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Transition Approach

PresidentBoard Member rotation at meetings, Board quorum as stand-in, election in January
Vice PresidentNancy Lieder, appointed
TreasurerRon Darby, elected
SecretaryShirley Short, elected
Internal AuditorNancy Lieder, appointed, current auditor
Internet CommGerard Zwaan, elected
Office ManagerRon Darby, appointed
Project ManagerRon Darby, appointed
Budgetupdated April 26, 2000
Cash in Handapproximately $11,000
Assetsnumbered by June 11, 2000, and ensured
Over/Underfundingdefer radio tower and storm shelter, apply cash in hand to office rental and support, use room and board owed toward cottage rental for Ron
Donationscommittment for $50,000 at year end
Headquartersoffice in Wisconsin
Projectsradio classes, worm/hydro/aqua synergy, seed saving, borchure, UNIX servers, and newly staffed projects
Annual Requirementsused as guide by Board