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Board Meeting

August 20, 2000

(Nancy) As we have a quorum, I'll call the meeting to order.
(Shaul) Brent and Ron were here already, they'll probably be back in a minute or so
(Gerard) brent will show up... i am sure about that he said it before
(Shaul) aha
(Nancy) We have currently attending Nancy, Ron, Shirley, Roger, Gerard, Jurian, and new Board Member Shaul.
(Shaul) and Brent
(Brent) good morning
(Nancy) A new practice we should start is confirming that the Minutes of the last meeting are correct.
(Gerard) ok
(Shaul) how is that done?
(Nancy) Since we post this on the tt-inc mailing list and it can be reviewed by the Board Members, as well as the entire transcript of the log, there is plenty of opportunity for the Board Members to review this.
(Shaul) ah, ok. the log of the last meeting, basically.
(Nancy) Ron has suggested, and I think a good idea, to simply make the statement at the start of every meeting, as follows: If there is no objection to the Minutes to be stated, it will be considered ratified as correct."
(Shaul) I agree. saves lots of time.
(Nancy) The 1st item on the Agenda is project changes.
(Nancy) As outlined on the agenda, we would like to add a Community Garden project (Barry Setser as documenter), a Brochure project (Shirley and Michel and I are working on this).
(Nancy) Since no projects are listed on the web unless the Board approves, we need your approval for these.
(Shaul) do we need a motion and a second?
(Nancy) Also, Ron wants to change his Backpack Survival to On Foot, and we also have a volunteer on Fermentation project (John Dixon researchers)
(Shaul) hi, Aron
(Aron) hello
(Aron) Im on time for once :-)
(Shaul) (almost)
(Nancy) John Dixon has offered to do a Composting project, one we had on our list as Mike Lobdell recommended it, but Ron questions whether this is pertinent.
(Nancy) Basically, Ron feels that "composting is well documented in hundreds of books, and there is nothing to learn in an experiment."
(Brent) I would agree with Ron on this point
(Nancy) Hi, Aron, you didn't miss anything.
(Roger) I agree with Ron on the composting stuff.
(Shaul) what about the recently suggested Methane Gas things?
(Roger) It is well known.
(Shaul) it's true, it is well documented.
(Aron) compost is compost
(Nancy) Shaul, Ron says "We can add a methane gas project, but we have to find a principal, and what would be new is how to do it in a pole shift environment, what materials, etc."
(Shaul) is that what John is proposing to do?
(Nancy) Ron says "the project is on food preservation, and includes building food dryers and is basically a documentation project with very little actual experimentation."
(Shaul) sorry if i'm being obtuse, but I'm talking about methane engines, not food preservation.
(Nancy) Ron says "like building a dryer from materials available, how to provide the warm air without electricity, and fermentation is basically going to boil down how to procure and identify how to secure the right yeasts as a fermentation method."
(Shaul) make good beer (:-)
(Nancy) We have, as changes to be approved or disapproved: add Community Gardens, Brochure, rename On Foot, approve volunteer workers noted, add Methane Gas, and remove Composting.
(Nancy) Ron says "I don't personally think methane gas generation makes a good project, because in a post pole shift environment, the effort to produce a usable amount of methane gas would be huge. There are better ways of obtaining energy. Lets discuss on tt-inc before making this a project."
(Shaul) fine by me.
(Gerard) ok
(Brent) ok
(Aron) yes
(Nancy) Ron says "Also, re yeast and fermentation ; yes, it can include alcohol and beer, but the main use is to preserve food stuffs. It's the main technique used throughout the world."
(Shaul) I agree.
(Nancy) Hi, Brent :-)
(Brent) Hi Nancy :)
(Nancy) I'd entertain a motion to make the project changes outlined in the Agenda, table Methane Gas to discussion on tt-inc.
(Brent) I second the motion
(Aron) I will make the motion to vote on the project changes.
(Shaul) (Aron - it's already been made and seconded...)
