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Linux Server Report February 2003

In the three weeks since our last meeting, little has changed with the server. I have yet to be able to hook up with Jurian on a time to do the Linux software install. I am sure that somehow the timing will work out soon, and if Jurian is somehow unavailable, I may be able to recruit Gerard to help me. (He doesn’t know this yet!). Interestingly, we are now in escrow to purchase a home, and the seller has an extensive in home office. He does graphics animation and cartooning for German television, and of course this requires a large computer/server setup, and a good deal of bandwidth to send the files over the internet. I’m still researching, but I believe it will work for our server. I have had no luck with colocation companies, so this will be our best bet for server setup. As things develop, I will continue to keep you all posted

End of Report