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Board Meeting

February 13, 2000

The meeting was conducted on NetMeeting and via e-mail, intercom, and NetMeeting audio connection. More than a quorum attended - Aron, Gerard, Jurian, Nancy, Shirley, Roger, and Ron. All votes carried without opposition.
1. Vote on Confirmation of Election Results
- Officers and Internet Comm position confirmed as elected
2. Report on CPA Review
- Detail in Agenda received without questions or issue
3. Report on Project Progress
- Detail in Agenda received without questions or issue
4. Vote on Annual Report Draft
- Draft approved as presented
5. Report on November Corrections
- Film Clip distribution and Donor Log corrections noted without issue
6. Vote on Disbursement Issues
- PO vs Voucher system explained by Treasurer
- $100 of Admin & Ops budget to be used as Petty Cash
- $700 returned from audit pool to donor project request
- $2,945 for Troy Bilt tiller and $700 for trailer then approved and disbursed
7. Vote on Acceptance of $10,000 Gift and Disbursement
- $10,000 Gift accepted
- $750 to fund duplication of Film Clip (including CD-ROM copies) approved
- $4,000 set aside for dual server hardware costs
- Executive Committee of 5, chaired by Jurian, appointed to review hardware purchases
- Executive Committee composed of Jurian, Roger, Ron, Gerard, and Ernie (Principal)
- $1,500 to complete Storm Shelter project approved
- $855 to reimburse Clipper's travel expenses approved
- $250 to purchase antique washer/wringer for Worm Beds approved
- $120 for bushel of wild rice sown, approved
- $938 to reimburse Guest Cottage startup costs approved
- $1,647 to reimbruse Headquarters Maintenance repair and upgrade costs approved
- Estimated $2,500 remaining undisbursed overall, including $1,500 loss recovered.