(Nancy) We have new volunteer workers on the On Foot (Michael Murphy, a professional photographer) and Fermentation (John Dixon) and Community Garden (barry Setser, a productive grower on the Seed TEAM).
(Shaul) I wholly approve of these people, if this is what's sought
(Nancy) A motion has been made and seconded to approve the project changes as outlined in the Agenda. All in favor say Yes, opposed No.
(Shaul) Aye
(Brent) Yes
(Aron) yes
(Roger) yes
(Nancy) Yes
(Shaul) (that was a 'yes'. Sorry)
(Gerard) yes
(Nancy) Ron and Shirley say: Yes
(Nancy) The motion passes.
(Nancy) Agenda Item 2 is Board and Officer changes. An action item is to accept the resignation tendered by the President, and discuss a transition plan.
(Nancy) This resignation and transition plan have been before the Board, on the tt-inc mailing list, for most of the month, so this is not a surprise.
(Jurian) yes
(Shaul) that's right
(Brent) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Aron) true
(Shaul) I agree with what you suggest as the Transitional Approach, Nancy
(Nancy) I, as outgoing President, have compiled a brief State of the Corporation page, detailing key matters like staffing, finances, and place of business.
(Aron) yes the group as president is a good idea, for all of us
(Nancy) The Transition Plan I proposed is listed in a like manner, showing how these key matters would change if the plan were accepted.
(Shaul) There is the problem which was raised about changing the Bylaws so that the VP doesn't act as President replacement
(Brent) The VP only acting in proxy?
(Shaul) instead it was suggested that this provision be temporarily suspended (or even permanenetly) at least until we have a regular President
(Shaul) well, something like that, Brent. The VP can have other duties, too.
(Nancy) The key issues to be approved by the Board would be 1. accept Nancy's resignation as of today, 2. appoint Nancy to VP to act as proxy for the Board as needed, 3. appoint Nancy as Internal Auditor to continue her informal practice, 4. resolve to defer election or appointment of a new President until the annual elections in January, 5. have a President-at-large practice during the meetings this fall, letting Board Members practice being President.
(Brent) of course...
(Shaul) I agree to all, except I think that on the next meeting we'll have to have that Bylaws change.
(Shaul) just in case, you know...
(Nancy) Let me clarify. The Board must resolve to defer electing a new President and also make clear that Nancy as VP is NOT a President, just available to act as proxy should some paper need to be signed, etc. I would be the Board's proxy, acting only as they direct!
(Brent) I understand
(Shaul) ok, I guess that will do for now. But the Bylaws will have to be clarified on this point, just to prevent 'nitpicking'
(Shaul) which some people like to do...
(Shaul) Nancy has to stay on as VP, it's vital for keeping the most knoweledgeable person in the Officers circle, so to speak
(Nancy) Shaul, since the Board can alter the Bylaws (except those Bylaws that directly speak to membership rights), they can by resolution alter the Bylaws temporarily in regard to deferring election, letting Board be the President, Nancy as VP only acting on their behalf and under direct orders from the Board, etc.
(Nancy) The resolution would limit, by time, its powers, so to speak.
(Shaul) that's right, that's exactly what will need to be done.
(Shaul) I'm just saying next meeting, so we have time to think about exactly how to word it
(Shaul) Meanwhile we can vote on the propositions as they stand.
(Nancy) Ron says: "I propose as resolution wording the following. (more) ..."
(Nancy) Ron says: "Be it resolved that the Board of Troubled Times, Inc. suspend the requirement to elect a new President within 30 days of a vacancy in this position, and in its stead, the Board shall act as President until the January, 2001 elections, and furthermore" (more ...
(Nancy) Ron says: and furthermore, the Board shall appoint individual Board Members to perform the duties of Agenda preparation and chairing of Board Meetings during this time." (more ...
(Nancy) Ron says: "Secondly, be it resolved that the duties of the VP shall be limited during this time to acting as Proxy for the Board and shall not assume the Office or duties of the President." (end)
(Roger) I move that the board adopt Ron's resolution as stated.
