Jan","Michel, thank you for good work so far. I look forward to the video!"
"8/16/98 11:49:15 AM","Clipper","So do I!"
"8/16/98 11:49:18 AM","Nancy","How many times have you watched a show, a documentary, and they flash the credits at the end, say ""for more info"" or ""to buy"" or whatever, and you get 30 seconds to either memorize or write down the info - GONE! This has happened to me. I try to memorize the phone number and frantically look for paper, and lose it."
"8/16/98 11:49:47 AM","Nancy","Michel should come back again, more than once, we don't mind this mind of discussion (fun, actually)."
"8/16/98 11:49:58 AM","Nancy","Jan, let me check .."
"8/16/98 11:50:00 AM","Clipper","My thoughts also on the credits"
"8/16/98 11:51:03 AM","Gerard","(Michel) thank you all for you faith in me. I'll be going now. If you want to add something then you know my email. Bye."
"8/16/98 11:51:08 AM","Jan","We can get back to the web-address issue later, as this can be edited in after the video is finished. I do think however that it should not be overdone, maybe the last 1 - 2 minutes max. Let's see when the video is beginning to take shape physically."
"8/16/98 11:51:18 AM","Nancy","Pat said she would attend, but is not here. Lyn said she'd have to check her schedule, but I know she could have attended. We need a day-before polling, or maybe even phone calling! I should do this as our meetings start to get serious."
"8/16/98 11:51:41 AM","Clipper","Shirley asked if there was a way to make sure the URL is with sound. So folks like her can ""hear"" it."
"8/16/98 11:51:43 AM","Nancy","I did this ahead of that special meeting, before we got our nonprofit status from the IRS, phoned folks. I think it made a differece."
"8/16/98 11:52:18 AM","Gerard","(Michel) am I free to leave now?"
"8/16/98 11:52:35 AM","Nancy","So, there are more folks thinking we should give them a chance to dig for paper and pen, and write something down, a line at the bottom present throughout. No vote yet, but majority leaning in that direction."
"8/16/98 11:53:20 AM","Nancy","Shirley, it could be ""mentioned"" at the start, and again at the end. "
"8/16/98 11:53:44 AM","Nancy","Michel, I'm done with all my comments, and thanks for all your hard work!"
"8/16/98 11:53:54 AM","Clipper","Shirley... ""Sounds good to me"""
"8/16/98 11:53:57 AM","Gerard","(Michel) the url and troubled times and that it can be found by typing it into any search engine will be mentioned by voice too yes, this is a must."
"8/16/98 11:54:29 AM","Nancy","Michel, send me an updated Storyboard, and we'll attach it to the Proposal, stating it is a draft and undergoing change, approval, etc."
"8/16/98 11:54:30 AM","Jan","Nancy, if they use Internet at all, they know that most adresses start with ""www"" and end with ""com"". Remembering TT or Troubled_Times is not that difficult. (This may change though with new standards for URLs, in which case you may be right.)"
"8/16/98 11:54:46 AM","Nancy","I htink this would make the Proposal come to life! Funders would take interest, etc."
"8/16/98 11:55:35 AM","Nancy","Anymore comments for Michel? If not, we can talk about fiscal controls for a minute or two."
"8/16/98 11:55:43 AM","Clipper","Shirley say, I think you are probably right about that"
"8/16/98 11:56:19 AM","Clipper","No more comments from Shirley or I"
"8/16/98 11:56:33 AM","Nancy","The more I think about it, the more having a bookkeeping service handle accounts when we get serious funding sounds like the way to go."
"8/16/98 11:56:55 AM","Gerard","(Michel) ok, nancy, all, I am going. You'll hear from me =)"
"8/16/98 11:57:06 AM","Clipper","Yes, bonded accountants was my suggestion"
"8/16/98 11:57:39 AM","Nancy","Especially given the situation we had/have with Diana, the $1,500 outstanding. To have a worryfree accounting situation, we need a bookkeeping service that is bonded, would stand behind their accountants and clerks, etc."
