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Binding Agreement

Troubled Times Inc, a non-stock and non-profit Corporation, registered in the State of Delaware in the United States of America.

(hereafter: "The Corporation")

And between:
Mr/Ms ______________________
From: ________________________________
(number & street)

(city, country)

(all phone numbers)

Identification Number in Country of Residence: ____________________________

Who shall be known as the Principal Investigator (hereafter: "The PI")


It is hereby declared, stipulated, and agreed between the above parties as follows:


1. Goals of the Corporation

The Corporations is dedicated to building solutions sets for surviving the pole shift anticipated to occur within a short time, and the means to live a healthy life afterwards, as outlined in the Articles of Assosciation of the Corporation, and its official Bylaws. The PI hereby states that he has read and understood the mission and objective of the Corporation as recorded in the above documents, and that he agrees with them.


2. The Role of the PI

The Corporation is seeking the involvement of individuals interested in furthering the objectives of the Corporation, by allocating and funding various projects to be conducted at various locations. The PI has approached the Corporation with a request for funding such a project, and the Corporation found this project worthy of funding (these terms hereafter known as "The Project" and "funding") This agreement is signed between the parties to it in order to delineate their relationship and duties as regards the project. The parties hereby agree that all Appendixes to this agreement shall be considered an inseperable part of it.


3. The Corporation declares:

a.That the PI is receiving the funding for the project in accordance with the Articles and Bylaws of the Corporation, and in accordance with the Law.
b.That the funding is being granted to the PI for the project on the basis of the "project plan" which he submitted in his proposal (hereafter: "the project plan".) The projet plan is attached to this agreement as "Appendix A" and will be considered an inseparable part of this agreement.
c.The PI has been chosen to lead the project after the Corporation considered his qualifications and personality.
d.The funding will include compensation for the PI for the time he spent working on the project, either by a straight monetary compensation, which will be budgeted into the project plan, or by retaining the project and/or the fruits thereof after its completion as stated below. The decision of the PI to this effect shall be added to this contract as "Appendix B".


4. The duties of the PI shall be:


5. The duties of the Corporation shall be:


6. Property ownership

It is hereby explicitly agreed between the parties, that any equipment, inventory, parts or objects of any kind, which pertain to the exectution of the project or the project plan, as well as the results of the project - shall be the property of the Corporation and not of the PI, regardless of the location of said objects and equipment. In the event the PI chooses to be compensated for directing the project, by keeping the project and the fruits thereof as outlined above - the ownership of said property shall pass to him only after a duly signed and notarized notification from the Corporation is received by him.


7. Breaches and remedies

a.Any of the following will be considered as a breach or non-fulfillment of this agreement on the part of the PI:
  • Non-disclosure of any relevant information, whether leading to the apporval of the projet by the Corporation, or whether pertaining to any aspect of the execution of the project.
  • Continual lack of progress on the project or lack of fulfillment of the Milestones in the agreed upon time.
b.It is agreed and understood between the parties that a good faith effort by the PI to fulfill the project and its stated goals - shall basically be considered as a success. Any penalty stipulated in this agreement shall not be applied if it is reasonably clear that the PI acted in good faith or that otherwise unforseen circumstances arose which prevented his compliance with the project plan or the Milestones. "Good faith" on the PI's part shall usually, but not necessarily, be determined by the PI's unequivocable compliance with the disclosure clause above, and by his general truthfulness pertaining to the project and other aspects of his relationship with the Corporation.
c.The PI shall be considerd as having forfeited this agreement in the event of him being declared legally incomepent or bankrupt, or him having been convicted in a criminal court of an offense which carries moral turpitude.
d.The Project Manager shall be the authority who determines whether a situation of 'lack of progress' has been reached with the PI. The remedies outlined in this agreement in the event of breach shall apply after the Board of the Corporation approves the Project Manager's recommendation regarding the PI's non-fulfillment of this agreement (hereafter: "the Breach Decision")
x.In the event the Breach Decision is reached by the Board as stated - the Board may cause a special investigation into the project be instigated. Such investigation may include on-site inspections and the PI agrees to have these conducted as specified above. The Corporation may use any legal entity acting in its stead to conduct a special investigation of this nature.
e.In the event the Breach Decision is reached according to the above, the PI shall be obligated to return to the Corporation immediately and without delay any objects or equipment which he received or purchased as part of the project plan, as well as any fruits or results of the project which he may have meanwhile produced. In such an event the PI shall also be obligated to provide full documentation pertaining to the project, as is necessary for a fiscal or tax audit.
f.Without derogating from any other remedy granted to it by this agreement or by Law, the Coporation will be given the power to seize the described assets pertaining to the project on the premises of the PI, which assets are considered Corporation property as per article 5 above. To facilitate the execution of this clause, the PI agrees to permit agents of the Corporation open access to all the premises on which the project is conducted.
g.In the event of a Breach Decision when it is clear that the PI's non-feasance on the project is a result of his not acting in good faith in a blatant manner, such as outright fraud (but without requiring a criminal conviction) - the PI will be obligated to return to the Corporation any funds that he received from it pertaining to the project.


8. Adjudgement

It is explicitly agreed and stipulated by the parties to this agreement, that should any conflict arising from this agreement or the execution thereof is brought into litigation before a Court of Law - then this conflict shall be adjudged according to the Laws of the United States of America and the state of Wisconsin, reagardless of the country or state of residence of the PI, or the location of the project.

It is further stipulated that the place of venue for any litigation arising from this conflict shall be the in the appropriate Court in the City of Milwaukee in the State of Wisconsin in the United States of America.


The Corporation - signature and stamp
The Principal Investigator - signature
Date of signing: __________________Date of signing: _______________________