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On April 16, 2000 the Board approved a policy change re reimbursing Nancy for opening the Guest Cottage after a decade of inactivity and preparing the front rooms of the main house being used as the nonprofit's offices, to a "fair use" policy. On June 11, 2000 the $3,880 that had been stated to be reimbursed, considered to be an advance on room and board at $20/night for sleeping quarters and $10/day for meals, was reduced by $1,089 in assets that continued to be used by the nonprofit, and which were entered into the Quickbooks as assets. With that reduction to an advance of $2,791, $690 still remained as an advance on room and board. While preparing to update the Treasurer's Quickbooks, moving the expenses from a headquarters maintenace or campgrounds preparation to an advance on room and board type category, it was discovered that the $2,791 was in error, as $2,337.33 was the correct total for headquarters upgrading reimbursement (list below). Adding an additional $1,190.02 for storm shelter site preparation, the total now owed by the site owner, Nancy, is $1,426.35. This amount is available to be downposted during transition of the headquarters, in support of Ron Darby rental and utilities at the cottage during the period when the nonprofit may not be able to compensate for the extra time involved in running an office, as Office Manager, or acting as Project Manager on numerous projects.

electric upgrade, 2 front rooms$1,022.00
paint, 2 front rooms$103.50
entry varnish, front door$44.13
cottage plumbing$325.15
cottage electric$327.15
tree trimming for cottage phone lines$100.00
cottage phone installation$76.80
lumber for stairs$126.66
cottage door and wall$211.94
bobcat rental$1,000.00
bobcat gas$70.02
bobcat tractor pull$120.00