(Shaul) That's excellent stuff, Ron! It will do, absolutely.
(Nancy) Question: do you'all have to accept my letter of resignation?
(Shaul) Yes, just for order we may as well vote on it, so I motion to accept it. we need a second
(Nancy) We have as action items, to be included in a votecall if appropriately grouped and without contention, the following:
(Nancy) 1. accept resignation, 2. adopt resolution as worded, 3. appoint Nancy as VP and IA.
(Nancy) Shirley says" I second Shaul's motion to accept Nancy's resignation."
(Shaul) ah, well we may as well vote on the whole thing then, if Nancy's done with the list
(Brent) agreed
(Roger) I already moved to adopt the resolution.
(Shaul) sorry, must have missed it.
(Brent) yes, shirley, it was Roger, not Shaul
(Nancy) Shaul has moved, and Brent has seconded (incorporating other motions) to accept the list of action items outlined by Nancy, including resolution was worded by Ron.
(Nancy) All in favor say Yes, opposed No.
(Brent) yes
(Roger) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Shaul) yes (sorry, it doesnt' really matter who proposed it)
(Nancy) Yes
(Nancy) Ron and Shirley: Yes
(Nancy) The motion passes.
(Shaul) wait, Roger's motion was to adopt Ron's resolution, which was not on the agenda. I second Roger's motion to adopt Ron's resolution
(Nancy) Agenda Item 3 is regarding Bylaw changes, various.
(Shaul) one sec
(Shaul) we still need to adopt Ron's resolution, I mean
(Nancy) During the past month it was noted that 1. membership referendums are not clear, as to how, 2. we are getting volunteers to work on projects from folks not qualified to become members, 3. we have a conflict in the $500 co-sign of checked by the President.
(Nancy) Shaul, the motion and vote included Ron's resolution. We've covered.
(Shaul) (ah, OK)
(Nancy) Ron says: "I move that the proposed Bylaw changes, as listed on the Agenda, be accepted as worded."
(Shaul) I second that
(Nancy) This would allow members to understand the process by which referendums are to be called, and open the membership to those volunteering directly to the nonprofit.
(Nancy) The $500 co-sign seems to be unnecessary if we impose other limits and have an active IA. In fact, was put in because we did not have good oversight and no IA, etc.
(Shaul) I agree. The issue of referendums was very much unclear after the last Board meeting
(Shaul) also, there is the need to get people who have actually done something to become members
(Nancy) The Bylaw changes was drafted to replace the co-sign with a $1,000 limite per check unless the Board approves. In fact, neither of these controls is enforced by the Bank.
(Shaul) I think it's good to have a limit of that sort.
(Nancy) Shaul, at the start of the corporation, in 1997, we had an active TOPIC development phase. Opportunity was broad. Now we have closed down content gathering to a great extent, many TOPIC's are mature, and opportunity to become members via the constraints in the existing Bylaws is kind of absurd.
(Brent) I agree, even if it is not enforced by the bank
(Brent) The function of the IA
(Nancy) A motion has been made and seconded to accept the proposed Bylaw changes, as drafted and presented in the Agenda. All in favor say Yes, opposed No.
(Nancy) Yes
(Shaul) yes
(Brent) yes
(Aron) yes
(Nancy) Ron and Shirley: Yes
(Nancy) The motion passes.
(Gerard) yes
(Gerard) forgot mine
(Shaul) I agree about the constraints of membership having greatly changed recently
(Roger) BTW, my vote was yes
(Shaul) There's one thing I'd like you to consider before we move on
(Nancy) Agenda Item 4 is Policy, and specifically the Project Management policy with new Binding Agreement wording.
(Shaul) And that is the question of the 'evil tongues' that may say something about Nancy acting as Auditor.
(Nancy) This has been much discussed on the tt-inc mailing list, among not only the Board Members but also the membership.
