Year 1 Budget
Note: 1998 Professional services and Project Expenses are Projected

Item Cost Gifts CostGifts
Federal EIN, TCC expedited service$75
Corporate Seal (3, TCC estimated price)$124
Delaware State Incorporation, TCC agent filing fee$92
Complete Guide to Nonprofit$24
Delaware Law Book, from TCC$30
Complete Book of Corporate Forms (TCC floppy version)$75
One-Time Incorporation SUBTOTAL$420
Delaware State Registered Agent TCC (annual) fee$45$75
Delaware State TCC Tax-on-Time (annual) agent Fee$30$30
Post Office Box for Secretary (annual) fee$75$75
Lockbox for Secretary (annual) fee$60$60
Post Office Box for Director's mail (annual) fee$106$106
Petty Cash for various postage (annual)$50$100
Annual Expenses SUBTOTAL$366$446$500
InterNIC Registration (includes 2 years Annual Fee)$100
Internet Provider (annual) fee(free)
Web Presence SUBTOTAL$100
CPA (annual) tax audit$500
Attorney (annual) retainer$1,000
D&O Insurance (annual) fee$1,500
Professional Services TOTAL$3,000$5,000
Video of Prototype Sites PROJECT$2,000
MTV Production of Pole Shift History PROJECT$1,500
Worm Beds Food Production PROJECT$500
Hydroponic Nutrient Production from Sewage PROJECT$500
Troubled Times Translation into Languages PROJECT$25
Troubled Times Printed/Bound/Distributed PROJECT$500
Project TOTAL$5,025$5,000
Year GRAND TOTAL$886$1,000$8,471$10,500