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Article 8: Membership

Section 1: Application Criteria

Application to membership in Troubled Times, Inc. is open to all members of Troubled Times, the volunteer group maintaining an Internet web site for the public, who have earned a voting privilege in that group by virtue of their contributions and demonstrated motive and integrity. As both Troubled Times groups share the same goals, this screening mechanism serves only to ensure that applicants to Troubled Times, Inc. are serious and committed. As Troubled Times the volunteer group is open to the general public, any member of which can subscribe themselves to the mailing list and offer their contributions for discussion and debate, this equates to an open invitation to the public to become members of Troubled Times, Inc. Where a particular topic of interest to the potential applicant is mature on the web site, but the projects supported by Troubled Times, Inc. require assistance, the applicant can earn eligibility by providing a contribution to the corporation, directly. As with the Troubled Times group maintaining the web site, eligibility is not secured by a financial contribution alone. Actions count toward eligibility, not finances.

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