(Shaul) Just so you're aware of it, some may view this as 'one hand checking the other'. An Auditor is usually an unconnected person, that's my point
(Shaul) I'm all for the change. We just should be aware that some are quick to accuse.
(Nancy) Shaul, what kind of evil toung statement might be made? I check the physical PO's and Bank Statements and Receipts against the Balance Statements that Ron present to you. How can this be muddlied?
(Shaul) Oh I agree, Nancy, one has to really dig to find the flaw. That's why i'm for the appointment
(Nancy) As you will note on the Auditor link off the Transition Plan, which contains my entire Excel spreadsheet to the present, nothing is being hidden!
(Shaul) that's very good. something like that would act as an excellent safety against the 'back talk'
(Shaul) The point is, we have to keep the tax authorities as well as the potential donors happy.
(Shaul) so everything has to be wholly above-board and open. Just a small point, and we can move on.
(Nancy) Our former Auditor was Jan, who relied upon scanned receipts and Bank Statements sent to him. As the Board has the right to examine the books, they can request various information from me, as auditor, and I'd provide that.
(Aron) as long as every penny is out in the open that should not be a problem
(Nancy) Let's do a spot check, as an example! As me to provide to you documentation on some expense, that looks "suspicious" or is large or whatever.
(Nancy) I'm panting and ready to serve!
(Shaul) hehehe
(Brent) hehehehehehe
(Shaul) no, I didn't mean that. Just to be ready, you know.
(Aron) we really dont have anything to worry about here
(Shaul) Nancy's surely the best person to audit, being right there on the spot
(Gerard) indee
(Gerard) d
(Nancy) Agenda Item 4 has more than the new Project Management policy and Binding Agreement. I took a pass at documenting de facto policy that has either by use or by Board vote been put into practice.
(Brent) the Unwritten Policy section...
(Shaul) how is that to be included?
(Nancy) No one has suggested any changes to the wording (such as abstentions assumed on votecalls if there is no response), but the Board can change Policy freely and can in future. Policy should be changed more often, and the Bylaws kind of written in granite and left alone, my understanding.
(Shaul) I agree. The Bylaws are like the Constitution, but we can still make Laws
(Shaul) but we need an ordered list of such 'laws', meaning the voted-on policy adoptions
(Nancy) I'm dead serious, however, on the audits. I'd provide 1. when the Board authorized the expense, 2. what was spent, 3. recipts on the expense, 4. check stuff, etc.
(Shaul) ok, we can do a spot check with one, I suppose. It would lay to rest any fears on anybody's part (and I'm thinking of the membership, actually...)
(Nancy) I drafted the unwritten policy in a page called Unwritten Policy as a link off Agenda Item 4, available for the past week.
(Shaul) it has been internalized by us
(Nancy) I'll detail ..
(Nancy) The policies cover Votecalls (votecalls to Board Members, when done or not done and abstentions on membership votecalls)
(Nancy) Also, Privacy 9we use only 1st names on the logs, etc.)
(Nancy) Also Disbursement (there have been times when expenses were approved after the fact or receipts lost, so a signed statement has acted as replacement)
(Shaul) that is an excellent idea, perfectly legal
(Shaul) on large sums a notarization is sometimes required
(Nancy) Also Funding (we have approved $2,000 more in authorized sending than cash in hand, because some donations have been designated but are not ready to be expended yet.)
(Shaul) all of this has been put out as a result of much experience on your part with running the projects.
(Nancy) That's it, in unwritten policy, which I'm suggesting should be written and include in the /policy/ stuff that Ron drafted for Project Management. We can change this over time, and will, I'm sure, and add to it, etc ...
(Shaul) It's very good, but perhaps should be made public on the tt-inc home page, just so people know
(Brent) Yes, easy review for future PI's
(Shaul) I'm not sure about that one, actually.
