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Storyboard Draft for Video Clip of Pole Shift
Proposed by Michel

The following text is not a storyboard, it's the base on which the storyboard and the accompanying narrative will be build. View this only as an early sketch.

About the Universe

Basis for initial narrative.

The universe, full of surprises because we know still so little about it. Space, filled with stars, many like our sun. It is also filled with planets, of many different sizes. Did you know that the iron molecules in our blood originate from great cataclysms among the stars? Supernova. A star exploding. Black holes in the fabric of the Universe. Planetoids, comets, asteroids, debris and gasses. Some are caught in an orbit around a planet, or on a larger scale around the sun, or even around the entire solar system is not rare, it happens.

I promise you that if you look long enough at the sky at night you will witness an asteroid or some other debris penetrating the Earth's atmosphere, burning up by the friction between it's own material and the air. Then it will leave a temporary trail in the sky at night, we liken the name 'falling stars' to these little critters as that is what they appear to be coming from, from among the stars. As they burn up the color of their trail depends on the material the asteroid and debris is largely made out of. Iron, when burning, gives another color flame than for instance copper. Sometimes an asteroid doesn't burn up entirely and impacts on the Earth, leaving a crater most times that will be more than several times larger than the asteroid itself, that is because it went so fast and therefor hit the ground with a lot of energy coming free. This only happens though when an asteroid is large enough so that it's short voyage through the atmosphere doesn't burn it up entirely.

Comets are very large, much larger than asteroids, but they are in an orbit that takes them through our solar system once every hundreds or even once every thousands of years. When a comet enters our solar system it will be nearing the sun. The tail of a comet can then be seen, which is an effect on nearing the sun. The tail is always turned away form the sun. Such a comet's tail is full of debris and gasses that are dragged along the same path as the comet's by the comet. These gasses and debris also escape the tail and when close to a planet or sun they will be caught in an orbit around it, and eventually the debris will fall on the planet or dive into the sun. So we will see falling stars again.

Can you imagine the increasing numbers of falling stars if such a comet would pass between the Earth and the sun? The tail, as it turns always away from the sun, will come in close contact with Earth's gravity. A tail of a comet can be over a thousand miles long, this is no rarity either. When you look into the sky at night, you will see not a lot of action, but trust me that it's a very active place up there. We are form the human race, and throughout our history there have been many individuals who were more than interested in the workings of our solar system, our planets, the stars and of course other solar systems as well.

Civilizations Dealing with Theoretical Realities before Becoming Scientific Facts

In times where the Earth was believed to be flat there was a man who understood through research that the Earth was not flat but that it was a sphere.

(More about the man and his work and what happened to him because he presented his ideas).

I think that we must also press that perception is relative to knowledge, lack of insight attests to a certain level of ignorance, man is not all knowing as the difficulty with accepting new theories throughout our history presents. 'Unpopular' often was related to 'untrue', but eventually education presented reality.

Later many others followed, looking at the other planets like the moon and mars for instance.

(More about them etc.)

This was in a time where it was no longer thought that the Earth was flat and so the researchers / scientists / astronomers could expand their field of study, as they could be more open about it than it was previously possible. Ideas were followed by study, study gave data and from the data new theories were born.

(More about theories)

Introductory Ideas

Long before the western civilization began to grow knowledgeable about these matters there were other civilizations in other parts of the world that already knew a great deal more. A researcher going by the name of Velikovsky found. ....

(More about that and Velikovsky)

... another researcher going by the name of Sitchin later found ...

(More about sitchin, what he found and the 12th is introduced)

Evidence of Prior Polar Shifts

Dramatization including key indicators that the Earth has had pole shifts in her past.

(Herein inserted:

3,600 year cycles,
frozen Mastodons,
recent Mastodon extinction,
worldwide ocean level drop 3,600 years ago,
Jewish Exodus scenarios 3,600 years ago,
Ice Age explanation,
disproportionate ice Greenland,
tropical fossils under Antarctica and the Arctic current heating oceans,
sudden climatic changes,
slowing rotation,
deep quake rise,
increasing meteors showers.)

Cause of Polar Shifts

Making connections to previous topic.

(Herein inserted:

Sitchin, Velikovsky,
Planet X with narrating excerpts of news pieces on planet X discovery,
debunk Sun's alleged influence,
pulling focus to 12th Planet theory from Sitchin and Velikovsky to scientifically supported facts,
12th planet's orbit explained.)

The Pole Shift in Religions and Myths

Every religion has it's own story about the end of the world as we know it by a sudden cataclysm.

(Herein inserted:

Mayan Calendar,
the Bible's Revelations 6,
Atlantis and others.)

Signs heralding the 12th Planet's approach

Making connections to previous topic.

(Herein inserted:

weather irregularities,
heating oceans,
magnetic diffusion,
volcanic activity,
crop shortages,
slowing rotation,
satellite malfunctioning,
deformed frogs,
birth of albino animals,
sonic booms etc.)

The 'what will happen' scenario

Scenario of what will happen during this pole shift.

(Herein inserted:

using maps for clarity on crustal shifts,
voice over,
still shots,
computer animation pole shift including tidal waves + crustal shifts + stop rotation + melting poles + meteor shower + red dust + firestorms + mountainbuilding etc.,
with inserted film fragments volcano eruptions and tidal waves,
simple animated check list safety measures and steps to take,
present effectiveness safety measures.)

Additionally, the Aftertime scenario.

(Herein inserted:

using maps,
voice over,
still shots,
computer animation environment overview,
present effectiveness of safety measures and steps taken and ongoing functioning thanks to preparations.)

Final Words, Troubled Times, Website

Mentioning Troubled Times.

(Herein inserted:

URL of Troubled Times to be visible in the last three minutes of the video clip,
from 'what will happen' scenario so that the emotionally unacceptable becomes a key connection
with the appearing of the URL and site's name 'Troubled Times'
and causes people to remember the site whenever they are thinking about the unacceptable -
using 'memes' is what this video is about.)

Possible narrative:

After all that has been shown, after all the things you now know, what is left to do is to inform yourself and your loved ones on how to prepare. Do not expect the governments of the world to shout this out, they fear panic. And if you disbelieve, won't it still be better to be safe than sorry?

We have a website which is aptly called 'Troubled Times' where a growing number of volunteers are working on finding solutions for survival, all practical and all easy to find. Troubled Times has grown in the past couple of years into a very helpful information-presentation site for those that do wish to prepare for the Troubled Times ahead. You can email some contributors to ask them questions or to look for support, you will find most questions you will have now already answered in the topics on our website, like our health section, or our shelter section or our section on food. All directed at enabling others to survive the pole shift and making their life in the time after a good one.