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Board Meeting

Dec 5, 2004

Session Start: Sun Dec 05 12:05:32 2004
(Roger) Okay, let's call this meeting to order.
(Roger) The December meeting of Troubled Times Incorporated is hereby called to order.
(Roger) The first item on the agenda is to discuss and possibly approve the minutes from the last meeting.
(Roger) Are there any comments or questions?
(Mary) No comments, no questions.
(Nancy) None here.
(Roger) And none from me, so the minutes are approved as correct.
(Roger) The next item for discussion is CD and booklet project report
(Roger) I have seen an increase in sales for the last month. The was a slump of no activity in late October that lasted through November, but now I am processing an average of 3 orders per week. The funds in the paypal account and the postage reserves held by me exceed $600 now.
(Roger) I will make a formal end of year report prior to the next meeting.
(Roger) The stock of booklets and cd's is holding fine.
(Nancy) Re finances, I have about $234 in the checking account, having paid out the heavy Fall administrative expenses, and will need no help from the Paypal for this at all. In fact, can contribute $200 or so if needed for burning new CD's or the like.
(Nancy) For the moment, we are doing fine.
(Nancy) I have always thought that if the Earth changes pick up and demand for the CD and booklet increase, that some wealthy individuals may step in and facilitate. The nonprofit makes this easy for them to do, as we are setup to help in this regard.
(Roger) Mike L. has finished a full-burn of the TT and Zetatalk websites and follow-through links. That set is 13+ disks and the distribution method agreed upon was a chained link system where a recipient burns a few copies and forwards these on to the next person requesting a copy.
(Nancy) As long as there is no charge for the CD or booklet, anyone reporducting them, in total and without change, is free to do so and distribute in any case.
(Nancy) I know Mike finished this, and this seems a good plan! He is working via the tt-forum, is he not?
(Roger) That is true and I always include a statement about freely copying in the order reply!
(Roger) Welcome Gerard! We just started and are about to conclude the discussion about the CD and Booklet project.
(Nancy) So if there is great demand, sudden earth changes, then our job will have been to PROVIDE the substance, the content, and a good job it has been, my thinking!
(Nancy) I think the people who have worked so hard to bring this to the point it is at are commendable! This includes Mary, Roger, Shirley,
(Roger) Thanks
(Nancy) Mike, and I guess also myself.
(Roger) Mike was certainly indespensible on the CD side and we all had major contributions to the content!
(Nancy) And of course all the tt-forum members who contributed ideas and the like over the years, immensely important!
(Roger) End of report.
(Nancy) End of rant.
(Roger) The next item for discussion is the Seed project
(Roger) There is not much to report here. The growing season has ended and the promised second site is still pending the closing of the sale.
(Roger) The equipment was not used this year so is still in storage.
(Nancy) Also quiet here. Our contribution over the past years has been to ENCOURAGE people to get into family gardening. tt-seed, all the advice that Roger gave via email and online.
(Nancy) Delivering over 120 Seed packets.
(Roger) The seed stock being held with me is in proper storage and over the next few months I will conduct some germination studies to test it's viability.
(Nancy) And when the time comes, the remaining seed will be distributed too, as Roger and I are both in the heavy traffic lane during any earth changes.
(Roger) Any questions or comments?
(Nancy) Hopefully, gardens and seed growing will continue in future too, I have no doubht the Kansas gardens will!
(Mary) No questions. Good job to both Nancy and Roger.
(Gerard) No comments or question from me.
(Nancy) I have found that I have become an seed saver who cannot stop. If we eat a melon or a squash, I save the seed!
(Nancy) Why not! The practice becomes habit. No further comets, end of rant.
(Roger) That is always a consequence of such training! End of my portion of the report.
(Roger) The next item for discussion is the shortwave project. I have not heard anything new from Shirley, have you Nancy?
(Nancy) No, but note that short wave is always a factor in radio shows where I get interviews.
(Nancy) ICB network (Gentile) uas a short wave arm, for instance.
(Roger) Excellent
(Nancy) This is not just a disaster medium, is in use NOW for regular broadcasts.
(Nancy) So again, we are positioned to become more of a player when the time comes.
(Nancy) We have on our website, the introductory info that was developed by Ron Darby and Shirley and Jan, and this is still valid.
(Nancy) End of rant.
(Roger) Welcome Steve, we are just finishing the shortwave radio discussion. Glad you could make it!
(Roger) The next item is the server project. I have recently re-organized my home network and should be able to set up and maintain the server here. I will seek assistance from the Linux users group here when the time comes. I hope to have some progress to report by our next meeting...
(Nancy) Excellent!
(Mary) Great Roger!!
(Gerard) Great
(Gerard) Hope you will succeed
(Roger) Thanks for the votes of confidence!
(Nancy) Since short wave also has packet relay, and UNIX is a good base for that I think, it may have a use in this regard in the future too!
(Nancy) Servers need not only a short wave converter but also towers in order to support packet relay. In any case, a potential for both Kansas and Wisconsin servers.
(Roger) I am looking forward to rounding out my Linux/unix knowledge.
(Nancy) It's always fun, but SO time consuming. I wish I were a dozen people.
(Roger) Since we have reached the end of the agenda, is there any other business to dicuss?
(Nancy) None here.
(Gerard) None here
(Steve) none here
(Mary) none here
(Roger) Then I would entertain a motion to adjourn!
(Steve) I second
(Nancy) I move to adjourn.
(Mary) Second the motion
(Roger) Well, the order is mixed, but I accept the motion and the second. Thanks for coming everyone and have a wonderful Holiday Season! I'll see you all in January (if we make that far).
(Nancy) Happy Holidays to ALL!
(Roger) Meeting adjourned.
Session Close: Sun Dec 05 12:47:28 2004