(Shaul) maybe it could be considered 'private Board matters' or something, like the Privacy issue. On the other hand - we have to be as public as we possibly can,
(Nancy) Shaul, exactly. We have a menu item on the home page called Articles, and this page list Members, Grants, Officers, etc. and I think another link called Policy would be in order :-)
(Shaul) ah, ok so you agree. good
(Shaul) are we ready to discuss the agreement yet?
(Nancy) So the action items before the Board are 1. approve (temporarily until further word changes might be made) the unwritten policy into a Policy Book, 2. approve the new and much discussed Project Management policy with attendant Binding Agreement wording.
(Shaul) ok, I suggest we add to the agreement some of the changes proposed by Jan, basically cosmetic changes. As I said on the group, I agree with Ron that the PM and PI names should stay
(Nancy) Shaul, Ron and I both thought your Binding Agreement excellent! Ron changed 1 word in there, per the discussion on tt-inc.
(Shaul) thank you.
(Brent) Which changes, Shaul?
(Roger) I, too, liked the current draft of the agreement.
(Brent) I liked it also, good work, Shaul
(Shaul) ah, well I was stupid not to get it ready in readable form for the meeting.
(Shaul) (the changes, i mean)
(Shaul) thanks, everyone
(Nancy) The Binding Agreement as a link off the Agenda was what was put before the Board and membership on tt-inc. The minor change discussed will be changed for the offical version.
(Nancy) Brent, it was changing 1 word, and excapes Ron at the moment. Something minor and not affecting the substance.
(Shaul) ok, that will do, then. Because the changes are basically your spell-checking, and will not influence the meaning
(Nancy) Ron says he wants to word a resolution (more) ...
(Brent) Yes, Nancy, thats fine, I was refering to the changes that Shaul brought up from Jan's suggestions
(Shaul) they are cosmetic, as I say, such as putting "all appendixes are part of this agreement" in the last article, instead of where it's now
(Shaul) it changes nothing from the obligations.
(Shaul) he also wanted it stated explicitly that the PI has a right to waive payment of any kind
(Shaul) I don't think an explicit provision is necessary to waive payment, but why not
(Shaul) There was one thing, though, brought up actually by you, Brent, about the issue of the Multiple PM's
(Nancy) Ron says: "The Board of Directors of Troubled Times, Inc. RESOLVES that policy statements be included as an apendix to the Bylaws. Such policy statements shall be for the purpose of defining how particular Bylaws shall be implemented."
(Shaul) I agree with that one
(Nancy) Ron says: Shaul, the policy statements as written provide for appointment of multiple PM's.
(Brent) I also agree, Shaul, the multiple PM's issue was addressed, and Ron made additions to the Project management Policy. I was acceptable to me.
(Shaul) it is true. I thought there will be many and was surprised that there's just one, but I suppose we're short of hands now
(Brent) I=it
(Nancy) If there is no futher discussion, I'd entertain a motion that 1. Ron's resolution be accepted, 2. that the new Project Mangement and Binding Agreement be accepted, 3. that the unwritten policy be added to a Policy Book also, and 4. that a Policy link be placed along with the Bylaw links from the Home Page.
(Shaul) ok, we're ready to vote then.
(Shaul) I second that
(Shaul) (all of it)
(Roger) there is no motion as of yet.
(Nancy) I'm considering Shaul's second to be a motion, as I cannot move, as acting President.
(Shaul) Nancy just entertained one. That's entertainment!
(Roger) I second
(Roger) Shaul's motion
(Shaul) ah ok, I see.
(Brent) hehehe
(Shaul) So I moved it, and Roger seconded, fine
(Nancy) A motion has been made and seconded to approve the Project Management policy, the Binding Agreement, place al Policy link off the home page, and incorporate the unwritten policy in this section. All in favor say Yes, opposed No.
(Roger) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Shaul) yes
(Nancy) Ron and Shirley: Yes
(Nancy) Yes
(Brent) yes
(Nancy) The motion passes.
(Aron) yes
(Nancy) Ron would like to remind the Board that if he is to act as Project Manager on various projects (I should at least be PM on the research project in the basement, the worms/hydo/aqua) then he needs to be appointed as such.
(Nancy) The active projects we have are 1. short wave radio (Ron'
(Nancy) Again: 1. short wave radio (Ron PI), 2. worm/hydro/aqua (Ron PI, Nancy PM), 3. Community Garden (Barry PI, Ron PM), 4. On Foot (Michael PI, Ron PM), 5. Food Preservation (John PI, Ron PM), 6. Brochure (Nancy PI, Shirley & Michel content, no PM)
(Nancy) Ron has offered to be the PM on the Brochure too.
(Shaul) more power to him
(Brent) OK, I move to appoint Ron as Project Manager, and Nancy as PM on Ron's PI Projects.
(Shaul) I second that one
(Shaul) (in the event this motion is necessary)
(Nancy) Ron says: "I need to be appointed for all new projects until such time as we grow and can delegate to competent and experienced project managers."
(Shaul) In that case, let's vote on the whole thing, including Ron's being PM for the brochure
(Brent) agreed, and seconded if needed
(Nancy) A motion has been made and seconded to appoint Ron at this time as general Project Manager on all active projects except the worm/hydro/aqua project which Nancy will be PM upon. All in favor say Yes, opposed say No.
(Brent) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Aron) yes
(Nancy) Yes
(Shaul) yes
(Nancy) Ron and Shirley: Yes
(Roger) yes
(Nancy) The motion passes.
(Roger) btw, is the Seed project considered active?
(Roger) (It wasn't on your list.)
(Nancy) Ron says: "In order for me to properly perform the PM functions, I need authorization from the Board to purchse MicroSoft Project 2000 at a cost of between $350 and $550."
(Nancy) Roger, yes, I forgot the Seed TEAM support!
(Shaul) what does that software actually offer that we don't already have?
(Shaul) ('fraid I don't know much about it)
(Nancy) This should be included, and I will act as the PI and Ron as PM if this is acceptable. Roger and Toni are hubs, our active hubs now.
(Shaul) we don't need to vote again, because we said 'Ron is PM on all active projects"
(Roger) Actually, the website states Toni and I as PI's, but the PM is not listed.
(Nancy) Ron says: "Shaul, the Project Management software allows one to specify project tasks and schedule, resouces in terms of manhouse and equipment, etc., thus producing both time and cost. MS 2000 allows all this information to be exported in html format so that it can be posted on the web.
(Roger) Check
(Brent) So, Ron would now be the PM for the Seed Team Support?
(Nancy) Roger, as a result of this Board Meeting, I will have to go back and make changes to the project pages, etc. listing PM.
(Shaul) OK, I understand about the Project 2000. I want to ask a question that a donor would ask: why can't it be done mannually?
(Shaul) (ok, i'll wait, one discussion at a time)
(Aron) :-)
(Nancy) This is kind of a sleeper, as the hubs basically run this, and it is somewhat driven by the growers.
(Roger) (I understand that, I was just curious if Ron would be the PM for the Seed Team Support.)
(Roger) Sorry for the parans
(Nancy) Ron says: "Shaul, this can be done manually, however it is incredibly labor intensive and I will only act as PM under the assistance of software."
(Shaul) Well, Ron as PM would have to decide if Nancy's an OK PI for the seed team)
(Shaul) it's not me asking this, it's the donor, understand
(Shaul) I'm a nice man, myself
(Roger) I think Ron's request is reasonable as he will be PM for a great deal many projects and this software will help to save some of his time.
(Shaul) I agree, Roger. This stuff is made to greatly speed up the 'grunt' time
(Roger) I move to approve Ron's request for authorization to purchase MS Project 2000.
(Nancy) Roger, let's you and I brainstorm this a bit. What would a PM do? We plant, we wait until seeds come in, and we count and report. We have no spcific schedule to date. Maybe in the future when we fund more seed gardens, employ growers perhaps, this would change. Have I stated this correctly?
