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Board Meeting

August 24, 2003

The meeting was called to order at approximately 18:17 UT. Those attending: Brent (President, and chairing the meeting); Shirley, Nancy, Jan, Gerard, Roger.

Agenda Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting – Approval
- Jan said that he had a comment about the minutes, but actually his comment was to do with Agenda Item 2 of the last meeting.
(a) He stated that this did not show that what he had asked for was the 2002 annual report, nor that a formal vote on the subject was not taken by the Board.
(b) He stated that he wished the record to show that he, as Internal Auditor, had requested the Treasurer’s input to the 2002 Annual Report, but that the Board had decided against this, but without a formal vote.
- This was discussed back and forth for a while; but there being no further objections, questions or comments, the minutes of the last meeting were considered ratified as correct in content, with the original objection noted from Jan..
Agenda Item 2: Future of the Nonprofit – Discussion and Vote
- Obviously there was a great deal of discussion on this subject.
- Brent eventually pointed out that all the Board had to do was ratify the vote given by the membership, then we could go to the membership for their input with regard to what they would like to see the non-profit do, as regards projects, etc.
- Motion, seconded by Shirley, THAT “We "ratify the vote call" and eliminate the references to the pole shift as the only cause for the observed earth changes from our mission statement and the published booklet”. Carried unanimously.
- Motion, made by Nancy, seconded by Roger, THAT “We institute a discussion to be placed before the TT-inc list, and TT-forum as consultants, as to ideas on projects the nonprofit should undertake, potentially”. Carried unanimously.
- It was agreed that Brent should initialize the discussion on TT-Inc and Forum, and that Nancy would draft the changes to the Booklet, putting the results on the web for the Board’s review; also that Nancy and Roger would deal with the printing problems resulting from such changes.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 19:43, UT.