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Booklet Report February 2003



During Feb. we've sent out 15 booklet, one was
an order from Italy, our first, for 2 booklets.
2 requests were for 3 booklets each and the rest
for individuals. These will go out today so am
estimating I have about $100 dollars left in the
postage fund. I will inventory the booklets when
things settle down around the 1st of March.

I sent those booklets to Italy today. I
sent them air mail at a cost of $7.55. If I
didn't it would have taken 6-10 weeks. Please
advise the board that I feel all overseas orders
should go this way. The cost to send inside the
U.S. media mail is $1.42, 1st class is $1.52.
You might bring up the current time constraints we
are in, basically time is of the essence!

End of Report