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Article 8: Membership

Section 8: Referendums

Where the membership has a clear right, such as in electing Board Members or in expressing their preference for the appointment of the corporations Officers, a membership referendum may be called. Such a referendum may only occur when the membership is twarted by the Board, which has refused to take action on a matter. A referendum shall not be called until:

(a) a public discussion among the members on the shared Internet e-mail route available to all active members, commonly known as a mailing list, has occurred;

(b) a matter has been placed before the Board, at a regularly scheduled meeting, and the Board has refused to address the issue or take corrective action;

(c) the matter is a membership right, outlined in the Bylaws as such or inferred.

A referendum is called by a motion and second on the mailing list. The President will then direct the Secretary to formulate a votecall and proceed to compile the membership decision on the matter.