"8/16/98 11:58:04 AM","Clipper","I agree"
"8/16/98 11:58:06 AM","Jan","This also eases the burden on the Treasurer. "
"8/16/98 11:58:17 AM","Jan","Btw, what's the situation vs. Diana?"
"8/16/98 11:58:36 AM","Nancy","Then the issue, the worry, becomes how to make sure our grantees spend the money right, not issue checks for fake receipts, or have someone submit a receipt and sell what they bought right away, etc."
"8/16/98 11:59:14 AM","Gerard","Nancy, i closed my PO box and got my money back.. so i won't have to get the money back from the states.. it was f 150,- (dutch gulden) "
"8/16/98 11:59:31 AM","Nancy","Jan, she IS being prosecuted by the authorities, but I can say no more without tipping their hand. The video I presented was enought for them, in combo with copies of the evidence. They can also get documents from their local bank, which supports everything I said."
"8/16/98 11:59:50 AM","Jan","I am unfamiliar with the term ""bonded accountants"". Is this normal accounting services, or what ""extra"" does it mean?"
"8/16/98 12:00:58 PM","Nancy","With an outstanding warrant, she will not have any peace. Someone told me they saw the cops at the side of the road, putting handcuffs on a well dressed woman for no obvious reason, and wondered why. My comment: there was an outstanding arrest warrant, and they stopped her for a routine traffic violation and BOOM!"
"8/16/98 12:01:17 PM","Nancy","That's going to be Diana's situation, at a minimum, these matters cross state lines."
"8/16/98 12:01:42 PM","Nancy","Gerard, good news! You got ALL your money back?"
"8/16/98 12:02:41 PM","Nancy","Jan, I'm probably not using the right term. I think they are bonded, meaning they stand behind their workers, have insurance, so that if one of their employees takes off with some money, THEY return it to their client, etc."
"8/16/98 12:02:50 PM","Gerard","Yes, from the Postoffice.. if somone opens a PO box he has to pay money if he closes it he gets it back .. "
"8/16/98 12:03:14 PM","Gerard","But i still hope the inc will get all the money back "
"8/16/98 12:04:15 PM","Nancy","I think maybe a rule, that a grantee needs to deliver something to a Board member, or a Board member view the site, or a second party confirm something - before money is disbursed."
"8/16/98 12:04:24 PM","Clipper","I am narrating for Shirley"
"8/16/98 12:05:01 PM","Clipper","Good idea Nancey"
"8/16/98 12:05:11 PM","Clipper","Nancy"
"8/16/98 12:05:29 PM","Nancy","For instance, Seed Distribution, support for the Seed TEAM. We have dedicated $100 to support this, and receipts would come in that we should be paying. However, what if we don't pay the receipt until the distribution hub says they GOT the seed. Second verification."
"8/16/98 12:06:00 PM","Nancy","This is similar to a loading dock, where an invoice is not paid until the loading dock confirms receipt, and the boxes are checked in and examined, etc."
"8/16/98 12:06:06 PM","Nancy","Standard procedure."
"8/16/98 12:06:10 PM","Clipper","Another good idea. Proof of services rendered"
"8/16/98 12:06:12 PM","Jan","Nancy, should actually the accountants take care of the bank account(s)? If so, that would be a full Treasurer service. I would rather envision that the Treasurer has the access to the bank account(s), but with a request for co-signature if the withdrawal is above a certain limit per check and per week or month, and that at least montly account statements are issued and copied to a Board Member via fax. If the accountant is to handle the bank account(s), then we will not need a Treasurer. Or am I missing something here??"
"8/16/98 12:07:05 PM","Nancy","If the Seed distribution hub is sending seed out, we could ask that the receivers send an e-mail stating they received it, and allow for a percentage to just never respond. If 70% say they are receiving from the hub, the hub gets its bills paid, etc."
"8/16/98 12:07:37 PM","Nancy","Jan, very good point."
"8/16/98 12:07:57 PM","Nancy","I think the Treasurer in a company signs the checks, but has a bookkeeper draw them up."
