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Board Meeting

August 16, 1998

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting, with Michel as a guest on IRC, and proceeded according to the published agenda with the exception that no votes were taken, the meeting lacking a quorum, so that the second item was skipped, and the items were taken out of order, item three discussed before item one. There were eight Whiteboard pages during the meeting - Agenda, Fiscal Controls suggestions, Current Bylaws, Suggested Change, and four pages repeated the Storyboard that is an exhibit to the Agenda. 5 of the 11 Board members were in attendance - Clipper, Gerard, Jan , Nancy, and Shirley.
1. Vote to Appoint Fiscal Controls Committee - NOT
Lacking a quorum, this issue was only discussed. The discussion centered on using a bookkeeping service to issue checks, with the Treasurer signing them, as a check and balance against the Treasurer writing checks without oversight. The bookkeeping service is assumed to be bonded or insured. A second control discussed and generally approved of was proof of receipt, or a second confirmation, to prevent fraudulent statements being made by grantees.
2. Vote to Amend Article 4, Section 14, re Lockbox - NOT
Lacking a quorum, this issue was tabled until the next Board Meeting. No discussion occurred on this matter.
3. Vote to Approve Storyboard for Video Clip of Pole Shift - NOT
Lacking a quorum, discussion only occurred. Extensive discussion occurred around the Storyboard presented by Michel. Michel was present on IRC, and participated in the discussion. There was general consensus that the Storyboard was too long for a 6 minute video, and Michel stated that this was done on purpose, to allow extensive trimming. The conclusions reached and suggestions made during the discussion were: