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State of the Corporation

Presidentvacant, Board quorum suffices per Bylaws
Vice Presidentvacant, not required per Bylaws
TreasurerRon Darby, elected
SecretaryShirley Short, elected
Internal Auditorvacant, required by Bylaws
Internet CommGerard Zwaan, elected
Office Managernew position
Project Managernew position
Budgetupdated April 26, 2000
Cash in Handapproximately $16,000
Assetsnumbered by June 11, 2000, and ensured
Over/Underfundingapproximately $2,000 in overfunding approved, $1,426 owed as prepaid room and board and site preparation for storm shelter
Donationscommittment for $50,000 at year end
Headquarterspersonal residence, moving to office setting
Projectsradio classes, worm/hydro/aqua synergy, seed saving, borchure, UNIX servers, and newly staffed projects
Annual Requirementspresented to Board on June 11, 2000