"8/16/98 12:08:31 PM","Nancy","The Treasurer is responsible for more than signing checks, he/she is responsible for drawing up a Balance Sheet,"
"8/16/98 12:08:35 PM","Clipper","The treasurer would be the head cheese"
"8/16/98 12:09:22 PM","Nancy","I'm thinking on my feet here, but if the bookkeeping service gets the receipts, writes the checks, and has the Treasurer sign them, then we have an automatic check and balance."
"8/16/98 12:09:58 PM","Clipper","I agree, Shirley say's ""right"""
"8/16/98 12:10:58 PM","Nancy","The bookkeeping service can say they wrote x checks, but so many were not ever cashed, for instance. Also, the bookkeeping service will follow rules, as laid out, for instance 1. receipts must be present, 2. must be against an authorized account, 3. by an authorized individual, 4. proof of service rendered in hand too, if required, etc."
"8/16/98 12:11:27 PM","Jan","But then the Treasurer could go to rthe bank, request new checks because he has lost the previous ones, write them out and get going. It is never going to be water-tight unless ALL checks are co-signed. Maybe this could be an idea to contemplate, given that the treasurer could keep petty cash for smaller expenses?"
"8/16/98 12:12:38 PM","Nancy","If a grantee is maintaining a site, a demo survivial site, and we want proof of service on a utility bill, it would be the bil from the granteel, plus some confirmation perhaps from the utility company, or just reasonabily check that x electricity is used, or something from the utility company that the bill has been paid, or perhaps we pay the utility company DIRECTLY. Now that would work!"
"8/16/98 12:13:19 PM","Nancy","Jan, your last scenario would not happen if the Treasurer could not WRITE the check, could only sign them!"
"8/16/98 12:13:30 PM","Nancy","Boy, that would block embezzlement right there!"
"8/16/98 12:13:34 PM","Clipper","The treasurer would pay the utility directly is a good idea!"
"8/16/98 12:14:07 PM","Gerard","Jan left any ideas why ?"
"8/16/98 12:14:35 PM","Nancy","I think we lost Jan. He didn't leave on purpose, I'm sure. "
"8/16/98 12:14:35 PM","Clipper","Lost xonnection probably"
"8/16/98 12:15:07 PM","Nancy","I'm more concerned that we get checks and balances in place for when we get a large grant."
"8/16/98 12:15:47 PM","Gerard","right"
"8/16/98 12:15:55 PM","Nancy","Embezzlement happens to all. There is a big article here, locally, about a chuch that has its pastor in the clinker. He took about a million from them. Going to build a bigger and better church, and pocketed it all!"
"8/16/98 12:16:22 PM","Clipper","Nice guy....."
"8/16/98 12:16:43 PM","Nancy","I mean, where WERE they! This goes on all the time. If the rules are not tight, it happens. The main thing is to have the rules in place. In this regard, what happened with Diana is a blessing, as we're getting real serious about this right off!"
"8/16/98 12:17:16 PM","Clipper","Expensive lesson."
"8/16/98 12:17:22 PM","Nancy","Folks, are we talked out for today? This is all on record, and we can't take action on it anyway. Should we motion and second and vote to close the official meeting?"
"8/16/98 12:17:44 PM","Clipper","Shirley says that if it had happened with a bigger Grant, it would have been more expensive"
"8/16/98 12:18:16 PM","Clipper","I make a motion to conclude the meeting"
"8/16/98 12:18:18 PM","Nancy","YES! Lesson learned early, before it got painful. In fact, this was my thought when it happened. "
"8/16/98 12:18:37 PM","Clipper","Shirley seconds the motion"
"8/16/98 12:19:13 PM","Nancy","By the way, the seed distribution thing is very real and immediate, and a good way to cut our teeth. but I think a bookkeeping service would eat up the whole $100, so we should not do that quite YET :-)"
"8/16/98 12:19:35 PM","Nancy","A motion has been made and seconded to conclude the Board Meeting. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No."
"8/16/98 12:19:36 PM","Nancy","Yes"
"8/16/98 12:19:39 PM","Gerard","Yes"
"8/16/98 12:19:50 PM","Clipper","yes"
"8/16/98 12:20:01 PM","Nancy","The motion carries. The meeting is adjourned."