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Board Meeting

February 16, 2003

Board Meeting Log, 16 February, 2003.
(Brent) Yes, we can start the meeting. I officially call it to order.
(Brent) Congratulations to all returning board members and officers.....even though there was much apathy in the membership.
(Brent) Item 1 ratification of minutes.....if there is no objection or questions, they will be ratified as correct.
(Jan) No objections or comments.
(Gerard) no comments
(SteveH) no objections
(Stan) none here either
(Brent) OK, the minutes are ratified. Item 2 booklet orders and report. comments?
(Jan) As Mary says, there may be little point in sending booklets overseas if it takes 6-10 weeks. I therefore think all international mailings should be airmail, even if the cost is up a bit
(Brent) Yes, I agree, due to the time constraints. Shirley agrees also.
(Gerard) And i agree on this too, i see a point in it
(Brent) I feel the slight extra cost is justified.
(Brent) She nenglected to list the amount of booklets on hand, and Roger is not present.
(Brent) she must be in go shape inventory wise, or she would have mentioned it.
(Brent) Shirley: she did say she would do inventory on the first of March.
(Jan) She said she would do the inventory about March 1, which means there cannot be any immediate printing needs
(Brent) :-) true....
(Brent) Any more comments?
(Jan) Nope, no further comments. We should get an inventory next meeting though
(Stan) no comments here
(Brent) Yes, jan, good idea. OK, moving on to Item 3
(Brent) Server Report. Comments?
(Gerard) if you need me Brent, then it's okay ... if Jurian doesn't have the time for the server
(Gerard) just count me in
(Jan) Any news on your new house?
(Brent) As I mentioned, I have not been able to get ahold of Jurian, although I've tried several times. Gerard, do you think we can do it together?
(Gerard) i don't know much about it as Jurian does, but i will give ia try
(Brent) Jan: yes, it seems to be moving along... should be in sometime next month.
(Brent) Gerard: thanks, I will keep you posted on when we can give it a try!
(Gerard) okay Brent
(Jan) Sounds great!
(Brent) :-) We'll get that server going yet!
(Gerard) we will
(Brent) Ok, moving on to Item 4.... ongoing Projects. First, acerage. Any comments Stan?
(Stan) I've had little contact with Roger so I don't know what he has planned. I have started seeds indoors and will use a cold frame and wall-o-waters to get things started early
(Stan) I'm not sure we will get any seed production before May, so we may be growing it just for eating
(Stan) outside of this I'm not sure what to tell you
(Brent) Makes sense, Stan. I couldn't see much crop production/harvest before May, except what is started indoors.
(Brent) We'll just see if anything develops next month.
(Brent) Thanks for the report.
(Stan) I'm also doing some hydroponics personally that will have some seed production
(Brent) Great!
(Brent) Ok, shortwave report. Nancy forgot to link it after I sent it along. Did everyone get it off of the tt-inc posting?
(Gerard) Yes i did read it
(SteveH) yes
(Jan) Yes, I've read it.
(Stan) Yes
(Brent) OK, good..... comments?
(Jan) brb
(Gerard) no comments from me
(SteveH) I will probably be buying some handheld VHF radios in the next couple of months so may be able to contribute some comments then
(Brent) Shirley: just maintaining the status Quo
(Jan) No comments - at this stage, maintaining status quo is good until things start to move...
(Brent) Steve: sounds good. Shirley says when you do, she will try and contact you on "echolink".
(SteveH) should be interesting to see if we can establish communication then
(Brent) Shirley says whe will email you about it Steve.
(SteveH) ok
(Brent) OK..... sheall we move on to seed team? Roger is not here to report on seed distrobution, and I don't believe Stan is in the loop on that, or am I wrong?
(Stan) No I'm not
(Brent) OK, we'll have to wait for next meeting to get that update.
(Brent) Item 5: Election status. Welcome back to all board members and officers.
(Brent) Comments on the election?
(Jan) Thanks! Quite a fight about elections, votes etc... :-)
(Brent) :-) hehehhe.... yes, ther is a bit of apathy out there in the membership.
(Jan) And sorry I missed out on Shirley's nomination. Good that Steve and Nancy jumped in
(Stan) I think the apathy come from us all having other things on our mind
(Gerard) probably so Stan
(Brent) True, Stan.....much going on especially at this time!
(Brent) OK then, moving on to Item 6 Nonprofit Future. Did everyone get Nancy's comments and suggestions via email?
(SteveH) yes
(Stan) yes
(Gerard) yes
(Brent) Jan, comments?
(Jan) Brent, I believe I have read Nancy's mail, but cannot recover it.
(Jan) However, the sci.astro crowd has been interested in this issue as well
(Jan) They point out that once something has been donated to a nonprofit, it should never be returned.
(Jan) If a non-profit disbands, its property should be donated to another non-profit.
(Jan) I have no idea about IRS approvals needed etc.
(Brent) Yes, Nancy said that also. And of course her point was
(Brent) why disband? just ride it out.
(Brent) In a nutshell..... :-)
(Jan) Anyhow, I maintain my previous position: There is no need to do anything until May/June comes and goes, and no Planet X or Pole Shift happens.
(Jan) If indeed Planet X comes about, then we should just ride it out like all other organizations
(Brent) Yes, I agree. Just maintain the status Quo.....
(Gerard) no need to disband now
(Brent) Stan, Steve, do you agree?
(SteveH) yes, I agree, no need for any action
(Stan) sounds reasonable to me. So I guess we have a March and April meeting. May??
(Jan) Brent, I know you only listed it as "discussion" in the agenda. Do we need a formal vote?
(Brent) NO, unless there was serious discussion about disbanding. Since there isn't, no need to vote on just staying where we are at.
(Jan) Brent, agreed.
(Brent) Stan: yes, meetings in March & April....we'll see about May.
(Brent) As Nancy said:
(Brent) If things are too crazy in May, just don't have a meeting!
(Jan) Stan et al, I think we should plan for meetings both in March and April. If there are still uncertainties & doubt in April, we may need to schedule a May meeting, unless things are crazy...
(Brent) Yes, agreed.... Burn that bridge when we get to it.
(Stan) if things aren't crazy in May, I don't think it will happen
(Jan) Stan, you are right, in which case disbanding will be an issue to discuss
(Brent) Very true...
(Brent) OK, that's all the agenda items, and I will officially close the meeting.