(Shaul) I second Roger's motion
(Roger) As I see it, yes
(Nancy) A motion has been made and seconded to authorize a purchase of MS Project 2000, for apprximately $500, to support the genearal PM position that Ron will be filling. All in favor say Yes, opposed No.
(Nancy) Yes
(Roger) A PM for the Seed Team Support would mainly coordinate the purchase of new varieties of seed, maintain the existing database of seed stock, etc.
(Roger) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Brent) yes
(Aron) yes
(Shaul) yes
(Nancy) Ron and Shirley: Yes
(Nancy) Roger, I'd see that as a hub activity. As long as funds are designated by our long faithful donor, then this is a PI decision, and I approve of what you and Toni do as hubs!
(Nancy) The motion passes.
(Nancy) The last item on the Agenda is a discussion item, but really needs to be beaten to death on tt-inc, not today.
(Nancy) I'd suggest tabling it to discussion on tt-inc.
(Shaul) I agree
(Brent) yes, me too
(Shaul) There's so much stuff there...
(Shaul) all that policy will surely need to be made, and soon
(Nancy) There is one last item we need to settle before we close, however (assuming a motion to adjourn) and that is apointing a President-at-Large for next month's meeting. I'd nominate Brent for first President/Chari.
(Shaul) I move to nominate Brent as stated
(Aron) i second
(Nancy) Ron seconds the motion too
(Nancy) A motion has been made and seconded to have Brent as President-at-Large for the October meeting. He will prepare the Agenda and Chair the meeting. All in favor Yes, opposed No.
(Nancy) Yes
(Roger) Do we all understand the extent of the duties of the President-at-large?
(Shaul) yes
(Nancy) Shirley and Ron: Yes
(Aron) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Brent) yes
(Roger) oops.
(Roger) yes
(Nancy) The motion passes.
(Brent) Yes, Roger, can we discuss this a little?
(Shaul) Roger - I think it's pretty clear on the posting that Nancy's made to the tt-inc
(Nancy) Ron says: "Lets limit the duties of the President-at-Large to preparation of the meeting agenda and chairing the meeting. All other duties shall be performed by the Board or its delaged proxy."
(Shaul) we're talking basically about two things: creating an agenda for the Board's next meeting, and chairing that meeting, as Nancy has done now
(Shaul) (hehehe... exactly what I wrote)
(Roger) That is reasonable.
(Nancy) I think I scoped that in the motion, as stated, to be voted upon. ONLY the powers stated in the motion, no more no less.
(Shaul) good
(Brent) OK, prepare the Agenda, and Chair the Meeting...agreed
(Shaul) go get 'em
(Nancy) This means that we should notify the membership that any items they feel should be included in the agenda be address to Brent. A Secretary duty, prehaps.
(Roger) Good luck Brent (you'll do fine (g))
(Shaul) good luck, man
(Gerard) i am sure you will do good job brent
(Brent) Thanks,(g)...I have never chaired before...first times a charm! :-)
(Nancy) Congradulations to this Board, as we finished a heavy agenda in 1.5 hours! The meetings have been, lately, going to 2 hours or more, our goal of an hour missed by far.
(Shaul) this is great to see
(Nancy) I'd entertain a motion to adjourn, if there is no further business to be discussed.
(Shaul) I move to adjourn
(Nancy) Ron says" I move to adjourn"
(Aron) i move to adjourn
(Roger) Read up on your Robert's Rules of Order...
(Shaul) hehehe
(Brent) I second
(Nancy) Shirley says: I second the motion
(Brent) hehehehe
(Nancy) A motion has been made and seconded to adjourn. All in favor say Yes, opposed No.
(Nancy) Yes
(Gerard) yes
(Roger) yes
(Shaul) yes
(Brent) yes
(Aron) yes
(Nancy) Shirley and Ron: Yes
(Nancy) The motion passes, the meeting is adjourned.